Alcor (アルコル Arukoru?) is a familiar crow owned by Ursula.


Alcor is a white crow with cyan eyes, and can be easily recognized with the presence of yellow four pointed star-shaped crest on its abdomen. The feathers on its wings is noticeably paler than the rest of its body.

As revealed in its Chariot Card, Alcor apparently can grow at least three times his original size. In the said state, his eyes assume darker coloration whereas his body and crest glow in white and yellow respectively.


As with birds that bred by witches as their familiar, Alcor can speak to Ursula via. bird language. It is also noticeably strong, able to fly while carry Shiny Rod at the same time without much difficulty in What You Will.

In his giant form, its strength and speed apparently increased befitting his size as well. He apparently can also transfork into its master's iconic Shiny Chariot hat.


TV series

A New Beginning

Sucy performing puppet magic on a plush toy Alcor.

When Sucy uses puppet magic to animate the plush toy version of Alcor, which then proceed to poke Akko in the eye.

The real Alcor perceived the girls in the Arcturus Forest and alerted Ursula of that fact.

Blue Moon

Akko is introduced to Alcor when she visits Ursula's room to inquire about her "past" with Chariot. Akko does not know that Ursula's familiar is named Alcor, like her plush toy of Chariot's familiar. Akko does comment that it's the same species as Alcor but doesn't realize that that he actually is him.

Samhain Magic

Alcor was called by Ursula to bring the Shiny Rod back to Akko. Ursula can also project her voice through Alcor because he is her frimilar.


Alcor enters Ursula's room to alert her that Croix had taken Akko to Wangadea by flying in through her room.



Alcor is a loyal familiar to Ursula. She can call him to assist her by whistling. Alcor also informs her about strange events that he perceives. Ursula can also project her voice through Alcor, although Alcor can not project his voice through her.

Akko Kagari

Akko has a plush toy version of Alcor, and it's one of her most beloved possessions. Akko first met Alcor in Blue Moon and it seems the latter has a particular liking towards the former. Akko knows that Alcor is the same species at Chariots frimliar and looks the same, but doesn't connect the dots.


Alcor is a star in the handle of the Big Dipper, a double star to Mizar that can be seen with the naked eye.


  • The plush version of Alcor looks exactly the same as the real Alcor, exept it's fatter and tinyer.
  • Dee Bradley Baker provided the voice of him in the English dub.


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