You should watch your step when dealing with demons, though.
How come?
They'll no doubt tempt you with the promise of granting you a wish.
That suits me just fine.
Even if it comes at a price?
Depends on the price.
It could cost you your life. Be careful, in any case. Eheh heh.

—Akko and Lukić discussing about demons' treacherous nature.[1]

Baphomet LWA CoT

What's the deal with goats and demons?

Demons (魔神 Majin?) are a type of collective magical creatures which initially mentioned in Little Witch Academia anime TV Series before eventually made appearance in Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time game.


Demons are beings whose appearance and ability vary between one and another, but what they all share in common are the ability to use powerful magic (including forbidden Time Magic) and inherent dark nature compared to regular magical creatures. They also have a significant influence on human culture, as it was known that demons tempted many mortals to make a pact with them in exchange of their wishes (be it power, status, etc.) granted and their body parts (ex. horn) can be used as ingredients for enchantments. However, due to the demons' own treacherous nature and harm from establishing a pact with them (wishes granted from the said pact always come with a price which including one's life), witches eventually became wary towards them and deemed them untrustworhy. Although, this doesn't deter some witches from willingly made a pact with these creatures out of either selfish or malicious reasons.

While yet to be confirmed, the demons' aforementioned role was one of catalysts of Witch Hunts.

Known Demons


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