Chapter 13 is the thirteenth chapter of the Little Witch Academia manga series adaptation illustrated by Keisuke Satō.


Akko finds Constanze's studio where she repairs diverse mechanical artifacts from the other students, but the Stanbot requests she leave and guide her to her destiny, but not before Akko takes some snacks that Constanze put in a chest. The next morning, all the students' artifacts are still broken. Knowing Akko's intrusion the last night, everybody sees her as the guilty. Akko and Constanze decide to find the true guilty, seeing in a security video a strange shadow. In the night, Akko, Constanze, Lotte and Sucy hide in the studio to catch that shadow, then were attacked by them. Upon catching it, Lotte identifies it as a Wisdom Fairy, a sort of gremlin that breaks the machines of those who do not show gratitude and respect by making a contribution. There it is revealed that Akko was responsible for taking what was for the gremlins, resulting in them and Constanze allying against her.


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  • The chapter indicated that Constanze received assistance from Luna Nova's Wisdom Fairies in building her workshop, which is make sense since her Stanbots was likely not as numerous as during Sky War Stanship.
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