Intelligence and Sensibility (知性と感性 Chisei to Kansei?) is the 20th episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.

On Netflix, the episode is titled "Intellect and Sensibility".[1]


Diana enters the Cavendish family sanctuary. Akko and Andrew overhear Daryl gloating about trapping Diana to prevent her completing the ceremony.


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As Diana prepares for her ascension ritual, which can only take place once every few years during a Venusian eclypse, she is captured by Daryl who ensnares her with her snake familiars. Meanwhile, Akko, still believing that Diana doesn't really want to leave Luna Nova midway, hears from Andrew about how Diana once lost her magic. Upon overhearing Daryl's scheme to stop Diana from performing the ritual in time, Akko decides to head into the Cavendish shrine to rescue Diana from Daryl's snakes, getting poisoned in the process. Despite being free to go to the ceremony, Diana instead takes Akko to a secret hospital to treat her injuries. Hearing about Diana's determination to continue the legacy of Beatrix and her late mother, Akko, believing that Diana can still become the head and return to school as well, manages to awaken the fifth word, transforming the Shiny Rod into Chariot's broom, the Shiny Volley. As Diana and Akko use the broom to reach the ritual shrine, Daryl and her daughters attempt to stop her but become inflicted by a curse that falls upon those who would disturb the ritual. Choosing to save them from being turned into trees, Diana ends up missing the ritual, although she is greeted by a vision of Beatrix. Determined to protect the estate until she can next perform the ritual, Anna encourages Diana to pursue her true dreams and return with Akko to Luna Nova.

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  • In Netflix worldwide release, the episode's title name was shortened to "Intellect and Sensibility".
  • This episode takes place in January, along with "Cavendish", "Wagandea", and "Chariot and Croix", as stated in the chronicles book.[2]


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