A run-of-the-mill monster that needs no introduction. When confronted by these critters, their guileless ways can be somewhat disarming. Don't lower your guard, though, or you might take a wallop to the head.

—Description of goblins from Strange Notebook

Goblin (ゴブリン Goburin?) is a race of grey-skinned Faeries and among magical creatures who work at Luna Nova Magical Academy as laborers.


Goblins are grey humanoid fairies with a small stature and a large head that has large pointy ears and oval eyes with small brown pupils. They lack a visible nose and have sharp fangs. They appear to be the only magical creatures that are truly capable of speaking human language. So far only male goblins have been seen in the series.

Powers and Abilities

In spite of their small stature, goblins are competent in various jobs such as cooking and cleaning. Some are shown working as janitors while others work as chefs. If they are deprived of magical energy, they become considerably weakened to the point they can't move at all.

Other Variations

In addition of regular grey goblins, there are other variations:

Leaf Goblins

See: Leaf Goblin

Winged Goblin

See: Winged Goblins

Green Goblins

Hostile Goblin LWA CoT

Green Goblins

A strain of hostile goblin are encountered as enemies in the events of Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time. Unlike the grey-skinned variant, they have dark green body, glowing white eye, a pair of small horns on their forehead, and much rounder ears. They attacks with use of a club and/or fireballs.

They are encountered at Gienah Tundra, Labyrinth of Pollux, Mountain Ankaa, Shaula Desert, and Canopus Ruins.

Goblin Executioner

This goblin has an air of danger about it, despite its foolish appearance. This dyed-in-the-wool death dealer is constantly scheming up new ways to snuff out life, and you wouldn't want to meet it in a dark alley

—Description of Goblin Executioner from Strange Notebook

Goblin Executioner LWA CoT

Goblin Executioner

Goblin Executioners are goblins dressing like an executioner and armed with a small glaive to decapitate its victims. The reason why they are categorized as Demons in Strange Notebook arguably due to them delved into demonic magic in their pursuit for perfect ways of killing, turning into abominations in process.

They are encountered at Shaula Desert, Mountain Ankaa, and Canopus ruins.


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