But that original power was passed down in secret. The Nine Olde Witches sealed it within Arcturus. That itself is the magic which can reconstruct the world— Grand Triskellion.

—Ursula, Chariot of Fire

Foreshadowing in "Blue Moon"

The Grand Triskellion (グラントリスケル Gurantorisukeru?), also known as the World Alteration Magic (世界改変魔法 Sekai kaihen mahō?), is a magic passed down by witches from the megalithic ages, with a tremendous power capable of changing the world. In the Middle Ages, the Nine Olde Witches sealed it within the Arcturus Forest. The seal can only be broken by the staff of the seven stars, Claiomh Solais, after all Seven Words of Arcturus are revived.


The Seal

Artistic rendition of the seal of Grand Triskellion in Ursula's room.

Artistic depiction of the seal of Grand Triskellion appears as three clockwise spirals connecting from a central hub as with generic Triskellion symbols albeit more delicate and its center consisted of three hands overlapping one another each originating from their respective spiral. This symbol is in turn, overlaps the entirety of a thick circle and surrounded by seven petals that connecting each other in circular pattern. From each petal grows a large, crescent-shaped leaf bearing its respective Word of Seven Words of Arcturus written in Luna Alphabet. The seal itself is engraved onto a large oak tree, symbolizing Grand Triskellion's nature as the key to revive Yggdrasil.

The Object

The Grand Triskellion

The Grand Triskellion itself on the other hand, is a small wooden stick surrounded by emerald aura. If combined with Shiny Rod, Grand Triskellion transmogrify its appearance into that of a golden and beige cross with its Seven Stars arranged towards its center.


The Grand Triskellion was the seed of the creation that grew and was fed by the power of humans' belief in magic, creating the Yggdrasil, a cosmic tree that gave birth to all magic. However, as people began to believe less in magic, the presence of Yggdrasil eventually disappeared. The Grand Triskellion remained protected and passed generation in generation by the witches. Finally, the Nine Olde Witches decided to seal it inside the Arcturus Forest, using a seal that could only be broken by the power of the Seven Words of Arcturus of the Claiomh Solais, thus waiting for a witch with a power of believing able to undo its seal and unleash the power of the Grand Triskellion in the world once again.

Over time, a witch known as Chariot du Nord was chosen by the Claiomh Solais to be the one who revived the words. However, she was unable to do so. Ten years later, the young Atsuko Kagari, guided by Chariot, was able to unlock all seven words. Croix Meridies managed to undo the Nine Olde Witches seal by force but was unable to use the power of the Grand Triskellion because of her lack of faith in magic. Nevertheless, Akko managed to use the Grand Triskellion to stop a great threat and recover people's faith in magic, expanding the magic of the Grand Triskellion across the world.


  • The Triskellion is a motif formed by a triple spiral with 60-degree rotational symmetry. The symbol is most associated with the Isle of Man and its flag. (Luna Nova Magical Academy is located on the Isle of Man.)



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