Chapter 11 is the eleventh chapter of the Little Witch Academia manga series adaptation illustrated by Keisuke Satō.


Amanda is frustrated by the growing interest in Akko in studying, so she decides to steal the answers of the next exam for her to approve. Although Akko refuses the help, she feels she can not let the teachers discover Amanda and expel her, so she decides to return the answers in secret. At night, Akko ends up trapped in a magical trap that reduces her size. After Jasminka made her see her true feelings, Amanda decides to go with Lotte and Sucy to help Akko. However, they are all discovered by Finnelan. After Amanda decided to sacrifice herself to save her friends from the expulsion, Finnelan acknowledges that both Amanda and Akko have grown up so she punishes them only with a laundry task.


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  • The chapter reveals some of Amanda's past and that she was forced to attend Luna Nova.
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