The Ley Lines (レイライン Rei rain?) are a series of networks through which magic energy flows throughout the world since ancient times, being in fact the remains of the branches of the World Tree Yggdrasil. Ley lines can be used by witches as a means of transport, being able to use them to reach specific places connected to a ley line.


Ley lines are the source of all the magical energy of the planet, which flows through them reaching everywhere. Usually, a witch can only take advantage of a limited amount of that magical energy but if the energy is stored inside a special object like the Sorcerer's Stone, that can be exploited in an unlimited way.

The ley lines are located in the specific places of the world and several important buildings and places, like Luna Nova Magical Academy, are constructed on them. A witch can access the Ley Line Network through a Ley Line Terminal, being able to fly through them with a Magic Broom. That way, witches can use the Ley Line network to go to any place that is connected to a ley line.

For unspecified reasons, sodium causes the ley lines to become very unstable.


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