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Andrew Hanbridge (アンドリュー・ハンブリッジ Andoryū Hanburijji?) is a recurring character in Little Witch Academia. He is the son of the Earl of Hanbridge and Viscount.


Andrew Full Body Render.png

Andrew has brown hair that is swept to the left side, dark green eyes, he typically has an uninterested expression on his face and most of the characters find him very attractive as he is often seen being fawned over by young women, especially the students in Luna Nova Magical Academy and young girls were fawning over him even as a child, although he never pays them any mind.

He typically wears a black suit with a blue formal shirt and a red tie.


An educated young man, Andrew treats everyone with etiquette and manners where he is a quite reserved and indifferent guy, but he has been shown to be compassionate and kind at times. He has much respect for his father, and as such agrees with the belief that magic is an obsolete practice that is destined to be forgotten. Unlike his father, however, Andrew seems to have a more positive view of witches who still practice magic, admiring their passion and determination.

After meeting Akko, Andrew seems to have become a little more rebellious, revealing that he had been practicing piano in secret despite his father forbidding it. He seems to have realized that he does not have to agree with every single thing his father does and is beginning to express his own ideas and beliefs.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Ryousuke Kanemoto
English Lucien Dodge[1]
German Tim Kreuer
Italian Daniel Magni
Brazil Alexandre Drummond
Spanish Latin America Anthony Lagos
Spain Masumi Mutsuda


  • Andrew's surname Hanbridge may be a reference to the real-life location of Handbridge, a district of Chester.


  • Lucien Dodge (Andrew’s English voice actor) and Erica Mendez (Akko’s English voice actress) are together in a relationship in real life.
    • Ironically, according to an interview with Yoh Yoshinari, Naoko Tsutsumi, and Shūhei Handa, Andrew was originally going to confess his feelings to Akko and the two of them would end up together. However, Yoshinari disliked this because it would have meant that Akko was working for Andrew's sake and not for herself so it was ultimately scrapped. Yoshinari instead sees their current relationship as a "sort of playful guy-guy relationship", which Handa agrees with. [2]
  • In Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time’s 23rd Sub Event, "Andrew in the Rumor Mill", Diana revealed Akko that, prior to Andrew being confirmed as the heir to the Hanbridge family, he was a normal average child.
  • Andrew is technically the second male major character introduced in the franchise, the first being Yuuto Minazuki from Tsukiyo no Ōkan manga.



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