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Dorlin (ドーリン Dōrin?) is a character in Little Witch Academia. She is the minister of the East Mogiana Republic and a former student of Luna Nova Magical Academy.


Dorlin is an old woman with gray hair, gold-yellow eyes and short to the sides. She wears a witch hat and several suits over a white shirt and a tie.


Dorlin is a serious and calculating woman. She seems to have a bad opinion of how the academy is managed and how this affects magic in general.

TV Series

Samhain Magic

Dorlin is one of the special guests at the Samhain Festival. She presents the show next to Ural and Marjolaine and like her fellow guests, she finds the Samhain Festival boring. She seems to put her expectations into whether Diana deserves the surname Cavendish or not. She was amused by Akko and co.'s presentation, laughing all along at Akko's poor magic skills, and was visibly impressed when Akko managed to free Vajarois of her curse.

Voice Actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Eri Nakao
Polish Miriam Aleksandrowicz


  • Her voice actress, Eri Nakao, also voices Hannah.


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