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The Great Age of Magic (大なる魔法の時代 Dai naru mahō no jidai?) was the era that marks the origin of witchcraft occurred around 2500 BC. During this time, the branches of the cosmic tree Yggdrasil covered the world, also connected with the stars in the havens. From these branches, the witches obtained an infinite magical power.

The Great Age of Magic reached its end when the Yggdrasil, the source of all witches' infinite magical power, withered away and its remaining branches became the Ley Lines.

The witch civilization was in decline for centuries, until the Nine Olde Witches appears in the 5th century, bringing back the prestige and abundance of magic in the world.


  • Unlocking the Grand Triskellion is believed by some to restore more magic to the world and bring back a new "Great Age of Magic".


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