Blytonbury (ブライトンベリー Buraitonberī?) is a city which neighbors Glastonbury.


Blytonbury is a city inhabited by humans. In the center of the city is a large clock tower with a striking clock bell. The city is home to magical stores such as the Magic Item Cafe. Since the city does not currently inhabit witches, it does not own a Sorcerer's Stone itself so the use of magic in the city is not possible. The city has its own railway station that Akko uses to get to Blytonbury, presumably from London.

Blytonbury is home to the Sealing Stones, where a titan monster was sealed by the legendary witch Jennifer, before the events of The Enchanted Parade. The annual Wild Hunt also usually occurs in Blytonbury.

The nearest settlement to Blytonbury is the town of Glastonbury, a town that houses the Glastonbury Tor, a leyline terminal taken by witches to travel to Luna Nova Magical Academy.

Although it is never directly stated which English county Blytonbury is in, it is most likely Somerset due to the city being so near to Glastonbury Tor.

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  • The clock-tower in the center of Blytonbury bears a great resemblance to St. Michael's Church from New York City.
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