Arcas (アルカス Arukasu?) is a creature that protects the entrance to the Fountain of Polaris and Chariot's childhood companion.


Arcas resembles a gigantic polar bear with a golden badge in the middle of the face. He is the protector of the Fountain of Polaris and fiercely attacks anyone who approaches it. However, it retains its affection for Chariot and doesn't try to attack her when he encounters her.


In Greek mythology, Arcas is the son of Callisto.


  • Arcas's badge resembles that of Alcor's, Ursula's familiar (and an eponymous toy of Akko). Likewise, the four-pointed star adorns Chariot's hat and appears on the breast of Chariot's bird form. In "Yesterday", it is revealed that Arcas knew Chariot since childhood and had a friendly relation with her.
    • According to the series' official site, Chariot found the young Arcas injured from the lightning strike. After she nursed him back to health, the two become inseparable since then.[1]



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