Hunger Faeries (also known as Spirit Beast or Faery Beast) are a type of demonic Faeries with an appetite so enormous that they can eat almost everything on sight. One of them lived inside Jasminka's stomach due to a freak accident in the past, resulting in her above-average appetite.


Hunger faeries are creatures with a nearly round body with a pair of glowing eyes, a mouth, and tentacles to move and interact with its surroundings. As with other faeries, they are smaller than humans, as Jasminka mentioned how she ate her hunger faery by mistake, and when it possesses its host, it became a human-sized version of itself. They appeared to be foul-tempered at best, as the one who lived in Jasminka's stomach possessed its host in response to her forced to fast and went berserk, eating anyone and anything on sight.

Powers & Abilities

The hunger faery possesses great strength, able to effortlessly lift a human with one of their tentacles. They also deceptively fast and agile, as displayed by Jasminka's hunger faery who was fast enough to devour Diana before she had the chance to see the situation and was able to avoid Lotte and Sucy's spells with ease. Apparently, when angered enough, it took full control over its host so that he/she wouldn't be able to resist its commands, and the only way to stop them is by being incapacitated with sodium, which is the faery's weakness. Small amounts of sodium can agitate the faery, while larger amount can knock them out to the point of their host being able revert to normal and regain control over himself/herself.

It also appeared that the presence of a hunger faery inside a witch's body would bolster her physical attributes close to superhuman level, as displayed by Jasminka who able to effortlessly lifting objects that normally require two or more persons to carry thanks to the one inside her body. However, it forces her to eat a large amounts of food to prevent the faery from possessing her out of starvation while awake. It's unknown if they can be communicated with using Communication Magic.


  • The official Panel at AnimeNEXT 2017 (and repeated at AnimeExpo) revealed that Hunger Faeries are originally intended to be pure demons and their emergence was tied to the Soviet-era Ukrainian famine. As such, each of them has the power to ravage the world itself.[1][2]


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