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Chariot and Croix (シャリオとクロワ Shario to Kurowa?) is the 22nd episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series. It also serves as the first part of four-parter second cour finale (second season on Netflix) of the series.

On Netflix, the episode is titled "The Things We Said Today".[1]


Ursula tells Akko the seventh word although she herself doesn't know its meaning. She's about to reveal everything when a message arrives from Andrew.


The episode begins in her room as Ursula looking at the picture of herself and Croix for what appeared to be the last time. She concluded that she had seen enough danger Croix posed to the world and vowed to stop her while simultaneously telling Akko everything.

The next day, Andrew recalled on the meeting with his father and Mr. Blackwell in the light of soccer verdict between Great Britain and its rival nation. It was mentioned that both nations' history of rivalries resulted it wage war against each other thrice and and by this point, it would be fourth. Andrew tried to remind Earl of Hanbridge and Mr. Blackwell about efforts that had been made to maintain peace, but it's obvious that both of them too angry to listen. Worse, Mr. Blackwell couldn't hide his grudge towards Andrew for being merciful towards Amanda and Akko's part in the mess at Applelton Academy even though most of it started by his son, whereas Earl of Hanbridge had noticed Andrew's rebellious side and reminded him of his place. Back to present day, Andrew felt that Akko would call him a coward if she knew about this before noticing Diana's message.

Meanwhile, at Luna Nova, Diana inquired Lotte and Sucy in their dorm room about Akko's whereabouts as she has a message for her. As Sucy sarcastically remarked that Diana is planning on something, Akko is revealed to be at Ursula's room, apologizing to her mentor about what had happened back at Wagandea. Ursula gently reassured to Akko that she held no responsible for her injuries, before revealed the final Word to complete the quest for Grand Triskellion: "Phasansheer Shearylla", which meanings Ursula believed Akko would find in her heart since it was the only Word she herself yet to understand. Just then, Diana enters the room and reveals Andrew's message, which prompt the nervous Akko to ask Ursula to allow her to leave. With that, Ursula let her student to depart for the Hanbridge before noticing Diana is still in the room for some reasons.

The Cavendish then revealed that they have a situation: There's an energy spike on the New Moon Tower which somehow surpassed the energy output of the academy's Sorcerer's Stone and it had something to do with Croix's installed SSS units, leading her believing that Ursula knows something about it due to their alleged history together. Suddenly, Ursula notices Croix departing from the academy through the window which prompted her to leave, but not without her broom for some reasons, leaving Diana suspecting that she was affected by Wagandea pollen.

Akko and Andrew meet at a bench in the town where the former is surprised to see the latter appears with her missing hat. Andrew stated that he supposedly able to return it earlier, but unable to contact Akko due to witches using different communication network that he contacted Diana on his behalf, much to Akko's dismay who stated that it was fortunate that she yet to be able to fly with her broom. Andrew then revealed that he had to accompany his father to the meeting at the parliament, something which he least pleased just as they see angry mobs marching for the strike. It was at that moment Andrew explained that the reason of the meeting is partly due to debate over result of the latest soccer game between England and its rival nation. Both countries had been rivals for a long time before relationships between them improves very recently, but the progress ended up deteriorating due to the said soccer game.

Disturbed by the said turn of event, Akko felt that Chariot would likely able to improve their mood through her shows if she is still around, something that the Japanese would also do once she become a full-fledged witch like her. Upon learning the girl's dreams, Andrew advised Akko to made her own path instead of becoming her idol's shadow. Through the said conversation, Akko noticed that the boy's opinion about magic improved somewhat thanks to her, though Andrew stated that he now also has a better opinion about Akko as well. With that, the two wished each other their luck for their dreams before laughing heartly together before Akko notices a floating pixel following the mob. Knowing its presence would cause trouble in the light of latest events, Akko hastily give chase, much to Andrew's dismay as Akko forget her hat again.

The day nearly draw to a close as Akko managed to catch the pixel after several comical attempts and bumped into Lotte and Sucy along the way. Showing her roommates the cube and its connection to incidents on the other day, the three notices more of the pixels around the rioters before the one on Akko's hands escaped, prompting her to catch up with it, leading her to Croix who observing the riot from the air while riding one of her Sorcery Unit.

Entering the top of the building not far from the professor, Akko tells Croix the situation only to learned that she is the mastermind behind the whole thing. Croix, who noticed that Akko is not bringing Shiny Rod with her, explained that she discovered the way to convert energy emanating from people's emotions (particularly negative ones) into magic power, a term which she dubbed as Noir Fuel Spirit. Despite have an agreement with its supposed noble purpose, which is to save the dying magic across the world, she nevertheless horrified by the professor's detestable methods and begged her to stop. In response of this, Croix, expressing her low opinion about the younger witch's idealism, deployed more of her cubes to attack Akko. Evading the cubes' assaults, Akko is finally restrained by their spider-like combination and is instructed to stay put.

Suddenly, the door from where Akko came burts open, revealing Ursula who briefly ride it like a skateboard before blasted the magitronic beast into pieces and freed Akko in process. However, the surviving pieces of the pixel construct combines into a giant lizard-like beast which swiftly devoured her, prompting Ursula to blast herself free. In doing so, under the full moon, she inadvertently revealed her true identity as Shiny Chariot through her hair that briefly turns red, much to Akko's shock and confusion.

Seeing the younger witch still confused, Croix confirmed that Ursula and Chariot Akko idolized all this time are the same person. After apologizing to Akko for not telling her earlier, Chariot demanded Croix to stop her plans, but her former best friend retorted that she has no right to do so since Chariog herself once committed a similar act 10 years ago, leading to an argument which further confused Akko. Seeing no point in forcing Ursula to spit it out as Chariot only able to hold her hand in shame, Croix decided to do so herself by revealing Dream Fuel Spirit, the power which parallels to Noir Fuel Spirit in many ways except that it turned people's dreaming power into magic at the expense of the dormant magical abilities they possessed — the very magic Chariot casted in the exact same show Akko attended when she was six. In fact, the reason why Chariot is protective to Akko all this time is because the Japanese was among those who affected by the casted Dream Fuel Spirit, and the fact that Chariot also had something to do with the giant scar on the moon doesn't help either.

With the truth evidently came to light as the mob lights some fireworks in anger on the background, Chariot confessed that she was worried about such possibility upon learning Akko attended that fateful show, but the more the two spent their time together, the more she can't deny it. Chariot somberly added that Dream Fuel Spirit she casted on the said show was the very reason why Akko cannot fly in the first place, leaving the younger witch begged her to tell that it's all a lie. Akko begins to tear up as memories of moments she and her mentor and idol spent together flows through her until she realized the very person who gave her the dream to become a witch also the one who ruined it seconds after it was born. Unable to handle it anymore, Akko cried out that it's all a lie before running off in tears.

Satified that her other opposition has been rid of, Croix reveled in her victory as she left Chariot who staring forlornly on the round from the loss...

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  • This episode reveals why Ursula was shocked when Akko revealed to her that she attended one of Shiny Chariot's shows when she was little in "Blue Moon".
  • In the background of Glastonbury, where Andrew meets Akko, there is a shop branded "Mark and Sponcers", which is most likely a reference to the real life shop chain "Marks and Spencer".
  • In Netflix worldwide release, the episode's title name was changed to "Things We Said Today".
  • This episode takes place in January, along with "Cavendish", "Intelligence and Sensibility" and "Wagandea", as stated in the chronicles book.[2]
  • This was the last episode Michiru Shimada worked on prior to her passing on December 15, 2017 at age 58 due to illness.


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