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Blue Moon (ブルームーン Burū Mūn?) is the 11th episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.


Desperate to know if she can ever overcome her magical difficulties to be like Shiny Chariot, Akko uses the blue moon's power to search for an answer.


The episode begins at sunset, with Akko training to perfect her Mending Magic mastery. Trying to create a statue that looks identical to the one she's standing before, Akko tries to mimic the statue for the 101th time and fails to make them look exactly the same. Akko gets demotivated and Ursula comforts Akko by stating that she will master it soon, and afterwards they stop the training lesson.

Late at night, Akko with Lotte and Sucy get ready to sleep. Akko tells them how Ursula is trying to guide her, but isn't helping that much. Akko then starts to wonder if she can ever be like Shiny Chariot, which prompts Sucy to mock her because she's being serious. Lotte states that Ursula was once a student at Luna Nova too, and it is said that she was in the same class with Chariot. Akko, getting motivated again, leaves the dorm in order to find Ursula, to ask her if she knew Chariot.

In her room, Ursula stares at the Big Dipper constellation from her window as she recalls her days as Shiny Chariot. When Akko knocks on her door, Ursula hurries to put on her glasses and let her in. While she gets some tea from her, Akko asks Ursula if she was Chariot's classmate. Clearly shook by the question, Ursula overloads the teacup and then reluctantly replies that she was indeed classmates with Chariot, which gets Akko excited and leads her to ask Ursula how she was in her class and finally asks if she knows where she is now. When Ursula does not respond, denoting that she does not know, Akko is left devastated. She tells Ursula how she wants to become a witch like Chariot since she saw her magic show when she was little, but she feels increasingly unable to do so. Returning to the top of her room, Ursula tells Akko that her own teacher taught her the meaning of "Phaidoari Afairynghor", that one should strive for what he or she wants to achieve. In the light of the glimmering moon, Ursula announces that tonight is a night of the blue moon.

In her office, Headmistress Holbrooke discusses with Samantha Badcock and Lukić about the decay of magic and the decrease in the number of witches in the world. They remember how the Nine Olde Witches founded Luna Nova, when magic was abundant in the world but now they can not even use magic without the Sorcerer's Stone. During the discussion, Diana appears asking for a book about the Nine Olde Witches. The headmistress tells her that it is in the secret archives of the academy and gives her a special key to access it. She also tells her that that it is a blue moon's night, which could lead to unveiling certain mysteries.

After seeing Shiny Chariot laughing in a dream, Akko remembers about the spirit that appears in the nights of a blue moon, who can answer any question about the past, present or future. Akko decides to go to the New Moon Tower to find the spirit. Akko arrives at the New Moon Tower, and the Shiny Rod opens the entrance to the Blue Moon Abyss where it is said that the spirit appears.

In the reference archives, the blue moon reveals to Diana the book she was looking for, which speaks of how the Nine Olde Witches sealed a magic capable of world reconstruction, known as the Grand Triskellion in the Arcturus Forest and that the seal could only be broken with the staff of the seven stars and the Seven Words of Arcturus. At the same time, Ursula remembers that the day that Akko arrived at Luna Nova, when she unknowingly revived the first of the Seven Words of Arcturus when using the Shiny Arc. Then, the blue moon's light illuminates her water pool, showing Ursula that Akko is in the Blue Moon Abyss.

In the Abyss, Akko encounters several visions of spirits that tells her to leave. She panics and falls down a slope, and lands before who appears to be Shiny Chariot. An excited Akko asks how she can become like her, to whom "Chariot" replies that it is impossible for her to achieve such a dream. Akko then realizes that she is not the real Shiny Chariot and confronts her about it, and "Chariot" is revealed to be the spirit of the blue moon. When Akko asks if he can answer any question, the ghost tells her that no one can answer what he can not. Akko asks if she can ever become a witch like Shiny Chariot. The ghost shows her a vision of her turned into Shiny Chariot and tells her that he can deliver that future to her, but only if Akko renounces to all her past memories. After seeing memories of her experiences, Akko refuses to do so, claiming that her past belongs to her even though it is full of mistakes. The ghost asks Akko if she is willing to do it, even if it means not fulfilling her dream, and immediately commands her to leave when she refuses, stating that she will never become like Chariot. Akko replies that she strives to do it, remembering the meaning of "Phaidoari Afairynghor" and reviving the Second Lost Word, as the Shiny Rod glows and transforms into a giant axe which Akko uses to attack the spirit.

As the spirit's disguise is destroyed and its real feminine form is revealed, Akko sees a series of visions about future events, after which she falls unconscious due to exhaustion. When Ursula arrives at the Abyss and finds her, the spirit reveals itself to be Professor Woodward, one of the Nine Olde Witches who founded Luna Nova Magical Academy and the mentor of Ursula, whom she knows as Chariot. Ursula and Woodward talk about the trial that Akko had just overcome, which led her to revive the Second Word of Arcturus. Woodward states that while Akko is stubborn, she is quite determined. Before disappearing, Woodward commands Ursula to guide Akko, so she can open the seal of the Grand Triskellion. As they leave the New Moon Tower, Ursula takes an unconscious Akko back to the main campus, promising to tell her the truth about her identity someday.

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  • When the light of the blue moon hits the Shiny Rod, the ray it emits that opens the Blue Moon Abyss's entrance originates from the second star, representing the second Word of Arcturus, Phaidoari Afairynghor.
  • Ursula's startled reaction when Akko says she watched a Shiny Chariot show is explained in "Chariot and Croix".
  • This episode takes place in October, along with "What You Will" and "Samhain Magic", as stated in the chronicles book.[2]


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