Alcor, Ursula's familiar.

Familiars are creatures that provide aid to witches.


Familiars encompass a variety of magical creatures that made a contract with a witch and accompany her in the form of a pet, offering her its help and advice when she requires it. Familiars can be a variety of animals or even some types of Spirits such as Will-o'-the Wisp, but the most common ones are crows and owls. Although witches usually have only one familiar, it is also possible to contract with more than one.

Witches learn to communicate with their familiars through understanding their language. Towards this end, Luna Nova Academy offers several courses on the languages of various animals as part of Magic Linguistics. The most basic requirement is Bird Language, so witches can speak with crows and owls.

Known Familiars


  • Though not confirmed, it's possible to make a contract with demons as a familiar, but such an act is greatly discouraged due to their dark and treacherous nature.
  • According to Yoshinari in the 4chan Q&A, there's a planned episode revolving Luna Nova witch students getting familiars and it's explained that those whose grades leave much to be desired got lizards as opposed to other animals such as crows. Not surprisingly, Akko got herself a lizard which, to her further dismay, got eaten by Diana's owl familiar, leading to Akko trying to get revenge for it. Unfortunately, the episode didn't make it to the series due to time constraints.[1]



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