A massive beast with three heads eager to rend the flesh of its. It can spit gouts of flame, which leads people to believe it isn't bothered by heat, but its fur makes life difficult in volcanic regions.

—Description of Cerberus from Strange Notebook

The Cerberus (ケルベロス Keruberosu?) is a giant, three-headed dog who resides in Mt. Ankaa's volcano in Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time. Each one of its heads attacks an intruder target at that angle. The blood of the Cerberus is a rare ingredient used for sealing substances.


A Cerberus usually appears as the huge, three-headed dog. So far only one known breed of these creatures that encountered, where the said breed bears resemblance to Siberian Husky albeit with purple and white color scheme along with green mouths and ears and grow slightly larger than Arcas. Each head of this breed has different color alignment.

Mirroring domesticated guard dogs, Cerberuses are aggressive and protective creatures that will not hesitate to eliminate any intruder in the place they protect. Even so, it is possible to tame one of these beasts for security purpose, given that the one encountered by Akko and co. at Mountain Ankaa wears three collars and a ornament on his chest, suggesting it to be belonged to someone who stationed it at the volcano in the first place.

Powers and Abilities

Cerberus shares natural abilities with regular dogs including enhanced sense of hearing and smell as well as strong jaws, but enhanced to greater level owing to their size and magical nature. Their magic allow them to conjure blasts of hellfire from their mouth, capable of dissolving everything.

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