Chapter 12 is the twelfth chapter of the Little Witch Academia manga series adaptation illustrated by Keisuke Satō.


Akko worries about Jasminka's eating habits and forces her to make a diet for the school's physical measurements. While Jasminka dramatically loses weight in a single day, she reveals to her friends that because of a mistake as a child, a creature lives in her stomach and must eat constantly to keep it calm. Akko gives him a simple umeboshi. At night, Jasminka becomes the beast and begins to devour the other students. After deducting that the beast detests salt like the Leylines, Akko manages to use his salty pickled plums to save Jasminka. After apologizing to her, the next morning they both leave the diet and Akko asks Jasminka about putting a creature in her stomach to keep from getting fat.


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The chapter begins with Akko eating umeboshi for lunch as part of preparation for the upcoming physical exam while accompanied by Lotte and Sucy. To her shock, the same cannot be said with Jasminka who eats a lot of food as usual.

Worried that Jasminka's current eating habit will make her excessively fat and that she'll be much more attractive if she is slimmer, Akko pleads to the Russian girl to have a diet. Their conversation piqued Lotte and Sucy's curiosity as they never saw the chubby young witch getting fatter despite consuming a lot of food seemingly every day. Though Jasminka eventually relented and decided to give it a try, it becomes apparent that something frightful against her from complying Akko's request and the Japanese's good efforts to bust her every time she attempted to sneak a snack or two (even during the afternoon class much to their teacher's chagrin) doesn't certainly help. Akko even goes so far switching her place with Constanze to continue monitor the Russian's diet progress that night, much to Amanda's concern as the Russian girl begins to display withdrawal-like symptoms that obviously worse than it seemed by that point. It is then the frightened Jasminka revealed that she ate a hunger faery by mistake when she was a child and forced to constantly eat to keep it appeased as the result. As much as she is skeptical with her friend's story, Akko reluctantly shared Jasminka one of her pickled plums to ease her a bit before calling it a day.

Later that night, loud growls echo throughout Amanda's dorm room, getting on her nerves. Knowing the noise came from Jasminka, she sneaks some snacks to her Russian friend without Akko knowing only to be attacked by something beneath the latter's sheet. Akko wakes up shortly afterwards, and is greeted by the sight of the Irish-American partially devoured along with Jasminka's snacks. Noticing her presence, the mysterious assailant attacks her with its dark-colored tentacles, freaking her out and prompting her to rush for her dorm room to seek Lotte, Sucy, and Constanze's help. Hilariously, the Japanese stopped on her tracks upon realizing her scream disturbed the others' sleep and hastily apologizes to those who already awake before continuing. By the time she's about to assess the situation to her friends however, things already spiraled out of control as on the outside, the demonic faery in Jasminka's stomach has begun its rampage, manifesting a car-sized replica of itself about his host so it can devour everything on sight.

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  • The chapter reveals the motive behind Jasminka's eating habits, which previously proposed in the franchise's official Panel at AnimeNEXT 2017 (and repeated at AnimeExpo).


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