Croix Meridies owns a personal research laboratory that she established in the New Moon Tower of Luna Nova Magical Academy. It is used by her to carry out her experiments.


Croix's laboratory is situated at the center of the New Moon Tower, guarded by various golems and sentient statues.

The lab is located behind a mechanical entrance that only Croix can open. It contains several electronic screens that are used to visualize analysis and as a surveillance system. It has highly advanced computers, security cameras, analysis artifacts and containment spaces that store Croix's test objects.


TV series

New Age Magic

Croix installs her equipment in New Moon Tower after arriving at Luna Nova, much to the dismay of Finnelan and Lukić. When the striking Faeries settle with Luna Nova in exchange for the installation of the Sorcery Solution System, the research laboratory in New Moon Tower was included as part of this deal, and thus was met with official approval.

Chariot of Fire

Croix invites Akko to her laboratory to analyze the Shiny Rod, telling Akko that it would help her glean onto the whereabouts of Chariot. However, her real objective was to investigate the relationship between Akko and the Rod. Croix uses her devices to collect data from the Shiny Rod and Akko's memories and emotions, although she does not find any information that does not already know from watching Akko for months. When Ursula hears that Akko has gone to the New Moon Tower to bring Croix the Shiny Rod she realizes the child is in grave danger. She infiltrates the Tower and is quickly imaged by its surveillance cameras, informing Croix that Chariot has arrived. Chariot is forced to fight against the security system of New Moon Tower and Croix's magitronic devices. As she reaches the doors of the lab, its doors suddenly open and she is pulled inside by two of Croix's robots. There she confronts Croix about her plots and swears to protect Akko, although Croix is confident even Chariot can do nothing to stop her.

Pohjola's Trial

Croix experiments with the conversion of different emotions to magic energy, and remarks that anger produces the highest yield. She creates an anger spirit with "Noir Fuel Spirit".

Amanda O'Neill and the Holy Grail

Croix is seen in her lab analyzing the results of her latest experiment at Appleton Academy.

Sky War Stanship

In her lab, Croix leaks out details of a ghost sighting at the location where Blytonbury's Wild Hunt will take place the next day, attracting crowds of civilians. Ursula figures out that her intent was to create a panic and test the emotional energies created as a result.



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