A magical clay being which, though sluggish, boasts incredible strength, lashing out at anything within reach as it plods forward. It goes all gooey when it rains, and dries out quickly in the sun, so skin care is a big issue.

—Description of Golems from Strange Notebook

A Golem (ゴーレム Gōremu)?) is a being made by mud imbued with magic. Once created, they only exist to follow the orders of its creator.

Some stray golems are encountered as recurring enemies in Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time.



A golem being created by a witch

The creation of golems is a secret art passed secretly in Judaism. By imbuing mud or clay with extremely complex magic and then molding it into the desired shape, you can create a Golem. The Golems are able to move and to have a sapienic behavior, they even get to develop feelings.

In order to maintain themselves, the Golems are sustained of the magical power of its creator. Because of this, only very powerful witches are able to use them, since if they are made by a witch without much magic power, the Golem will occupy all its power and the witch in question will be unable to use magic.

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