Chapter 8 is the eighth chapter of the Little Witch Academia manga series adaptation illustrated by Keisuke Satō.


When the young Andrew Hanbridge finds out that he must accompany his father to a welcome party at Luna Nova Academy even though his father only does it for putting a debt, his friend Frank is jealous for the opportunity to meet a young witch. When the other Appleton students begin to talk about their stereotyped ideas about witches, Louis Blackwell claims that witches are outdated relics that have no place in the modern world. However, Andrew, remembering a girl he knew in his childhood whom other girls judged for being a witch, tells him not to criticize others without foundation, leaving Louis in ridiculous. In the end Andrew decides to invite Frank to the party at Luna Nova.


The chapter begins with Paul Hanbridge sighed at Luna Nova's invitation to him and his son. Andrew asks his father why they don't turn it down, and Paul explained that they need to keep Luna Nova in debt before reminding him to focus on his study instead of mixed up with such matter.

Andrew's decision not to join his father in the upcoming visit at Luna Nova greatly dismayed Frank who, on the contrary, is more than eager to see witch students there and it might be a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do so. Andrew rightfully pointed out that that Frank mostly interested in girls who attended the academy instead and retorted that he no longer played piano when the latter brought that up (though as we figure out later, it was a passion he cannot cast aside). The mention of girls unexpectedly attracted the attention of their fellow Appleton students who them bumped into the two's conversation. Disheartened upon learning what they just talked about at first, one of members of the group revealed that Luna Nova is not just witches' school, but also all-girls one. From there, they talked about some witch stereotypes in popular culture such as seductress whom various rulers of countries bumped into, magical girls (which quickly dismissed as they and witches contrasted each other), and even one who uses her powers as part of her magic show such as a certain witch with racy costume from a decade earlier.

Just then, Louis appeared and discouraged his peers against further discussing about witches for it will bring nothing but ruin to the Academy's proud image for them already insignificant to begin with. As much as he disinterested with such topic, Andrew rightfully pointed out the young Blackwell's criticisms lacked supporting proofs and therefore purely motivated by the desire to inflate his own ego to begin with, thus making him even lower than people he biased. Little did their peers know that his rebuttal, which left their peers shocked and Louis seething in anger, was because he knows one of them during his childhood. As Andrew makes his leave, the relieved Frank makes haste to catch up with him and thus spared from Louis' immature violent tantrum in process.

Meanwhile, Akko, Lotte, and Sucy make haste for returning to Luna Nova with Akko dismayed that there's no shop that sells a premium Chariot Card she has yet to acquire. To add insult to injury, their fruitless search turned out started by someone who lied to her about it.

As Andrew returned home with a limo that already waited for him, Frank, who joined him along the way, expressed his relief that the former's argument with Louis didn't escalate to the point of them had to settle their dispute through a duel. Andrew stated that the only thing he agreed with Louis was his unfamiliarity with witches, and thus changed his mind about Luna Nova's invitation his father just received that morning. To Frank's shock, Andrew stated that bringing him along will need some convincing from Paul as he technically not among those who invited.

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  • In addition of giving some insight of Andrew and Frank's school life, the chapter confirmed one and plausibly the only point old witch families that was true to their criticisms about Shiny Chariot while the rest being pure bias; reinforcing the image of "sexy witch" stereotype in popular culture.
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