Jasminka Antonenko (ヤスミンカ・アントネンコ?) is a character in Little Witch Academia, and a student at Luna Nova Magical Academy. First introduced in the film Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade, along with Amanda and Constanze, Jasminka is known as a troublesome girl for eating sweets and snacks during classes at Luna Nova and stealing food.


Jasminka Design

Jasminka is a significantly tall girl who measures between 5'5" and 5'6".

She has long, pale pink hair that extends to the waist and is divided into two braids tied with light red bows. Most of the time, her eyes are barely open, but they're shown to have a dark brown color in close-ups.

Her standard school uniform in Luna Nova Academy consists of a dark blue sleeveless jacket with two buttons in the center and a skirt of the same color. She wears a white shirt underneath and a tie of the same tone of blue on her shirt near her neck.

When Jasminka is not dressed in her Luna Nova uniform, she is seen wearing a turquoise nightgown that reaches up to her knees.


She shows a very cheerful and sweet personality from the first moment she is observed interacting with her new friends. She can always be seen eating many sweets and desserts and would even be willing to share them with anyone, as seen during the film The Enchanted Parade.

Jasminka keeps her personality cheerful in various types of situations and tries to encourage the group in various circumstances. She is shown to be very close to her teammates and even hugged them after inspired by Akko reconciling with her friends.



Jasminka Antonenko was born in a unknown part of Russia. In some point of her childhood, Jasminka accidentally ate a Hunger Fairy causing it to live on her stomach, forcing her to eat constantly to appease it.

Jasminka becomes a Luna Nova student, and she became roommates with Amanda O'Neill and Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank-Albrechtsberger, each getting in trouble for various reasons. Jasminka was often found guilty of eating food while in class as shown in The Enchanted Parade.

The Enchanted Parade

Upon getting in trouble for her constant steal of food, Jasminka is punished along Amanda, Constanze, Akko, Lotte and Sucy to take charge of the annual parade in Blytonbury, being expelled in they fails. Jasminka

TV Series

Don't Stop Me Now

Jasminka takes part in the broom race, but she flies off-course due to the trail of donuts left by Sucy Manbavaran. She accidentally passes a donut to her teammate, Amanda in place of the baton, causing her team to get disqualified.

Luna Nova and the White Dragon

When the Sorcerer's Stone is stolen, Jasminka is designated along her teammates and Akko's team to make the laundry since the Faeries couldn't move without the Stone. After helping with Constanze manufacturing a water pump, Jasminka goes along her friends to the Rastavan Ruins in order to recover the Sorcerer's Stone. When they are attacked by the Robot Dragons, Jasminka helps Constanze to shoot them by carryng her on her shoulder, but all are finally captured except Akko and Amanda. After being captive by Fafnir, the girls discover the debt that Luna Nova maintains with him as well as Diana exposing that he decieves the school. After return to the school, the six girls are punished by doing laundry.

Samhain Magic

Jasminka along Constanze and Amanda are asigned to be conselors during the Samhain Festival. Jasminka charges all the heavy trash bags and later supports Akko and her friends along Constanze and Amanda.

New Age Magic

Sky War Stanship

Jasminka and Amanda explains Akko about Constanze participation in the Wild Hunt before Akko ends accidentally fallen into Constanze secret laboratory.

Jasminka attends the Wild Hunt along her friends and helps to rid off the Pixel monsters that makes rampage. When Akko and Constanze activates the Great Charion, Jasminka is the only one that likes it.


Upon learning about Akko dissapearance, Jasminka helps her friend to search for her. All finnaly reunites in the Magic Item Cafe and drinks chocolate together.

Tree of Leaves

When the witches learn of the Noir Missile that had been launched, hearing that it may crash somewhere, Jasminka remarks how that doesn't sound tasty at all. She and the other six witches combine their broomsticks into an upbraded Shiny Balai, using it to fly toward the missile. Jasminka is the first to separate from her friends, using all her magic power to give the broom a powerful boost, and she eats a donut as she waves to her friends.

Sometime after the missile's destruction, Jasminka is seen sitting with Hannah England and eating sandwiches with her as they watch Akko's attempt at flying a broom.


Amanda O'Neill

Amanda and Jasminka have a close relationship as friends, as they're roommates, are seen together most of the time, and have an act for getting in trouble, similar to Sucy Manbavaran, Lotte Jansson and Akko Kagari.

Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank-Albrechtsberger

Constanze and Jasminka have a close relationship as friends, as they're roommates who have an act for getting in trouble as shown in The Enchanted Parade, and are often seen together. Jasminka is also shown to have decent knowledge of Constanze's hidden workroom and what she does there, as seen in "Sky War Stanship".

Atsuko Kagari

Jasminka and Akko are shown to be fond of each other as Jasminka offered food to Akko which in turn helped Akko come up with an idea for the parade in The Enchanted Parade. In "Yesterday", Jasminka was shown to be quite worried about Akko's whereabouts.

Lotte Jansson

While not shown together so often, she and Lotte are good friends. Jasminka willingly shares her food with Lotte, and they often sit together in their dorms.

Sucy Manbavaran

While not shown together often, it can be assumed that Jasminka and Sucy are friends.

Abilities and Equipment

Jasminka has great strength and has no problem in loading and carrying several objects, as she carries big bags of goodies during the shopping of the parade preparations in The Enchanted Parade.

She can use her magic wand to move objects and easily maneuver her flying broom. She always brings food with her and uses them as an element of distraction in the fight against the rowdy children at the end of The Enchanted Parade. In the movie and manga, Jasmina proves to be able to use magic to inflate her body in large proportions.

She is highly skilled at Culinary Magic, as mentioned by Akko and shown in "Orange Submariner".

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Reina Ueda
English Stephanie Sheh
France Heidi Ostrowski
Italian Francesca Tretto
Brazil Ana Lúcia Menezes
Latin America Betsabé Gutiérrez



  • "Jasminka" is a Slavic diminutive form of "Jasmina", which in turn is the Croatian, Serbian, Slovene and Macedonian feminine form of "Jasmin" meaning "Jasmine". It is derived from Persian یاسمن (yasamen).[2][3][4]


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