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Little Witch Academia
I don't care about ancient history, I didn't come here to become one of those moldy old witches. It's no fun at all. I wanna be a cool witch like Shiny Chariot.

The Enchanted Parade
Are you serious?! Why Diana? She's so stubborn and vain. No, thank you.
Yeah. Shiny Chariot has always been my hero. That's why I wanted to become a witch. I'm gonna prove that Shiny Chariot is right.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I was only thinking about myself, I never thought about your feelings.

TV Series
First Cour
I finally made it... A dream come true! I'm in the place where Shiny Chariot learned how to use magic! Yay!

A New Beginning

Are you a new student at Luna Nova? Are you headed to the opening ceremony too? All right! To be honest, I was a little scared of going to a witch school all by myself...

—A New Beginning

My name's Akko! I've dreamed of being a witch ever since I saw Shiny Chariot's magic show when I was little.

—A New Beginning

You have heard of her, right? The Shiny Chariot?

—A New Beginning

See this super-rare Chariot card? It's my treasure!

—A New Beginning

Alright! I made it in time! Yay!

—A New Beginning

My name's Atsuko Kagari. It's a pleasure to meet you two! Let's be friends!

—A New Beginning

A few scratches won't stop me! If I say I'm gonna ride a broom, then I will ride it! Even if you don't like it, you're gonna help me win this race! Don’t even try to shake me off now. I'm going to hang on until the end of the world!

Don't Stop Me Now

Just you watch! I'm gonna become an amazing witch one day and make the whole world gasp in surprise!

Luna Nova and the White Dragon

But I want everyone to see how fun magic is! I'll work as hard as I can so you two can understand too. Just watch me!

Samhain Magic

She has a huge and luxurious room all to herself. That's right, she's an aristocrat. Aristocrat!

New Age Magic

I'll work hard to become a witch who can make everyone smile. Because to me, magic is the most wonderful thing in the entire world!

The Road to Arcturus

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