Don't Stop Me Now is the 3rd episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.


Akko starts flying lessons using a broom that Professor Ursula gives her, but she struggles -- and the Academy's broom relay race is coming up.


The episode begins with Akko attempting to use Shiny Rod again to no avail where this time, to magically tidy her room as Ursula brought her a new flying room. Entering Akko's dorm room, Ursula introduced herself to the young witch and informed her that the academy has appointed her to be her mentor before gives Akko her Magic Broom. Happily accepting her new broom, Akko asked Ursula her opinion about Shiny Chariot and expressed her desire to return the Shiny Rod to its original owner. Ursula, aware that the person Akko referred being her true self Chariot, not-so-subtle turned over the staff's ownership to Akko only to see her too excited to listen and even exclaimed a familiar catchphrase, "Believing yourself is your magic!". With that, Ursula makes her leave, all while cynically repeating said catchphrase.

Later at the courtyard, Akko is excited with what will be her first time flying with a broom for real, even proudly revealing scars she received from poor attempts to fly back during her youth to her roommates Lotte and Sucy; one on her right foot resulted from falling out of a tree, another on the lower left thigh from rolled all the way down a hill, and the last on the right elbow from falling off a roof. Sucy explained that broom flight is only made possible thanks to magic emanated by Sorcerer's Stone, though the Japanese is too excited to listen. However, during the broom flight lesson later, despite her followed the instruction right, Akko couldn't take off to the air for some reason much to Nelson's confusion. Just then, Amanda performed amazing yet reckless flight stunts which prompted the flight instructor to berate her for it. Diana on the other hand, displayed more proper broom flight while breaking the record of finishing a single lap in 8.02 seconds. Envious with the latter's demonstration, Akko decided to make another attempt only to be interrupted by Hannah and Barbara who bullied her and even having the latter magically turned her broom into a badly made toy car, much to the Japanese's dismay.

While disheartened by her unexpected shortcoming, Akko notices other students practicing baton passes for the oncoming annual broom relay. Bringing the brunette to Luna Nova Cup's trophy case, Lotte explained the history of said race in which Akko learned that Chariot was among the winners, much to her delight that she wanted to join despite her inability to fly with a broom. Seeing no point of arguing with the overly-excited brunette, Lotte decided to retrieve her broom that currently being repaired at a magic item café in Blytonbury with the former tags along out of curiosity over said place.

Upon arriving at the magic item café, Last Wednesday Society, on foot (as Sorcerer's Stone's area of effect doesn't reach the town) however, the Japanese is disappointed to see it being more of an occult shop with a small drinking area. Everything in the shop seemed to be dull before her eyes until she caught the attention of a chained red broom locked within a metal cage. Both girls then learned that the broom is none other than the legendary Shooting Star known for its insane speed to the point of enable its user to fly across entire Atlantic Ocean in a short amount of time. The broom also has its own magic power, terminating the need of an external power source to recharge its energy reserves. Knowing that the broom can help her winning the oncoming broom race, Akko begged to the proprietor to lend her the Shooting Star just for the race, but he refuses due to the broom's violent behavior and the manager will mad at him if something happens. Just then, Lotte learned that Diana's astonishing broom flight skill has been in the news that many believed that she will win the race this year, which only dismayed Akko further. Unknown to them, their conversation was eavesdropped by the sly Amanda who has her own plans with the Shooting Star.

Returning to Luna Nova empty-handed, Akko meets Ursula who gives her an elementary school-level textbook called "My First Broom Ride" to help her understanding basics of broom flight. Excitedly accepting the book, Akko followed every single instruction written in it to no avail, going so far bribing, arguing with, and begging to her broom, specifically in that order as Lotte and Sucy watched nearby. Sucy remarked Akko being a moron for such humorous attempt only for the Japanese to reveal that she has signed their team to join the race. Lotte and Sucy are initially pessimistic about their chance to win until the latter changed her mind upon learning that the winner also rewarded with a prize from Lukić herself. With that, we are presented with quick montages of Lotte and Sucy's attempts to help Akko quickly learn how to fly:

  • Bungee jumping while being tied with a broom,
  • Getting launched with Luna Nova's cannon while being tied with a broom (again), and...
  • Pulling both Akko and her broom in high speed to help her take off.

Despite their best effors, it all failed, and Sucy concluded that they had improvise.

The day of annual broom relay has finally arrived. As the Headmistress completed her speech, Wangari and her fellow Luna Nova News Network members begin interviewing the participants starting from the green team. Amanda managed to keep Luna Nova News Network in the dark about her mysterious cargo long enough for them to move on for Diana's team (much to Akko's dismay). Nelson then gives the participants instructions of the race where they must ensure their broom is fully charged and each participant must properly pass the baton to the next as well as ensuring it not lost or damaged if not wanted to face disqualification. She then directed everyone to prepare at their respective position with them (except Akko) did so while flying. Sucy confidently reassured to her teammates that she had ensured their victory.

True to this, the first flyers except Lotte unable to take off as soon as the race begins — to Hannah's horror, their brooms have partially turned into a small tree in courtesy of Sucy's nutrients, anchoring them at the starting point. Only Constanze's broom that not affected however thanks to its gas-powered engine which allows it to fly without the need of magic energy, subsequently not triggering the Manbavaran's concoction on it and allowed the young mechanic to pass her baton to Jasminka. Yet the Manbavaran still has other tricks in her sleeve: She has carefully placed a trail of donuts among the trees sometime prior to the race to distract Jasminka upon her turn to pass her baton to her next teammate (Amanda), leaving Sucy without more competitors for a time being.

As the third flyers are waiting for their turn, Amanda sneaked out of her position to unveil her secret cargo, Shooting Star newly stolen from Last Wednesday Society. Telling the broom that they share similar rebellious spirit, the Irish-American wrestled with the sentient broom to tame it only for it comically overpowered her and knocked her off before flying away. As this happens, Sucy passed her baton to Akko, and Akko used a frog's leg juice from the magic item café to give her broom a large frog leg, help her to hop through the course, much to others' surprise. Even Diana and Wangari can't help but incredulous by the brunette's improvisation, with the latter wondering whether such method still a fair game. Eventually, the first flyers managed to pull their broom free to catch up with the rest at this point.

While happily hopping through the race course, the out-of-control Shooting Star unceremoniously knocked Akko to the ground from behind before changing course back towards her direction. Acting fast, Akko grabbed its dangling chains to hop on the broom as soon as she got on her feet upon recognizing it. The sentient broom then knocked her off once again, but the brunette won't take any chances and attempted to subdue it into her will, leading to a literal trip to different corners of the world — They flew through someone's house, knocking a random Yeti at Himalayan mountains, diving into ocean while circling past a submarine, and briefly flew on the side of an airplane and attracted its passengers' attention before eventually get back to the race course. Eventually, the Shooting Star managed to knock Akko off it and sending her plummeting to the ground below by flying past a flock of birds. Fortunately, Diana saved Akko from the fall and urged the latter to have rescue squad tending on injuries she sustained from the struggle afterwards, adding that with it, her debt with Akko has been paid off.

Although, giving up is not in Akko's dictionary as, with the Shooting Star still in the reach, she launched herself with the academy's cannon towards the sentient broom and wrestled with it once again. The Japanese made it clear to the sentient broom that she won't let go of it not matter what before subduing it into her will, all while underlining her statements by chaining herself to it. Her success in taming the broom and even catching up with Diana at the same time soon reaches Lotte and Sucy's ears, much to the former's joy who then cheered on her friend. At the same time, Amanda showed up and demanded Akko the Shooting Star only to be halted by Nelson who disqualified her from the race — it's revealed that distraction Sucy put on Jasminka resulted the chubby witch passing one of her donuts instead of their baton by mistake. In the heat of the race, Shooting Star's restrains begin to loosen along with Akko's grip over it starting from its chains, resulting Akko to fall and ended up on the second place, but not without seeing the glimpse of the broom's true, bird-like appearance as it flew away.

Despite being this year's victor, Diana's satisfaction came from Akko's genuine passion instead. She acknowledged this to Ursula after seeing the photo of herself and her roommates that has been placed into the academy's trophy case. Agreeing with the Cavendish's statement as the latter makes her leave, Ursula rightfully noted that Akko still has much to learn as she looked upon her own photo in the trophy case.

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  • The Repair Café clerk is modeled after Chumlee from Pawn Stars.
  • The title is likely a reference to the Queen song of the same name.
  • On the back page of the newspaper in the Magic Item Cafe, that Lotte is holding and reads aloud, mentions the sighting of Pappiliodya from the previous episode.
  • This episode takes place at the end of May, as stated in the chronicles book.[2]
  • There's
    Deleted Scene from Episode 03 of Little Witch Academia

    Deleted Scene from Episode 03 of Little Witch Academia

    a deleted scene of the episode which meant to depict its original ending; in that scene, Hannah and Barbara brought Diana their additional prize, an ornate jar with white skull-like ornaments which, upon opened, revealed to contain poisonous snakes for poison experiments much to Hannah's horror (explaining why Sucy tag along in the annual.broom relay in the first place). The scene then shifts to Akko's dorm room where, despite losing the race, the excited Akko stated that the race nevertheless a worthwhile one (not to mention she got another scar as the proof of it) and believed that she'll be able to fly with her own power and subsequently, able to join another broom relay with it someday. Part of it however, reinstated into ending theme sequences thought unlike in original, the snake only attacked Hannah and Barbara just as Diana made her leave.


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