The Cinderella Magic Set (シンデレラセット Shinderera setto?) is a Magic Item that was raging in the 19th century. By putting it in a magic circle with a pumpkin and pronouncing the magic words Bubide Bubbi-babbi Bu, a witch can use it to conjure magical dresses designed perfectly for her. The set also turns the pumpkin into a "carriage", which is only a multi-seat bicycle. The magic of the set only lasts two hours.

Appearance and Traits

The Cinderella Magic Set is a white box with golden edges, a heart-shaped padlock and the drawing of a glass slipper on the lid. Because it was unsold for 200 years, the box was also drenched. It carries written instructions that say, "With a wave of your wand and the magic words, you, too, can become Cinderella."


A magic circle of stones for activating the set

In order to use Cinderella Magic Set, put a large pumpkin on top of the magic set and placed both at the center of a magic circle made with arranged pebbles and rocks. The circle itself is shaped like two concentric circles with a triangle on the center where each point of the triangle has two straight lines that reach the outermost circle. Once all preparations are set, the user must chant out Bubide Bubbi-babbi Boo, prompting the set to explode into a yellowish magical explosion that materializes the dress about her while integrating whatever outfit that they wear into it at the same time. The pumpkin on the other hand, transforms into a three-seated bicycle instead of actual carriage.

Though not confirmed, it's also shown that the magical dress somewhat reflects the user's personality to some degree:

  • Akko's dress takes the appearance of a bright white and pink dress with a wide hoop skirt and colorful ribbons, which includes an ornament on her ponytail.
  • Lotte's dress takes the appearance of somewhat plain orange dress decorated with colorful frills and ornate headband that has wing-like ornaments on it.
  • Sucy's dress takes the form of gothic-looking vampire cloak, horned headband, and blood-red skirt.



  • Cinderella Magic Set is homage of Cinderella, particularly the set's results and limitations that similar with Fairy Godmother's spell that gave Cinderella both her pumpkin-shaped carriage and fancy dress. The incantation is based on the song from Disney's Cinderella movie, "Bippity Boppity Boo".
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