Dryads are a type of Spirits which associated with forest and nature in general. They made their debut in Keisuke Satō manga of the series.


True to their depiction in myths, dryads appear most human out of faeries in the series proper on a first glance, particularly the females who looked like beautiful women. However, they have semi-corporeal form which fit to their nature reminiscent to that of Woodward's current spirit form. Though not confirmed, it is implied that they clad in clothes woven from leaves and foliage as with in their mythical accounts.

Powers and Abilities

As with witches and wizards in the series, dryads can wield magic as demonstrated by Mirage. Befitting to their nature as forest spirit, they can magically influence and control plant life as well as disappearing into leaves that flown by the wind and conjuring enchanted leaves that constantly hovering in front of target(s) eyes, obscuring their line of sight.

Known Dryads

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