Flame Faeries (炎の妖精 Honō no Yōsei?) are a type of Faeries and one of many magical creatures who work at Luna Nova Magical Academy as laborers.


Flame faeries are small creatures whose bodies are composed entirely of fire with small arms and legs and a face. They are used by Luna Nova as a means of heating and to keep the hot water for the showers.

Owing to their elemental nature, this type of faery is arguably manifested from either flame element itself or old items imbued/charred by fire, or both, though either cases has yet to be confirmed nor proven until this point.

Powers and Abilities

In a similar way to the Will-o'-the-wisp, Flame Faeries are able to generate fire and heat from their bodies. It is known that they feed on wood to keep their fire burning. However, if they become wet, they are seriously weakened.

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