Blytonbury's Undead Travelogue (ブライトンベリーアンデッド紀行 Buraitonberī Andeddo Kikō?) is the 9th episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.

On Netflix, the episode is titled just "Undead Travelogue".[2]


On a trip off school grounds, Akko breaks the no-magic rule and raises a skeleton from the dead. When it runs off, she and her friends must chase it.


The episode begins with the students getting lectured by Finnelan about rules they must adhere outside school grounds before the strict teacher is interrupted by Holbrooke who showed her a pointy large boot which large enough to be worn as a hat. Just as Finnelan is irked by the latter's antics, Holbrooke chided the former for being unnecessarily strict before underlining her previous point by having Ursula try one of the said boots. Nevertheless, Finnelan put this argument aside by inquiring the students it'ems they chose as their amulet. It took Akko to be told by Holbrooke to understand the amulet Finnelan referring at (an object with emotional value one left behind at his/her residence/home as a charm to return safely) before reluctantly left behind one of her Chariot Cards (the one with Shiny Chariot holding Shiny Rod) among others' possession and makes her leave along with others.

While on their way for Blytonbury, Akko, Lotte, and Sucy ended up at the town's old cemetery because the latter looked for Grave Mushroom, a magical mushroom that only flourished at graves. The unsettling atmosphere of the area made Lotte wondered whether a ghost will appear just as a flock of ravens flies away out of blue nearby, startling Akko that she hugged Lotte in fear that the two ended up crashed into two nearby tombstones in process. Terrified by the prospect of them getting cursed for disturbing old graves, Akko decided to fix them with Mending Magic Powder despite Lotte's concern. In her attempt to do so, however, Akko inadvertently knocked Sucy's grave mushroom, resulting in it and the spilled powder to mix into an explosion of green gas that subsequently seeps into one of the broken graves, reanimating a buried corpse within. The reanimated corpse soon grabs Akko's ankle from within his grave, scaring the daylight out of her and Lotte in-process and prompted the latter to pull the former to safety. In doing so, however, the Finnish also pulled the corpse out of his grave as well, which worsening their predicament. Oddly enough, rather than behaving like some mindless zombies, the reanimated corpsed called out some coward he loathed in a bombastic manner before expressing gratitude to the young witches. Hilariously, the animated corpse doesn't remember who he was in life in the middle of his introduction, but brushed the issue aside to check on his reanimated form and making his leave to get revenge, but not before retrieving his hat and slicing his own tombstone to underline his current undeath quest. Incredulous over this unexpected turn of events, it took Sucy reminding the two over the escaped undead that they eventually give chase. Sucy soon joins the chase, albeit at a slower pace than her roommates.

Chasing the reanimated corpse, Lotte deduced that the mixture of Mending Magic Akko casted and Sucy's mushroom must be a necromantic combination which caused their fiasco before calling forth faeries to animate nearby vines to capture him. However, she ran out of magic before the vines could reach the fast undead. Sucy told the group that it's not entirely big deal as the reanimation effect of Grave Mushroom supposedly lasted until sundown, yet the prospect of punishment for (accidental) necromancy forced the girls to continue the chase nevertheless. Entering the town, the three friends arrived in time to see the reanimated corpse yelling at random pedestrians at the market one by one and managed to stop his tantrum before he could yell on a 3-year old boy. Akko begged for the corpse to return to the afterlife, but the corpse refused because of an unfinished business he cannot ignore as they speak. Their argument soon interrupted by Lotte who told them that they attracted unwanted attention from the crowd, promoting Akko to improvise by claiming that the whole fiasco was part of a miraculous, once in a millennium street performance about vengeful reanimated knight and a witch who sought to break his curse. To Lotte's surprise, this worked pretty well that they earned a lot of money in process.

Hilariously, it's not just Akko who have to improvise to further prevent unwanted attention from the reanimated corpse's antics that day. As soon as Akko concluded her "show", the reanimated corpse rummaging through random dumpster nearby, prompting Lotte to make up a somewhat convincing story to calm down two police officers who attracted by his antics (claiming the corpse to be her grandfather who wanted to relive his past experience as a legendary pirate through searching every dumpster he could find as if they are treasure chests). The reanimated corpse soon eludes the girls again, with Sucy apparently already chasing him. Just then, Akko and Lotte caught the sight of two random men running out of nearby pub with face full of blood-colored ketchup, prompting them to check on the place out of fear with the worst only to see the corpse and Sucy having fun with the patrons. While Sucy reassured to the two that she had botched everyone's drinks with Memory Altering Potion to ensure none of them can remember events that recently transpired in two hours, the reanimated corpse is still unable to remember anything before ran off in frustration, inadvertently left his left arm in Akko's grasp when she attempted to stop him in process. It took Akko to be nearly hit by a passing truck that the corpse briefly let go of his single-minded obsession for revenge where he pushed the brunette out of the way at the last moments, resulting the truck hit him instead.

Despite apparent damage from the ordeal, the corpse managed to put himself back together like a doll with Akko helped placed his head back to his body. In his gratitude, he remarked witches in general as a symbol of wisdom, giving away a hint of the era from where he came before cried out the man he seeks is in a house on Caliban Road. When he arrived there with the three friends in pursuit however, the said house has been replaced with a new building, yet he doesn't care with that matter which led to another argument with Akko. Their argument attracted the attention of a nearby pedestrian who suggested them to go for Last Wednesday Society instead (the shop's owner has salvaged everything in that house long time ago). Consulting with the shop's proprietor, the reanimated corpse is revealed to be from Golden Magic Age era as he finds the painting of the man he looked for, yet this discovery is not enough to help him remember anything. It is then the three friends noticed a letter plastered behind the painting from which they learned the baby in it was Miranda, a student from Luna Nova in that era. The reanimated corpse then revealed the man in the painting being Miranda's father and that he holds a grudge against him for breaking his vow to raise her as a proper witch following his wife's passing at childbirth by leaving her. Hearing the sound from the city's clock tower, the corpse abruptly makes his leave, all while adding that Miranda's father being the town's bell ringer with the girls following from behind.

Meanwhile, at Luna Nova, Holbrooke and Ursula are placing amulets they received from the students into a chest when they stumbled upon Akko's Shiny Rod Chariot Card. It's revealed that the Headmistress is not holding any ill-will towards Shiny Rod unlike other staffs in the academy, remarking it bringing back good memories. Ursula smiled at the sentiment before inquiring the headmistress about the latter's amulet, in which she only wondered whether they still exist. Afterwards, Ursula suggested that they take a stroll around the town.

Arriving at the top of clock tower, Akko and Sucy take their time enjoying the scenery. Examining the tower's old bell, Akko noticed the clapper is missing for some reason before knocking her head against it by mistake. The produced sound of the tower's old bell from said mishap returned the animated corpse's memories along with some twists:

  • Mr. Holbrooke, the man whom reanimated corpse looked for, is none other than himself — he died not long after sending his beloved daughter to Luna Nova, a fact that greatly distressed him.
  • Miranda and the current Luna Nova's Headmistress are the same person through the symbol on her staff that matched the one on the tower's old bell.

Having put all pieces together, Akko decided to bring Mr. Holbrooke to Luna Nova so they can reunite him with his daughter. With the group only have little time left before sundown however, the Japanese improvises by using Mending Magic Powder on the clock tower's bell, causing it to detach and fly for its missing clapper (which Mr. Holbrooke has fashioned into magic staff for Miranda long ago). Riding the detached giant bell, Akko, Lotte, Sucy, and Mr. Holbrooke hold their grip over it as the bell brings them for Ursula and Headmistress Holbrooke who just've exited Ley Line Terminal at Glastonbury Tor, at which Holbrooke softened their landing with her conjured giant pillow. Afterwards, Holbrooke's staff fly for the bell and reunited with it at last as it stopped near Mrs. Holbrooke's grave.

When Mr. Holbrooke and the headmistress eventually reunited at last (with the latter recognizes her father despite his undeath state) before the late Mrs. Holbrooke's grave, Miranda expressed no contempt over her father's abrupt passing. She reassured to him that he had fulfilled his promise despite through rather unusual circumstances before casting a spell on the clock tower's bell via. magic in its modified clapper, ringing it on the air for the first time since Golden Magic Age. As they enjoy this nostalgic scene, Mr. Holbrooke notices his undead body begin to disappear, and thus takes his remaining time to say goodbye to everyone present, wishing a good future for witches. His return to the afterlife was not a lonely one, as leaves that flew by the wind in the scene revealed his spirit reunited with his late wife at last. As heartwarming as it can be, the last few seconds of such moment unceremoniously ruined by Sucy who claimed that she "coughed Mr. Holbrooke's dust", much to Lotte's chagrin.

As much as she is grateful that the girls have helped her father fulfilling his promise, Miranda rightfully pointed out that Akko, Lotte, and Sucy has committed a taboo in doing so. However, since the three are still green and the act is likely an accident (which it is), Miranda instead gave them a much more merciful detention in form of repairing a pile of brooms in the academy's equipment repair. Even so, this still dismayed Akko as they had to do wo without magic. Lotte however, made it clear that magic is not always best solution for problems. Nevertheless, having learned about Golden Magic Age for real, Akko wished that she was born during said era, in which Sucy retorted that it was the very era when witches got their hands full in solving every problem as well. Lotte on the other hand, remarked that despite advancements in science all over the world, there are certain problems which magic are best solution to deal it. The episode ends with Akko and Sucy argued over magic and mushroom...

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  • In this episode the description on the Shiny Rod Chariot cards is written in English. In "Pappiliodya", when Akko receives it as a child, it is in Japanese.
  • In Netflix worldwide release, the episode name was changed to Undead Travelogue.[3]
  • This episode takes place in September, along with "Sleeping Sucy" and "Bee Commotion", as stated in the chronicles book.[4]
  • According to Trigger Night Vol.6, the tree that grows at Mrs. Holbrooke's grave is supposedly her transformed stated following her passing.[5]

Errors & Goofs

  • In this ending, the three girls are least severe necromancy punishment, Sucy's shoes dissapear.


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