Appleton Academy (エイプルトン校 Eipuruton-kō?) is a famous school for young men with over one thousand years of history on its name. It is known for its disdain for witches.


The Appleton Academy is a recognized and traditional school which mainly attends young people coming from renowned families or politicians. The campus is extremely huge, composed of many large and ostentatious buildings as well as several gardens. The structure of the place is quite old, including traditional structures such as a church, fireplaces and medieval statues and armors.

Everyone in school has a great contempt for witchcraft. They constantly resort to "Familiar Exterminators" to get rid of the rats they consider familiars of witches who corrupt the school. They also keep several medieval torture devices that were used against witches.

From its foundation the school has had the tradition to resolve any conflict by a sword duel on the bridge under the knight statues.


The uniform in the academy consists of a black suit over a white shirt and tie, gray pants and black shoes.

Known Students


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