This article contains information that is disputed, and may be considered speculation.

Diana's Unnamed father is a minor character in Little Witch Academia anime. Very little information about him is known.


While there's no direct mention about how he looked like, there are speculations that like Paul Hanbridge, he has sharp features and even around latter's age prior to his passing. This mainly because of the presence of a middle-aged man who sat beside the young Diana during Shiny Chariot's show, whose depiction differs between the anime and short film:

  • In the first short film, the man is depicted with slightly curly hair and mustache and was dressed formally. The hair color and the mustache implied to be either brown or dark blonde.
  • In the prologue of A New Beginning, he has sharp features more akin to Paul Hanbridge and dressed formally, but with darker hair and lacked mustache. However, this later revealed to be Carter, one of Diana's family butler.


Not much is known about Diana's father, but it's possible that he was a good man fondly remembered by his family and members of the household of Cavendish family.

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