The startup screen

I've been gathering emotions through this app... and the results far exceed my expectations!

—Croix to Akko, Chariot and Croix

Emotion Refresh (ER) is an app developed by Croix Meridies that uses magitronic technology to absorb angry spirit energy and convert it into powerful magic. It has the same function as the Noir Fuel Spirit Devices, except it is geared towards self-administration. Users of the app employ it voluntarily in tense situations for its desirable "healing effect".



A man using the app in "Chariot and Croix"

The app has become popular in Britain due to a row over a controversial call in a soccer game with a rival nation. The angry spirit energy it collects from and around its users is redirected to the Sorcery Solution System in Croix's lab at the New Moon Tower in Luna Nova. Through probes set up around the world, Croix can remotely monitor the emotions of its users and oversee the apps progress. These functions are facilitated from her lab and her personal tablet.


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