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Cavendish (キャベンディッシュ Kyabendisshu?) is the 19th episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series. It also serves as the first part of two-parter episodes centered around Diana.


A family situation forces Diana to quit Luna Nova and head home, shocking the school. Refusing to accept the loss of her "rival," Akko follows her.


The episode begins with Diana reminiscing about the final moment she spent with her sickly mother together before the latter's passing. She entrusted Diana to create a new future for both magic and their family along with a saying called Sybilladura Lelladybura, which means "When traditional and modern powers mingle, the gate to an unseen world will open". Fast forward to the present day, Diana sighed at what would be the last day she had in Luna Nova.

On the same night, the hungry Akko is on her way for the academy's kitchen when she meets the depressed Hannah and Barbara. Surprised that Diana is about to leave Luna Nova due to a family matter, and having confirmed it from Professor Ursula, Akko set out to catch up with her rival to clarify the matter. Upon finding her, Akko inquired Diana whether she really wanted to leave after all the time she spent at the academy. Through their conversation, Akko is irritated by the fact that their rivalry all this time was one-sided since Diana never considered the brunette as the one, before revealing her knowledge over Akko's quest for Seven Words of Arcturus and Grand Triskellion, confirming Akko's findings not too long ago. Diana then reminded Akko over her current priority while expressing her sadness over the fact that Shiny Rod chose Akko instead of her. With that, Diana tearfully leaves, much to Akko's dismay.

Unwilling to give up on Diana despite their odds, Akko inquired Ursula where she lives. Impressed by her student's determination to bring the young Cavendish back, Ursula revealed that Diana lives at Wedinburgh. Lotte and Sucy, who learned their roommate's intent to bring Diana back, brought Akko her Shiny Rod and other necessary supply for her trip.

Meanwhile, Diana finally arrived at her family's manor and is expected by her head maid Anna, who confirmed the young heiress the situation of her family's household; the living condition of their manor is no longer as good as the last time she left for Luna Nova, and that many of the family's servants had left. Just then, Daryl greets Diana and expressed her surprise over her niece's unexpected arrival, but nevertheless arranged a lively arranged family dinner on the next day, though either of them hardly hiding signs of hostility to each other.

On the next day, Akko arrived at the countryside in Wedinburgh. Exhausted and hungry from the trip, Akko made a comical attempt to hitchhike a passing limo but, to her dismay, the said limo turned out to be Andrew and his fathers' who coincidently, also on their way for Diana's home. Paul remarked Akko being the same witch who ruined the party, in which Andrew pointed out she also made it memorable at the same time. While Paul nevertheless curious why Akko doesn't fly like other witches, the Earl of Hanbridge dismayed more over the rising tension between the Great Britain and its rival country in the light of the delay over the result of IFFA world cup they participated in, which resulted supporters from both sides started a riot. Akko then asked Andrew the purpose of their visit for Cavendish Manor, in which Andrew explained that they were invited. Akko then revealed that she sought to bring her friend back to Luna Nova. Meanwhile, Diana sees their limo approaching the manor from the distance while riding her horse.

Entering the manor, Akko, Paul, and Andrew are greeted by Daryl and her daughters, the twins Maril and Merrill. Daryl and her daughters are disgusted by the presence of Akko who tag along with Hanbridges, more so upon learning that she is a commoner. Diana, who just returned from riding her horse around the manor, stepped in to defend Akko by stating that she is an aspiring witch despite her social status and convinced her aunt to let Akko stay. While being escorted by Diana and Anna to the former's room, Akko remarked Daryl and her twin daughters being three times worse and Diana and briefly distracted by luxuries in the Cavendish's home, only to be told by Diana that she had to leave by the next morning.

After having the reluctant Anna changed her clothes to that of Diana's which her late mother gave for her 11th birthday (which Akko noted to fit her frame very well despite of her dislike it), Akko looked around at Diana's room in the manor and remarked that everything looked exactly like in her equally luxurious room in Luna Nova, except that she has a teddy bear which seemingly out of place. Afraid that Akko would figure out that she has a premium Chariot Card in her possession inside a nearby ornate box, Diana quickly takes the box away and excused herself, barely able to maintain her cool in doing so. Seeing that Akko had a bad impression over her mistress, Anna tells the Japanese that Diana is actually a good person at heart, something which stays true to her family's motto, Affection. Upon hearing from Anna that Diana had a sad childhood due to her parents' passing and had to become the head of Cavendish family, Akko can't help but feel guilty for her poor judgement over her said friend, but still wished that she returned to Luna Nova. Hearing this, Anna greatly opposed Akko's wishes, stating out loud that Diana must become the head of her family no matter what, for Daryl's greed and poor methods in handling the family's household would only bring their family to obsolescence as they speak.

Later that night, Akko joins both Cavendish family and Hanbridge family's dinner where she comically (and poorly) attempted to imitate their dinner mannerisms. Her lack of experience on it beforehand made the Japanese eventually gives up and begins to eat the served breads with her bare hands, much to the chargin of Diana. It is then Daryl revealed her intention to invite the Hanbridge from start; to try to sell them some of her own family's precious heirlooms where among them being House of Cavendish's tapestry, much to Diana's fury. Though Hanbridges fortunately expressed their lack of interest on either artifact, Diana nevertheless expressed her steeled resolve to become the head of House of Cavendish that night, leaving Daryl and her daughters compelled by the heiress' determination...

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  • Like Akko when she is transformed into Diana by the magic mirror in "What You Will", Diana's right eyebrow twitches slightly, in this case when she is angry at hearing her family belittle Akko.
  • This episode reveals that Diana has the premium "A Believing Heart is Your Magic" Shiny Chariot card that Akko was never able to collect, but desperately wanted.
    • Thus it confirms long-held suspicions that Diana is secretly a Shiny Chariot fan.
  • This episode takes place in January, along with "Intelligence and Sensibility", "Wagandea", and "Chariot and Croix", as stated in the chronicles book.[1]
  • As revealed in the booklet of Little Witch Academia Blu-Ray Vol. 7, in addition of the scrapped sub-plot revolving Hannah and Barbara's rivalry over the position of new top student of Luna Nova following Diana's departure, the two-parter episode's climax and subsequent conclusion was originally planned differently; Daryl's ill-attempt to stop Diana from commencing the succession ceremony was originally much more intense to the point of her setting the whole Cavendish manor by mistake, forcing Diana to save her family and everyone else within instead of the relics, leading her to lose everything. However, the showrunners realized that would be too much for Diana and would have ruined potential future stories revolving around the manor, which makes sense as the aforementioned scenario also proved too dark for the show's family-friendly image, more than even the second cour's four-parter finale.[2]


  • When Diana leaves and comes to the House of Cavendish, she is in her training uniform. But when Daryl's snake comes slithering to her niece, she is in her regular Luna Nova uniform. No explanation was made about how she changed her attire between both scenes.


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