The Cavendish Manor is the home of the Cavendish family, location in Wedinburgh, Britain.


The Cavendish Manor is a castle built on a secluded spot in Wedinburgh. It is surrounded by a large moat, so the only way to access the manor is by boat or the main bridge. It has a large front garden and at the bottom of the pit there is a large statue of a unicorn whose horn is a Sorcerer's Stone. Beside the statue is the shrine where the ritual is performed so that a new heir becomes the head of the House of Cavendish. The sanctuary only opens when the light of a Venusian Eclipse illuminates the horn of the statue. The manor has many rooms for residents and guests, as well as a large central hall and a dining room.

In the underground area there is an old secret hospital that was used by the witches during times of war to heal the wounded and sick. There is also a forgotten library that contains the books of the investigations realized by the Cavendish during its history, next to a statue of Beatrix Cavendish.

The mansion possesses old and elegant decorations, as well as several of the relics of the Cavendish family.


It's not mentioned when the manor was built, only that the building has been the home of Cavendish family for a long time. The manor also holds numerous artifacts and heirlooms belonged to the said family, though due to poor management over its household by Daryl in the light of her sister's passing, many of these were ended up squandered to satisfy her personal needs.


By the time Diana returned home, the manor is still in good condition, though not as much as the last time she saw it due to some of their servants already left, either due to fired or resigned out of disgust by Daryl's poor management. In the light of Daryl's attempt to sell more of her own family's heirlooms (which includes Beatrix's tapestry), Diana becomes more than determined to undergo the succession ceremony.

Intelligence and Sensibility

Although Diana failed to conduct the succession ceremony, her family, along with the manor, nevertheless saved from being doomed into poverty and obsolescence. Thanks to her noble actions in saving Daryl and her cousins from the curse for interfering the succession ceremony, they finally realized their errors in their ways and thus made more serious effort in preserving their family's legacy.


  • The design for Cavendish manor is possibly based off the real life location of Leeds Castle, located in the county of Kent.
  • According to Trigger Night Vol. 6, magical trees that filled Cavendish manor came from deceased Cavendish witches, where larger ones being family heads. [1]


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