Cyclops (サイクロプス Saikuropusu?) is a race of one-eyed, turquoise-skinned humanoid creature and among magical creatures who worked at Luna Nova as laborers.


The cyclops have a humanoid body about three meters height. They resemble humans, but have turquoise skin, larger stature, a single large eye as opposed to a pair, and pointed ears. All cyclops appear to be male.

Powers and Abilities

Befitting their large stature, cyclopes have an immense amount of physical strength. They are able to carry heavy items like logs which normally require multiple people to carry. If they are deprived of magical energy, they will considerably weakened.

Other Variations

Horned Cyclops

A gigantic warrior that uses its large size and incredible strength to devastating effect. The rigors of modern life have caused its eyesight to deteriorate, so it wears a custom-made contact lens in battle.

—Description of Horned Cyclops from Strange Notebook

Horned Cyclops

Horned Cyclops are other breed of cyclops that made appearance as recurring enemies in Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time. This breed posssesses red eye, green skin, and a sharp horn on top of its skull. As with regular cyclopses, they possess great strength and durability. These cyclopses displayed the ability to summon a trail of spikes made of earthen matter, suggesting that they capable in Earth Magic. Strange Notebook made a special mention of a member of Horned Cyclops who wears a custom-made contact lens due to the deterioration of its eyesight. As with the regular breed, only male member of these cyclopses that encountered.

They can be encountered at either Canopus Ruins, Mountain Ankaa, or Shaula Desert.


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