Don't Stop Me Now is the 3rd episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.


Akko starts flying lessons using a broom that Professor Ursula gives her, but she struggles -- and the Academy's broom relay race is coming up.


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The Luna Nova students begin taking broom flying lessons. Despite being unable to even get off the ground, Akko becomes eager to enter the school's traditional broom relay event after learning Chariot was one of the winners. Later, Akko goes with Lotte to a magic item café where they come across a legendary broom known as the Shooting Star that has been sealed off for being too temperamental. Interested in the relay's prize offerings, Lotte and Sucy decide to help train Akko to ride her broom. On the day of the relay, Sucy uses her concoctions to give her team an early start and Akko an alternate means of using her broom. Meanwhile, Amanda O'Neill steals the Shooting Star to use for herself, only for it to break loose and run wild, soon running into Akko. Despite being dragged around the world and shaken off, Akko manages to take hold of the Shooting Star and go neck and neck against Diana, only to fall off again when it breaks its seal and flies away, leading her to place second in the relay.

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  • The Repair Café clerk is modeled after Chumlee from Pawn Stars.
  • The title is likely a reference to the Queen song of the same name.
  • The newspaper in the Magic Item Cafe mentions the sighting of Pappiliodya from the previous episode.
  • This episode takes place at the end of May, as stated in the chronicles book.[2]


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