The Dragons (ドラゴン Doragon?) are rare and powerful creatures. Although rarely seen, they are famous and feared in the world. It is said that they formerly ate witches to maintain their own magic.


Dragons are creatures that are divided into different species, each with distinct characteristics. However, most are reptile-looking beasts with large wings and the ability to breath fire. Another common feature is their great longevity, being able to live for thousands of years.

While many species of dragons are wild, violent and dangerous, others are intelligent beings, able to speak to humans and even create their own language.

Dragon Bone Consomme LWA

Dragon-bone Consommé

Some dragon species are edible for consumption. One of notable dishes that cooked out of dragons is Dragon-bone Consommé, a soup that is made of bones of dragons that infested Canopus Ruins. Their body parts such as teeth can also be used as ingredients for traditional medicines and potions.

Known Dragons

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