A dragon with the power to see through time. It was worshipped as a messenger to the gods, but it grew disillusioned with those who sought to exploit its power, and retreated to a snowy mountain where none would disturb it.

—Description of Divine Dragon from Strange Notebook

The Divine Dragon is a giant dragon hailed from unspecified dragon species which so big that, no one has seen its full body. It has the power to see the present, past, and future, and was once revered as a messenger of god. However, it became disappointed with the foolish people who tried to utilize that power and now spends its days on a cold, snowy mountain where no one steps foot. It has the power to see through time, but it cannot see what is in front of his face due to its curled horns.


The Divine Dragon is a huge dragon with a blue body and elongated with some purple hair on its back and tail. It has a prominent set of horns on its head that cover its eyes. It has three pairs of wings around its body.

Personality and Characteristics

The Divine Dragon was once a wisdom creature that was worshiped as a divine guide. However, over time he became hostile and resentful of humanity for the way they used their power, which led him to isolate himself in the Gineah Tundra.

Powers and Abilities

As stated previously, Divine Dragon supposedly able to see through time, thus perceiving events that take place in the past, present, or future. It can also fly even in the midst of blizzards.

In combat, the dragon possesses considerable brute force befitting to its size, yet can still be incapacitated if wind up ramming through sufficiently durable ice wall. It can also spew forth energy blasts from its mouth as means of long-range attack.



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