Glastonbury is a town located near Blytonbury, and is home to the Glastonbury Tor.


Glastonbury is a large town located near Blytonbury, another big city. Although Glastonbury is quite small compared to its sibling city, the Glastonbury Tor is located here, which is a ley line terminal taken by witches to travel to Luna Nova Magical Academy.

The Glastonbury Tor as depicted in the anime.


During the events of "A New Beginning", Akko Kagari traveled to Glastonbury in order to reach Luna Nova, and stayed there for a little while until she discovered where the Glastonbury Tor was. Akko then quickly left the town to head for the hills.

Andrew Hanbridge was in Glastonbury in "Chariot and Croix", and called Akko there to get her witch hat back, which she had left in his car. After having a pep talk about how Akko can do anything just like Chariot, Akko noticed a few Noir Fuel Spirit cubes flying by a mob growing in the plaza of the town. As the mob continued to grow angrier, Akko decided to chase after the cubes and leave Andrew behind, forgetting to grab her hat again as she searched through the alleyways of the town to find the Noir Fuel Spirit cubes, eventually leading her to the border of Blytonbury.


  • In "Chariot and Croix", when Andrew meets Akko in Glastonbury, there are several shops that likely reference real life retail chains: "Mark and Sponcers" refers to Marks and Spencers, "Texco Express" to Tesco's Express chain, and "Aisland" to Iceland.
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