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FireDollHeart FireDollHeart 21 days ago



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SakuraChanJapan SakuraChanJapan 9 January

I’m new to the wiki and it’s very nice to meet you!

I joined the wiki yesterday and I’m trying my best to adjust to the wiki! I will contribute to the wiki once I have adjusted to the wiki more. I also want to say this wiki is amazing! If you guys are going to contribute to the wiki, good luck on that and you will need it. See you all later!

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Snickerdoodlewo Snickerdoodlewo 27 December 2020

Hello Anyone a fan of Akko sorry about me profile pic

Haiiiiiii Im really a big fan of akko in my opinion diana is bleh sorry :(

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Belastar Belastar 8 December 2020



WELCOME!! I have no idea what to write...

I've just joined the wiki and I can't wait to meet new people!!

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Broomstiick Broomstiick 19 November 2020

Should i make Fanfiction

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Rosaleigh3613 Rosaleigh3613 27 October 2020

FanFiction Ideas

Heyy. I've been getting into writing Fanfiction about Little Witch Academia and I wanted a bit of suggestions for prompts. I'm currently working on one involving a romance between Barbara and Lotte and soon I want to do one revolving around my favorite background characters Maria and Priscilla. Any suggestions are helpful. Thanks, See ya'll later

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 18 October 2020

What would happen if Chariot adopted Akko

This is a hypothetical scenario where something has happened that affected the canoncity of Little Witch Academia.

In this scenario, following the break-up between Chariot and Croix, Chariot decides to leave and continue her tour. However, she took a short flight to help clear her mind of Croix. It's clear Chariot is burdened with heavy guilt over what has happened to their friendship and the harm she unintentionally done to the thousands of children that had looked up to her. But then, Chariot hears a loud crash and looks down to see a car having strayed off the road. She flies down and discover the two front passengers are dead but their little girl still alive.

Chariot immediately takes her and calls for help. Chariot takes the girl to th…

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Operator 77 Operator 77 19 August 2020

LWA Hypothetical: The Broom Dance Room

The Broom Dancing Room (Dance room, Gym.) is a room within Luna Nova seen only twice in the second film, The Enchanted Parade, used by Akko and the others to attempt to practice a broom dance; The room is never properly given a name at any point.

  • 1 Architecture.
  • 2 Decor.
  • 3 Trivia.
  • 4 Gallery.

The room is constructed mostly identical to other single level classrooms we see in the series; Tall, large windows make for most of the rooms illumination, although lamps can be seen on the walls, presumably for night time, or poor weather use. Other shared attributes with other rooms are two doors placed on either end of the interior wall, connecting to a hallway, and a clearly marked section of the wall at the back of the room for use as a magic equivalent of…

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Operator 77 Operator 77 17 August 2020

LWA Hypothetical: Mary's mom

Mary's Mother (fan name Matilda) is a background character in Episode 13 as one of many audience members watching the Samhain Magic Festival; This is the first, and last time she appears at any point in the show.

She has been identified as Mary's mother do to close visual resemblance between the two.

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Etymology
  • 4 Trivia
  • 5 Gallery

Matilda is a middle age witch with pale skin, dark blue eyes, long dark blue hair held back by two red hair clips, and horn-rimmed style glasses; she is considered by fans to be gracefully aged.

She is seen wearing a navy blue cloak and witches hat, assumed to have been provided by the school as it is not the proper student uniform, and other audience members are in the garb. Underneath this she wear…

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Mak!roll Mak!roll 12 August 2020

Evie O'kane

This is the backstory 4 my OC Evie

(btw im currently writing this in maths class)

also sorry if i misspellt anything 

Both of Evies parents (Mina O'Kane & Joe O'Kane) are very succesful doctors and have always expected Evie to be the same so they locked Evie off from the internet so that nothing could distract her from becomg a docror. Then at the age of 12 her parents sent Evie to a very expensive private boarding doctor school, so she was much younger than the other kids at the school, although she was an exdroidnay student and probaly the best in the entire school. Then one summery afternoon while Evie and her dad were on the beach, Her mother went out to the mailbox she saw a letter for Evie. Mother put the letter on Evies bed and waited…

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Black Soulstone Black Soulstone 25 June 2020

Old Fan Story: Inheritor of Determinator Spirit

Inheritor of Determinator Spirit is a fan story and part of Little Witch Academia: Ragnarok, the beta version of Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard series. Written through the collaboration between G Koh and BSoulstone, it revolves around Akko's origin story as Vermillion Valkyrie, beta version of Kara.

  • 1 Part 1
    • 1.1 Visiting an Old Friend
    • 1.2 Left Behind
    • 1.3 Shattered
    • 1.4 Legacy
    • 1.5 Apollyon Ambush
  • 2 Part 2
    • 2.1 Akko's Resolve
    • 2.2 Duel for Vermilion Valkyrie Gauntlet
    • 2.3 Epilogue

Ursula, Biri Biri, and Akko went to a village at Norway to visit her friend Ragnhild. Ragnhild, who revealed to be impressive spearwoman whom skill with lance amazed Akko that she asked her to taught her some skills made Ursula somewhat jealous, but soon, she and Biri Biri learned a…

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 7 February 2020

Episode 24 Review

In the episode, Chariot and Croix are about to have their final battle. While Croix has some praises for her, Chariot just has none and only spit at her rival's face. Yeah, when your second chance in life has been destroyed by this hag, you probably don't have anything to say.

Now onto the battle. I kinda chuckle when Chariot takes out the lightsaber because before all that, I made a series of videos called 'Little Witch of the Stars' because I thought that the Star Wars soundtrack would work well for the anime. I'm kinda guilty that I didn't splice Palpatine's voice with Croix, "Now Witness the Power of this fully operational Noir Rod". When the fight starts, Chariot really intends to kill Croix. Look at it, she tries to impale her sword r…

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 6 January 2020

Episode 14 Review

Now, this is my experiement for a possible episode-by-episode review. I really like Little Witch Academia as there are some details that are very interesting to follow. And this episode shows why.

We starts off with Ursula recounting all of Akko's past achievements. Because of this, she thinks the girl is ready......

.....Moving On! 

We start off in the morning, presumably taking place right after the last episode, there Akko and her friends are just conversing what has happened and it's nice. We get to see that many of the girls have a brand new sense of optimism and it's all thanks to Akko. While Akko is surprisingly humble. Granted, that's part of her development but to see it fully on the screen is a joy to watch. We went from an over-exc…

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Black Soulstone Black Soulstone 31 October 2019

Harry Potter vs. The Worst Witch vs. Little Witch Academia

While enjoying Little Witch Academia series (which many regarded as Harry Potter-esque magic school anime), I was stumbled upon a classic franchise called The Worst Witch which, like Harry Potter, takes place at a magic school in Britain and started off as a book series which first volume released around 1970s, making it older than the latter and even Little Witch Academia. Despite not as famous as those two, The Worst Witch attained enough popularity which earned it several adaptations with the latest being eponymous 2017 TV Series.

Unfortunately, out of the three fantasy franchises, The Worst Witch appeared to be most obscure, so much that many viewed The Worst Witch as nothing but rip-off to both Harry Potter and Little Witch Academia. F…

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CasuallyViewingThings CasuallyViewingThings 27 October 2019

How is LWA's magic system compared to magic in other fiction?

So compared to magic depicted in other fictions, just how strong is LWA's magic? How versatile is it? Is LWA's magic system coherent? If LWA's witches make use of their magic in the most optimized way possible, how strong can they be? Like, If we munchkin using all the spells depicted in all of the material we got like the movie, anime, game, etc, just how powerful can a  witch become in LWA? 

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Thebesteverduh1 Thebesteverduh1 3 June 2019

I Can't Get Over How Dead All these characters are

I really can't. 

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Thebesteverduh1 Thebesteverduh1 3 June 2019

How Come No One Talks About Diana almost getting murdered?!

I was rewatching the show again and realized that if it wasn't for Akko, Diana would be dead. Diana's aunt Daryl literally bound her with the snakes she controls and made it so she couldn't breathe. It's shown that Daryl did this to stop Diana from becoming head of the family, but she acted like this would be a permanant fix. So Daryl tried to murder her cousin.....

How Is This Not Talked About More????

Like actual attempted murder in this child-friendly anime??>

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Black Soulstone Black Soulstone 16 April 2019

Glossary of Little Witch Academia

This is a glossary that I made to help those who still new to Little Witch Academia series:

  • 1 Glossary
    • 1.1 A
    • 1.2 B
    • 1.3 C
    • 1.4 F
    • 1.5 G
    • 1.6 H
    • 1.7 L
    • 1.8 M
    • 1.9 N
    • 1.10 O
    • 1.11 P
    • 1.12 R
    • 1.13 S
    • 1.14 W
    • 1.15 Y

  • Annabel Crème: The alias shared by multiple writers of Night Fall series who impersonated the original Annabel as well as continue writing the series on her behalf after her passing. The current author is the twelfth person chosen to be latest Annabel.
  • Appleton Academy: A famous school for young men with over one thousand years of history on its name. It is known for its disdain for witches.
  • Arcturus Forest: A forest of ancient legend inhabited by many dangerous magical creatures and plants. It is there where Arcturus Tower, the tower where the Grand Triskellion was sealed by Nine O…

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 15 April 2019

Can the Television Series be considered a Good Ending?

Granted, I am proud to see Akko finally getting her magic back in working order but that's all there is. Before that, the world was in peril and all life would have been annihilated by the Noir Rod and all of this happens because of Witches.

Remember, that missile wouldn't have taken off if Croix didn't activate her Noir Rod. Not to mention, that people were hurt during her actions such as harming what could be a politician's son and nearly instigated World War III. If the world ever found out, they will hate Witches more than ever and everything start all over again but this time in even worse conditions. And they also demand Croix to be executed.

As for the Witches' side. They got outright humiliated by their star student. Luna Nova allowe…

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 24 October 2018

Akko: The Mystery of her Magic

There has been many elements throughout the Little Witch Academia franchise but none cannot compare to Akko.

What do we know about Akko? Well, when she was young, she watch a magic show performed by Shiny Chariot. The show amazed her to the point she wanted to become a witch like her idol. There have been some flashbacks to her past but honestly, it makes you want to learn more about her but at the same time you see from her actions what kind of person she is. 

She can be pushy and kind of stubborn but what makes them work is because she has this endless passion and that is the highlight of her character. She wants to live her dream but not at the expense of others. She would even cost her own position at the school if it meant helping someo…

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Blqckqqq Blqckqqq 6 October 2018


Hey, this is kind of late but who cares? 

Welcome to my profile thing!

I'll be making edits and stuff so yeah.

That's it! 


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Black Soulstone Black Soulstone 7 September 2018

How Little Witch Academia anime's approach best looked like if it has more magical girls element in it?

Perhaps because I greatly love Little Witch Academia series, I at times imagine how the series would looked like if its storyline has different approach instead of the one we know and love. We all know this anime mainly about cute witches (especially Atsuko Kagari who new in magical world) but NO magical girls. In this blog, let us imagine how the franchise would looked like if it has more magical girl elements where Akko, Lotte, Sucy, and even Diana gain the ability to transform into powerful magical superheroines who combat evil akin to magical girls featured in Yuki Yuna is a Hero and Studio TRIGGER's Kill la Kill (though the latter series only featured two actual "magical girls" who happened to be Kamui users; Ryūko Matoi and Satsuki Kiry…

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 26 August 2018

Episode 23: Why Diana acted the way she did?

In Episode 23, Diana finally learns about the Dream Fuel Spirit. She had this reaction which was a combination of shock and rage before she brushes it off to focus on learning what happened to Akko.

What if....

Diana reacted that way not only because she learned her idol, Shiny Chariot stole her magic but also because of the consequences that came with it.

Since many of the Cavendish household had learned about Diana's condition, we can assumed that they may have help the girl recover. The one who would be most invested would be Diana's own mother, Bernadette.

The most sad possibility is that before Diana could regain what was a good portion of her abilities, Bernadette passed away. Bernadette might have died in regret, believing she failed he…

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 1 August 2018

What did it Cost?

The Grand Triskellion has played a vital role in the Little Witch Academia universe ranging from Akko meeting Shiny Chariot or anything else. However, we arrived at our destination waiting to see what this world altering magic is like and what we get is a stick. There are many ways how you interpret the Grand Triskellion but one thing that I believe is that it represents how far will you go to get the Grand Triskellion and what would it cost to get your hands on this world altering magic?

Ask yourself?

What did it cost Chariot to get the Grand Triskellion?

What did it cost Croix to get the Grand Triskellion?

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 30 July 2018

Chariot wants to cut all ties with Magic

Chariot is one of the most tragic characters in the series. She suffered so much throughout the series until ultimately, it reaches a breaking point. 

Chariot began as a simple young girl with a simple dream on making people happy with her magic. However once she enters Luna Nova, she saw how far the road to her dream really is. She is looked down upon by her teachers and classmates for being reckless and clumsy and may had been close to expulsion. However, her only friend, Croix was there for her but that all changed when the Shiny Rod came to Chariot instead of Croix. Chariot accomplish many things but over time her friendship with Croix starts to deteriorate to the point Croix intentionally sabotages her for her own self gain. Having los…

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 28 July 2018

Pokemon: Witches' Decisive Battle Episode 1: Where Did I Start?

Where Did I Start? is the first episode of Witches' Decisive Battle. This episode has a 40 minute run time compared to the later episodes.

  • 1 Plot
    • 1.1 Akko's Story
    • 1.2 Litten's Story
    • 1.3 Beedrill's Story
    • 1.4 Espeon's Story
    • 1.5 Mimikyu's Story
    • 1.6 Dragonite's Story
    • 1.7 Zygarde's Story

The story begins somewhere in Japan where a magic show by Shiny Chariot took place. Amongst the audience was a small girl named Akko Kagari. After Shiny Chariot disappears into the night, Akko's dream in becoming a Witch came to be born.

Four years later, a ten year old Akko head to the Pokemon Laboratory to get her first Pokemon. Once she arrived, she is greeted by Professor Takaya. Professor Takaya informs Akko that there are three Pokemon to choose from; Litten, Popplio and Ro…

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 28 July 2018

Pokemon: Witches' Decisive Battle

Pokemon: The Witches' Decisive Battle is an eight part OVA series as part of the Pokemon Unity project. The OVA was released on July 2019 till June 2020.

Taking place between Sky War Stanship and Cavendish, Luna Nova enrolls their students into the famed Gaia Tournament where Pokemon Trainers around the world duel it out in intense and awe inspiring combat. After chosen to be one of the participants, Akko must help her school in winning the Gaia Tournament but along the way she meets an old friend.

Atsuko Kagari

Diana Cavendish

Ryuko Matoi



This is the story of a young girl who dreams on becoming a Witch and the Pokemon she has befriended who will take her on a journey unlike any other.
The Gaia Tournament has reemerged and …

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RoaringSalsa RoaringSalsa 23 July 2018

Akko's parents

Recently I stumbled upon another anime, My Hero Academia, and got to watch Midoriya's relationship with his mother. In a way Midoriya and Akko are similar in that since their childhoold, they both dreamed of becoming something which most people deemed impossible for them and as the series advances they keep fighting to achieve this. However, a big difference between both series is we're also presented with Midoriya's mother, a mom who cares deeply for her child and supported him in many different ways to make him feel like the hero he always dreamed to be.

Going back to the Little Witch Academia series, we know of Akko's passion for magic since young, her attempts at learning magic by herself and finally managing to enter Luna Nova Academy …

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Thebesteverduh1 Thebesteverduh1 21 July 2018

Croix Should Be Dead

I was rewatching the last few episodes of the series and something felt off. The scene where Croix and Chariot are fighting the Noir Fuel Spirit Dragon, Croix gets thrown against a rock wall with almost no injuries but some bruises. SHE SHOULD BE DEAD! Or at the very least, she should have a full body cast. 

And then I noticed there are other instances of this throughout the series. Nobody seems to get hurt at all! When Akko starts floating away as an elephant and pops, which is crazy by itself, she doesn't have any major injuries. NOBODY DOES! When Akko drops to the ground after being cut out of the web from the Fuel Spirit Spider, she falls a good fall a good foot or two, which should have dislocated a joint or bruise her, but NO. NOBODY …

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Thebesteverduh1 Thebesteverduh1 15 July 2018

Who People Ship

Akko And Diana

Some people ship Akko and Diana for many reasons, including but not limited too, the fact they both inspire each other to be who they are near the end of show, the fact that they were the main people to stop the missile, they both adore Chariot, both went to Luna Nova because Chariot did, Diana confessed her love to Akko under a posion, etc. Their ship name is Diakko.

Amanda And Akko

People ship these two because of how friendly Amanda is toward Akko. This is very prominent in the episode, "Amanda and holy grail". Akko also thinks very highly of Amanda as her friend. Their ship name is Amandakko.

Akko And Andrew

People ship this purely for the fact that they seem to genuinely like each other and how Andrew thinks about Akko and m…

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Thebesteverduh1 Thebesteverduh1 15 July 2018

Croix And Chariot

I feel like Croix and Chariot in the past, did date for a considerable amount of time. No doubt it would most likely be an on again off again kind of relationship, but it's strongly implied from the flashbacks that they were romantically linked. This is evidenced by the fact that Croix was backstage after Chariot's performance when she used the Dream Fuel Spirit without knowing what it really did. Croix being backstage meant two things: One, that she had such strong relationship that she could be in her dressing room after the show, and two, Chariot trusts Croix alone in the dressing room. 

Another way their relationship is strongly implied is when they were talking about what they were going to do with the Grand Triskelion in the flashback…

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Megafan121244 Megafan121244 27 March 2018

LWA Godzilla Crossover

I have an idea for Little Witch Academia/Godzilla crossover called: Godzilla X Little Witch Academia: The Two Worlds. Basically, this takes place several years after the events of the series and revolves around the daughters of Akko and Andrew, Sucy, Lotte and Frank, and Diana.

Ever since Atsuko "Akko" Kagari unlocked the Grand Triskellion, Magic is no longer a scarce resource for witches and has now become part of everyday life. 

Among the new witches of Luna Nova Academy are Tsukina "Tsuki" Kagari, the daughter of Akko who is determined to step out of her mother's shadow. One day, during a dungeon run, Tsuki and her friends, Amelia and Kaari (the daughters of Diana and Sucy) come across a mysterious giant ring. However, that night, the rin…

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Caramelangel714 Caramelangel714 24 March 2018

Some other sorcery terminology

Here is the magical terminology that is non-canon to the Little Witch Academia series.

  • 1 Arcana
  • 2 Creeper
  • 3 Drive
  • 4 Element
  • 5 Fraymotif
  • 6 Hover
  • 7 Imp
  • 8 Labyrinth

The Arcana is the modern, fantasy-derived synonym of weapon. Any weapon is included to have their own thematic and shape. As for the sorcerers, they have to create their own Arcana by using the chosen element, an item that relates to them, and an original, everyday weapon. Any sorcerer has to be cautious of the materials they use to combine into a fine Arcana. Failing to do so properly may cause high chances of malfunction. Magical materials could be moderately rare to make a newly-made Arcana, so they should be prepared to determine the materials' rarity and environments, depending on seasons and re…

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Caramelangel714 Caramelangel714 20 March 2018

Types of Sorcerers

Here is the non-canon information of the types of witches and wizards that are in the Little Witch Academia universe.

  • 1 Chemists
  • 2 Criminals
  • 3 Fadans
  • 4 Faunistics
  • 5 Martials
  • 6 Paladins
  • 7 Psychonics

Chemists, or sometimes Alchemists, are magickers that participate in chemistry by making potions and medicine.

Sucy Manbaravan is the known Chemist witch in the Little Witch Academia universe, because of her frequent testing of many types of poisons and cures.

Criminals are magickers who break the laws of magic, and are claimed to be guilty. Those who practiced forbidden magic (example: necromancy, worshipping Satanic religion) are considered to be criminals of sorcery. This is unlike the natural crimes of stealing and destroying public property.

The Little Witch Acad…

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Kagari-Leha Kagari-Leha 13 March 2018

What do you want to see in an hypothetical season 2 ?

If you need a season 2 of LWA, what would you want to see in it ?  Personnally, I would love an episode on Jasminka, a Wangari episode, and a Hannah & Barbara episode (because I want to love them as much as the others characters). Maybe a backstory for one of the Luna Nova's professors ?

And I would love a season two like the first one, you know 50% cute, hilarious, and relaxed ; 50% drama, serious and touching. I also want some new characters, and to discover the others Nine Olde Witches ! I guess it would be perfect if we had 15-20 new episodes

So what about you ? What would be your perfect season 2 ? :D

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 30 January 2018

Little Witch Academia Alternates: What if Akko left Luna Nova?

I'll be making a series of blogs discussing about alternate realities if one event change everything in Little Witch Academia.

The question of the blog is that What if certain events didn't happen such as Diana never found Akko on time but Akko still manages to restore the world of magic. However, Akko is still reeling from the betrayal decides to leave the school. How do you think it would affect the series and everyone around her?

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Ghostkid0059 Ghostkid0059 22 January 2018

Hey everyone

I wanted to say im glad to be helping this wiki and i hope im doing good. I want to help this wiki because little witch academia is one of my favorite animes. I was shy to say this before. So thanks for reading this.

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Ghostkid0059 Ghostkid0059 15 January 2018

Wishing i could finish

I wish i could say i finished the series but sadly thats not the case. I started the series on netflix of course but long story short i moved and i dont have netflix.

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 22 December 2017

Little Witch Academia Season 2: Magic to the World

While waiting for Season 2 and allegedly a crossover between this show and Kill La Kill, we should talk about how Season 2 should be approached.

My pitch would continue Akko's journey now that magic has been restored.

Episodes 1 to 3 (Return to Japan Arc): The Holidays have arrived and everyone in Luna Nova can go home. Akko returns to Japan which is where we get to see Akko's mother. Akko's mother is a business woman with an incredibly successful business but due to all the work, Akko's mother has shown to be almost devoid of emotions. Its later revealed that her mother is actually the main reason why Akko wanted to be like Shiny Chariot. Seeing Chariot make incredible magic and brought about the smiles inspired Akko to do the same in hopes…

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 16 December 2017

Little Witch Academia Alternate Universe Onmyoji OC Group: Troop 147

Troop 147 is a division of Onmyoji from the Order of Kitsune and the main protagonists of Little Witch Academia Onmyoji. They have taken part in the major battles during the Second Onmyodou War and are lead by Akko Kagari.

Eversince the Second Onmydou War began, the Okuma had quickly spread themselves across the globe and many lands were lost in the process. The Order began to divide themselves to handle the multipe situations. Troop 147 was one of many groups which was lead by Akko Kagari after she completed her training as an Onmyoji. The name was based on the 47 Ronin of Japanese Legends.

Prior to Onmyoji, Troop 147 were responsible in handling the Okuma resistance residing in Japan. When Civil War broke out between the group and the Order …

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 13 December 2017

Little Witch Academia Alternate Universe Onmyoji OC Creatures: The Okuma (Reimagining)

'Okuma '(Mad Demon) are a race of demons who plagued Midgard for almost a millenia clashing with the Onmyoji of Japan. 

  • 1 ​Terminology
  • 2 History
  • 3 Powers and Abilities
  • 4 Species
  • 5 Trivia

The term Okuma derives from the Japanese words Oko tsu (Mad) and Akuma (Demon). 

The secret history behind the Okuma were that they were product of fear by Witchkind. During the Dark Ages, as the decline of magic has begin to occur, several Witches feared an impending doom awaiting them. Using their best Wtichcrafters, they began creating a super organism that would protect them as guardians. The Okuma were born.

Shortly after their creation, the Witches tested their capabilities on the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil, South America. Witches noted that due to the use or na…

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 25 November 2017

OVA: Mama's Special Gift

Mama's Special Gift is an original video animation premiered in the late November 2017.

Akko visited Diana and asked for her aid in finding a present for her mother. Diana agreed and joined Akko along with her group to town. There after inspecting several gifts, Akko learned of a rumor about Jennifer's Pot which when used could bring about a miracle. Believing that might be the proper present for her mother, Akko went on a journey to find it.

Meanwhile, everyone in Luna Nova are preparing for the arrival of the school's mysterious major benefactor revealing to be a beautiful woman. Many attempts to entertain the guest but failed all the while the mentioned guest is searching for something.

Eventually, both stories come together with Akko revea…

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 6 October 2017

Other Kaiju

There are a wide variety of Kaiju found all over the world.

Note: Anything within the bracket '()' are the origin of the Kaiju.

  • 1 Kaiju
  • 2 Monster Paradise
  • 3 Sightings
    • 3.1 Asia
      • 3.1.1 China
      • 3.1.2 Bangladesh
      • 3.1.3 India
      • 3.1.4 Indonesia
      • 3.1.5 Iran
      • 3.1.6 Japan
      • 3.1.7 Korea
      • 3.1.8 Malaysia
      • 3.1.9 Mongolia
      • 3.1.10 Phillipine
      • 3.1.11 Saudi Arabia
      • 3.1.12 Turkey
      • 3.1.13 Vietnam
    • 3.2 Africa
      • 3.2.1 Chagos Archipelago
      • 3.2.2 Congo
      • 3.2.3 Egypt
      • 3.2.4 Ethiopia
      • 3.2.5 Kenya
      • 3.2.6 Morocco
      • 3.2.7 South Africa
      • 3.2.8 Zimbabwe
    • 3.3 North America
      • 3.3.1 Bahamas
      • 3.3.2 Canada
      • 3.3.3 Cayman Islands
      • 3.3.4 Costa Rica
      • 3.3.5 Cuba
      • 3.3.6 Greenland
      • 3.3.7 Guatemala
      • 3.3.8 Jamaica
      • 3.3.9 Mexico
      • 3.3.10 Trinidad and Tobago
      • 3.3.11 United States of America
      • 3.3.12 United States Virgin Islands
    • 3.4 South America
      • 3.4.1 Argentina
      • 3.4.2 Bolivia
      • 3.4.3 Brazil
      • 3.4.4 Ecuador
      • 3.4.5 Peru
      • 3.4.6 Ve…

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 6 October 2017

Little Witch Academia Ultraverse Group Profile: Team Venus

Team Venus are the collection of Kaiju belonging to Diana Cavendish. She uses her Battle Nizer later Neo Battle Nizer.

  • 1 Diana Cavendish
  • 2 Battle Nizer/ Shin Battle Nizer
  • 3 Kaiju
    • 3.1 Lidorias
    • 3.2 Mukkito
    • 3.3 Galberos 
    • 3.4 Eleking

Diana is the star student of Luna Nova Academy, adept in every field of magic. While she may seemed snobbish but she has a huge sense of honor, willing to help others, even if they were her rivals. Diana has taken interest with Akko after she revealed herself as a Monster Tamer as she herself is one as well. 

The Battle Nizer is a standard monster summoning device to all Reionyx which allows to store three monsters. So far, Diana Cavendish is the only one who wields the Battle Nizer as her mother bestowed her Monster Tamer powers…

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 6 October 2017

Little Witch Academia Ultraverse Group Profile: Team Aquila

Team Aquila are a group of Kaiju belonging to Atsuko Kagari. Having the Shiny Rod/ Shin Battle Nizer, Akko is able to control seven Kaiju. Since then, she has used them in battling Kaiju and any other forces that threatened the Earth.

  • 1 Atsuko Kagari
  • 2 Shiny Rod/ Shin Battle Nizer
  • 3 Kaiju
    • 3.1 Golza
    • 3.2 Gubila
    • 3.3 Arigera
    • 3.4 Agira
    • 3.5 Twin Tail
    • 3.6 Birdon
    • 3.7 Antlar

A young sixteen year old with spunk that has the capital S. She dreamt on becoming a Witch after watching a show which wowed her, performed by a witch named Shiny Chariot. It was because of that dream that fate brought her and took posession of the Shiny Rod, real name the Shin Battle Nizer. Akko has to tend both her studies and her acquired Kaiju but that won't stop her from showing her more kinder…

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 6 October 2017

Little Witch Academia Ultraverse First: Awakening the Tamer

Little Witch Academia Ultraverse First is the movie and the beginning to the Ultraverse saga. 

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Characters
  • 3 Kaiju
    • 3.1 Akko's Team:
    • 3.2 Wild Kaiju

Plot: Atsuko Kagari has begun her new life as a Witch. However, the young girl would later discover that not everything is what it seems.

Synopsis: Taking place in the year 2019, a massive crisis has occured. All over the globe, Kaiju (meaning:Giant Monster) were having all out war against one another with the military doing their best to fend themselves or evacuate their people from the battles. Somewhere,  young girl who wielded a magic rod summoned Kaiju to attack a giant devil like monstrosity. The scene ended with the two forces about to clash.

One year earlier, Atsuko Kagari or Akko has recently…

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 5 October 2017

Little Witch Academia: Ultraverse

Ultraverse are a series of anime films produced by collaboration between Studio Trigger and Tsuburaya Productions. which features a crossover between Little Witch Academia and Mega Monster Battle .

The first film will premiere in 17 Janurary 2018. 

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Characters
  • 3 Items
  • 4 Movies

List of Kaiju

Billions of years ago, Kaiju roamed the lands of mother Earth. However following their extinction, humanity was able to thrive and with it, came the Age of Witches.

In the present time, a young girl travelled to Blytonbury, England to become a Witch after inspired by her idol, Shiny Chariot. When she got there, her simple dream has become a great adventure when she discovered her idol's Shiny Rod but what she didn't know was that the staff is a powerful devi…

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Ron PRL Ron PRL 18 September 2017

Little Witch Academia OVA: Shiny Chariot

Little Witch Academia: Shiny Chariot is an original video animation made by Studio Trigger and directed by Yo Yoshinari. The OVA is 60 minutes long, centering on Chariot Du Nord, Shiny Chariot before the events of Little Witch Academia television series.

Having lost the Shiny Rod (Episode 23: Yesterday), the former idol, Chariot Du Nord returned to her hometown to hide away from the events that has transpired. However, she and her family were under pressure by by the town who have begun to be alienated from magic. Eventually, Chariot's family submitted and had ordered their daughter to get rid of anything related to magic. 

The disillusioned Chariot ventured around the town, pondering about abandoning the Quest to find the seven words. Helpi…

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G Koh G Koh 31 August 2017

Akko, the Shining

Akko, the Shining is a new story taking place in an alternate continuity. Akko under the age of 26 works as a leader of a Rescue Force unit. After much reflection, Akko agreed to return to Blytonbury where the past began to unfold.

  • 1 The Call
  • 2 Reunions
  • 3 Shattered
  • 4 Blaze
  • 5 Reconcile
  • 6 Epilogue

Akko Kagari and her Rescue Force, the "The Red Wings" has just successfully saved villagers in Eurasia. As they celebrate their success, Akko drank alone and pondered about something until she received a call from Andrew Handbridge which she hadn't seen for about a decade. Andrew requested her aid since she and her unit are one of the only few who would take the mission to help Blytonbury. While Akko at first reluctant to take it but her heart said otherwise. Wi…

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Nebulon Nebulon 21 August 2017

Hey everybloody!

I'm back! Cue the encomium! Anydayway, I see the airing of LWA on Netflix has brought fresh blood to the wiki. Thanks guys! One request- categorize your images in the future. Ummmm.... yeah. I could use some filling on the goings on in the last two months.... I see there's some great navigational changes, and my templates have been prettified. I hope some of you remember me! Well now I'm rambling.Nebulon (talk) 00:52, August 21, 2017 (UTC)

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