Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time, also known by its original Japanese title, Little Witch Academia: The Magic of Time and the Seven Wonders (リトル・ウィッチアカデミア:時間の魔法と七不思議 Ritoru Witchi Akademia: Toki no Mahou to Nanafushigi?) was released in Japan on the Playstation 4 on November 30, 2017[1] (Standard edition for ¥7,600)[2] and was projected to be released in early 2018 on PC[3] before officially being announced to coincide with the PlayStation 4 release outside Japan on May 15, 2018.[4][5] A limited-edition version with additional material, including an audio drama and an artbook, will be released in Japan.[2]


During the summer break from the academy taking place after the exams, a strange phenomenon known as “The Seven Wonders of Luna Nova” begins affecting the school. As Akko, Sucy and Lotte investigate the hundred-year-old anomaly they accidentally break the seal on the Horologium Chamber, trapping them in an infinite time loop. They must now escape the loop as they are led to rumored forbidden magic. [6]


Prologue: Detention in The First Day of Summer Holiday

HowItBegin CoT

Sleeping Akko and an ominous book

The story begins with Headmistress Holbrooke's speech at the auditorium that lasts until 11.30 AM. Shortly after the speech, Akko, Lotte, and Sucy begin to discuss their plan to spend summer holiday tomorrow: Akko stated that she's going to have private lessons with Professor Ursula in the latter's spare time whereas Lotte visiting her family and Sucy stayed to take care of mushrooms she cultivated at the academy.

Just then, Finnelan summoned Akko to the Student Counseling Office at once. Taking her time on her way to the office, Akko takes a special edition newspaper about Seven Wonders of Luna Nova and met Diana, Hannah, and Barbara along the way, with the latter two remarked Akko would likely about to be expelled sooner. There, the grumpy teacher assigned Akko to organize books at the library as a punishment for breaking Academy supplies during Badcock's class prior and she expected it be finished before the end of summer holiday.

Later that night, Akko tells her roommates about her situation. It's revealed that the shenanigan during Badcock's class earlier was the result of Akko reacting from experimental potion Sucy gave to her to wake her up with, leading to disastrous consequences. Lotte breaks up the argument and volunteers to help Akko as well as having Sucy to tag along much to the latter's dismay. Changing topics, the three friends discuss Seven Wonders of Luna Nova which recently all over the news in the academy. Akko is skeptical about the phenomenon and remarked those who seek to check the event being too curious for their own good, which earned her a sarcastic comment from Sucy who pointed the irony in her words.

Akko decided to start her detention on the next day and meets the green team (Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka) who revealed to have plans of their while on her way for the library. She also meets Diana who revealed to be assigned by Finnelan to ensure the Japanese won't slacking off in the middle of her detention, and Professor Ursula who asked her to fix a goblin janitor's cleaning equipment. To her dismay, it's turned out that there are tons of books that must be organized, so much that she can't stand it and ultimately doze off until late afternoon just after putting 3 of the overall books. Little did Akko knows that in her sleep, a mysterious girl appeared and used this opportunity to leave behind an ominous-looking book nearby before disappeared into golden sparks...

Ominous Secret Chamber

FirstTimeHorologium CoT

Entering the mystery room

Much later, Lotte and Sucy showed up to assist Akko in organizing the books. It is then Akko noticed the ominous book the mysterious girl left behind earlier and, unsure where to put it into, placed it on the nearest bookshelf. To their surprise, this somehow unveils a secret passage which leads to an enigmatic large chamber with a massive ornate door along with a large, hourglass-like crystal contraption. Curious with what lies behind the ornate door, Akko opened it with a key she found inside a nearby box, Canopus Key. Instead of another room, they ended up plummeting into a Ley Line-like abyss which transported them into strange ruins infested by monsters. To Akko's surprise, she managed to use magic without much difficulty as they fight their way back to the mysterious chamber, only to be dismayed that her powers reverted to its original state as soon as they got back. Lotte suggested to tell the professors about their situation, but Akko argued against it out of risk of facing expulsion like the last time. Nevertheless, the three friends decided to call it a day and return to their dorm room for a good night rest.

Little did they know that by disturbing the enigmatic chamber, the three friends somehow subjected themselves into a time loop where the first day of summer constantly repeats itself. Akko is the first to notice the anomaly when Amanda, Constanze, Jasminka, Ursula, and Diana seemingly asked her exact same questions as with in (seemingly) previous day and later, finding the books they put into their respective bookshelves in the library somehow returned to the desks as if they were never disturbed. Originally suspecting it to be a prank, Lotte argued such possibility as the piles looked exactly like the way they were on the other day, and thus the prospect of someone capable of flawlessly recreating the mess is unlikely. As they continue organizing the books, Sucy noticed the secret entrance from previous time loop still open, but the three friends choos e to ignore it for a time being until the day unexpectedly rewinds once again.

Now baffled with their current predicament, the three friends decided to investigate the mysterious chamber they just find for answers. Before they could begin, Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka unexpectedly enter the chamber, curious with what Akko is up to at the library until they stumbled upon the secret chamber's exposed entrance. To Akko's dismay, they soon followed by Diana who noticed something off in Akko when she bumped into her earlier. After Akko reluctantly explained to them hers, Lotte, and Sucy's circumstances, Diana correctly deduces the secret chamber being none other than the legendary Horologium Chamber and even considers to tell the professors about this discovery, prompting Akko to object the idea since she already had enough troubles in her hands. Amanda on the other hand, is intrigued by the dungeons Akko mentioned instead. The group then waited to see whether Amanda, Constanze, Jasminka, and Diana will retain their memories pertaining that day's events in the next time loop.

On the next loop, the green team and Diana confirmed Akko's statements earlier and that they now trapped in the same time loop. Once the group are gathered inside Horologium Chamber, Diana revealed to everyone what she learned about the Chamber through her studies so far; Horologium Chamber is a special chamber which contains the power over time itself and the time loop they currently trapped within had something to do with said power. The Cavendish also revealed that she found a lesser version of the Magic Key Akko used on the Chamber's Sealed Door in the previous loop (Canopus Key) along the way, prompting Akko to propose another expedition with said key. As they are about to begin the expedition howeber, Diana restored the magic sigil in front of the Chamber's Sealed Door, revealing it to be a teleportation circle which allows three people in maximum who entered any of Horologium Chamber's dungeons to return. The Cavendish noted to Akko that she and her roommates were lucky in their previous exploration, as they managed to get back in one piece despite of it was broken.

Horologium Chamber Investigation

The 1st Seven Wonder: The Cursed Doll

SoMuchForDoll CoT

Akko being used as guinea pig for another experiment

The gang begins their attempt to break the time loop starting from restoring Horologium Chamber's Great Clock. Diana proposed that the loop might has something to do with the broken Clock, prompting Akko to has Constanze examine it. As she and Sucy waited for the German mechanic to complete her task, the latter asked Akko to ask Carmen for some bittershrooms. While doing so with Jasminka's aid, the Japanese overhears some students talking about a cursed doll which allegedly appeared at the courtyard every night and set out to confirm it. To her and Amanda (who also intrigued by the rumor)'s dismay, the alleged cursed doll doesn't appear when the night comes. Amanda stated that Sucy also saw the doll, prompting Akko to look for her said roommate to confirm the sighting from her instead. To her shock, not only Sucy did saw the doll, but also took it for her experiment with bittershroom. When she cuts the doll open after taking a strand of Akko's hair, they found a missing Magic Key inside the doll, the one which leads to Mimosa Forest.

Although surprised by circumstances that surrounded the key's discovery, Diana nevertheless deduced that there are other missing Magic Keys that scattered through different corners of Luna Nova and finding them will be their secondary priority. Knowing that they will need Elder Treant's sap to help restore Horologium Chamber's Great Clock, the gang used the key to go for Mimosa Forest, a thick forest that resembles Arcturus Forest except being constantly enveloped by a thick pinkish fog. Defeating the Elder Treant, they take a necessary amount of its sap and returned to the Chamber to successfully fix the Clock with it. Excited, Akko celebrated their success despite Diana remained skeptical whether it was enough to break the time loop, only for the Cavendish is proven right when the time loop continues.

Disgruntled, Akko meets up with Amanda who coincidently found a lesser Ankaa key some time ago. Suddenly, the Japanese is jolted by a sudden bitter sensation over her mouth and knowing that Sucy had something to do with it, rushed for her mischievous roommate just as she made a finishing touch on the doll at the courtyard. Akko demanded at the Manbavaran what she had done to deserve her latest predicament. Instead of answering, Sucy pours a bit of her bittershroom extract-based potion over the doll which turned out magically liked to the Japanese like some sort of voodoo magic, instantly knocking her into submission by another jolt of bitter sensation stronger than previous one.

The 2nd Seven Wonder: The UFO

UFOSighting CoT

Akko sees the alleged UFO

After things calmed down a bit, Sucy tells Akko about an alleged UFO sighting mentioned by students at the laboratory. Through the accounts of one of said students, Bice, Akko learned that the UFO flies above Luna Nova every night and can be seen clearly from the academy's western lookout. So, she waits for the night to come before setting out for the lookout to confirm it. After a while, the Japanese spots the UFO where it descends upon the school yard, prompting her to go for a closer look. Unfortunately, as soon as she got close to the supposed UFO, it unexpectedly flies away much to her disappointment.
QuestioningHorologiumSprite LWA CoT

Akko, Lotte, and Horologium Clock's spirit

On the next time loop, Akko joins Lotte as she summons the faery that inhabits Horologium Chamber's Great Clock, from whom they learned that they need to use Sealing Glue over the Clock to undo the time loop as restoring it won't be enough. Akko then inquired Lotte about her opinion regarding the UFO sightings which she just confirmed, in which she suspected it to be some random item possessed by its faery based on her friend's description. Knowing what to do to break the loop, Akko decided to consult with Ursula and later, Professor Lukic for means to make Sealing Glue while keeping them in the dark about the reason why they need it. From the latter, she learned that the magical adhesive is made of 3 mandrake leaves, 3 Miniature Dragon fangs, and cornstarch. She managed to acquire all ingredients despite the trouble in gathering the last one (she was briefly caught by Badcock when looking for some cornstarch at the aviary, which forced her to make another attempt in the next loop.
UFORevealedSprite LWA CoT

UFO revealed

With all ingredients for the Sealing Glue seemingly at hand, Akko sets out to deal the UFO and uses Telepathy Magic on it as soon as it is within the range. In the process, the UFO crashes, and is revealed to be an old kettle possessed by its faery. Although she can't understand the faery's words, Akko can tell that it tried to rid of something inside the kettle to no avail through its gesture on it. Opening the kettle's lid, she finds the missing Ankaa Key inside, relieving the faery from its exhausting struggle.

Returning to Lukic, Akko gives the ingredients for Sealing Glue so the elderly professor can brew the glue for her. To her dismay, the end result is the weaker Magic Glue and that Lukic revealed she deliberately not tell the Japanese one more ingredient as the means of acquiring it being a risky one; few drops of Cerberus's blood. So, Akko asked Lotte about Cerberus and where to find one. The Finnish explained that Cerberuses are 3-headed giant dogs reputed to be the Guardian of Hell since they flourished at volcanic environments such as Mountain Ankaa. Luckily, the gang gained the possession of the Magic Key for said volcano.

The three-headed beast proved to be a formidable foe, but the girls managed to defeat in and acquired some drops of its blood to complete the glue. With the Sealing Glue is completed, Akko applied the Binding Glue over Horologium Chamber's entrance and successfully break the loop despite of her attachment towards the Chamber since it proved to be a comfortable secret base for the group. Satisfied at first, Akko recalled that she still has to deal with the books in the library before she could enjoy the summer holiday, in which her friends (including the reluctant Sucy) offered some help for the endeavor so they can enjoy their summer holiday together.

Not long after they left the library however, the mysterious girl who tricked Akko to unseal Horologium Chamber appears and magically disposed the Glue she applied on the Chamber's entrance, unlocking it once again and restored the time loop...

Magic Key Investigation

The 3rd Seven Wonder: Hands from The Ground

HandsOnGround CoT

Akko evading the hands

Continuing the investigation, Lotte tells Akko about a legendary artifact called the "Magichron", a magic-powered clock that can turn back time, but skeptical whether such device exist. Akko reassured that it indeed real and might hidden somewhere in one of regions of Horologium Chamber's Sealed Door. As such, she decided to focus the investigation on the Magic Keys starting by asking around the academy.

Entering the lab, she overhears Abigail conversing about another of Seven Wonders, this time spectral hands that popping out of the ground. Inquiring the information from her, Akko learned the first witness being Henrietta, who was attacked by the hands while watering the plants in the Botanical Garden, though she managed to escape because they disappeared after holding her for one hour. Unfortunately, when the Japanese sets out for the Garden, she finds a troll custodian has secured the area and forbade anyone from entering – apparently, the news about the spectral hands have reached the faculty that they ordered to quarantine the Botanical Garden until further notice.

Consulting with Sucy, the Manbavaran wondered whether the spectral hands are a new type of mushroom. Although dismayed by that they aren't, Sucy nevertheless suggested Akko to use Sleep Magic on the troll custodian and even gives her another Lesser Key of Pollux she found when looking for mushrooms as usual. Using a Sleep Magic spell on the troll, Akko successfully sneaks inside the Garden and confirms the anomaly that takes places there. Escaping the spectral hands' grasp, Akko notices the hands seem preventing her from getting close to Jennifer Memoriam Tree for some reasons. Knowing that flying is the only way to get past the spectral hands, Akko consulted with Holbrooke about the matter. The Headmistress revealed to Akko that she can magically "walk" on the air with the same spell to fly with broom.

Using Flight Spell, Akko carefully walked on the air past the spectral hands's reach before lands perfectly on the ground around Jennifer Memoriam Tree, the only part of the center of the garden that is not infested by hands. There, she finds Regulus Key seemingly hidden beneath the base of the Tree. To her surprise, as soon as she removes the key, the spectral hands around her abruptly disappears, leaving her wondering whether they have something to do with the magic key on her hands. Upon hearing Akko's accounts, Diana concluded that it leaves 3 more missing Magic Keys, having confirmed that there are indeed seven regions that accessible through Horologium Chamber's Sealed Door. With that, the group set out for the next region, Regulus Mine. .

The 4th Seven Wonder: The Wet Chair

WeatherBallClog Cot

Fixing the weather ball

After venturing through the cavernous Regulus Mines, the group finally uncovered the famed Magichron, but are unable to activate it due to lack of enough magic power. Under Lotte's suggestion, Akko goes for the Academy Store to see whether they sell any spellgem to power the device. There, she meets Badcock and consulted with her about spellgems which store greater amount of magic than standard magic batteries, only to be told that the academy cannot provide such spellgems because of its current financial constraints, prompting Akko to ask Diana instead. To her delight, while the Cavendish doesn't have one, she nevertheless found a lesser Gienah Key, which gives the Japanese an idea to embark another exploration and bring Diana along. After the exploration, Diana recalled on rumors she heard from cafeteria which may or may not about another of Seven Wonders: A chair that constantly wet for reasons unknown.

Examining the wet chair herself, Akko compared the phenomenon with ghost stories about someone who takes a taxi only to mysteriously disappear, leaving nothing but a wet seat. Suddenly, she feels a brief sensation of water dripping on her head, prompting her to look up and suspect that a leak might have something to do with the Wonder. Inquiring Ursula about what lies above the cafeteria, Akko learned about a fountain which used to power Weather Ball, and thus suspected the leak might has something to do with it. Akko also learned that she can reach the fountain through Nine Witches' Hall (which doubles as the Headmistress' office), only to find that she must go past Finnelan who guard the office.

Fortunately, while thinking about the way to avoid or distract the strict professor, Akko meets Nelson who asked her to inform Finnelan about the broken bath in Luna Nova's faculty residence. Delighted by this turn of events, Akko immediately passes the situation to Finnelan, prompting the strict professor to check the problem and subsequently allowed the Japanese to go for the fountain. Discovering that something has clogged the fountain, Akko casts a mending magic spell over it, causing the Weather Ball to release a massive burst of water before both it and its fountains are working once again. Although soaked by the water burst, the Japanese is relived by her success in restoring the fountain when something lands on her head; a missing Magic Key which grants the access to Shaula Desert.

The Shaula Key's discovery confirmed Akko's suspicion over Magic Keys' role in Seven Wonders, prompting her to gather everyone in Horologium Chamber for a meeting over recent events. As much as she wondered how Akko could reach the Weather Ball, Diana nevertheless agrees with the Japanese's story, having suspected a definite correlative connection between Seven Wonders and Magic Keys beforehand. The group then commence an expedition at Shaula Desert where the trip proved fruitful as they managed to recover one of Magichron's missing spellstones. Yet, the second and last required spellstone is still missing.

The 5th Seven Wonder: The Running Skeleton

SkeletonChase CoT

Akko vs. Running Skeleton

After a good exploration, Amanda tells Akko about the next Seven Wonders; a running skeleton mentioned by a student in the classroom on the second floor. This earned her a tease from Akko who remark that she finally tells her a useful info. Inquiring the student in question, Elfriede, Akko learned that the skeleton usually appears around 10.00 PM, running around while laughing at the School Grounds. Entering the School Grounds later that night, the Japanese comes face-to-face with the running skeleton who surprisingly fast and agile, able to evade her every attempt to subdue it. To compound the issue, the skeleton proved to be stronger than she anticipated to be, as it managed to drag her through entire lap of the area when she used her wand and sash as a makeshift hook to restrain it much to her frustration.

Informing Lotte about her confrontation against the running skeleton in the next time loop, the Finnish suspected the skeleton to be the same one in Lukic's class. This soon confirmed when the Japanese finds the elderly professor disturbed by her skeleton model's disappearance. Lukic suspected this turn of events had something to do with concoction she used for its medicinal bath in the previous day, claiming it wonders for joint pain so awful that "you can bend them all backwards after a good soak". Akko then asked her how to stop a running skeleton, in which Lukic suggested to use control magic.

SkeletonEnd CoT

Animated Skeleton's humorous end

Following Lukic's suggestion, Akko subdues the animated skeleton with a Puppet Magic spell in their next confrontation. Predictably, the animated skeleton attempted to break free from the spell, only to unexpectedly blows itself up into pieces in doing so. Yet, it didn't go down without a last laugh as when the smoke clears, its disembodied skull managed to comically bite Akko's nose moments before whatever magic that brought it to life wore off. Removing the offending skull, Akko is about to toss it away only to find Gienah Key within its jaw. Surprised by this, she gathered everyone for a meeting in Horologium Chamber.

Akko's story about both the Key and the running skeleton model surprised both Diana and Jasminka. Whereas the former is unable to help but curious how the Magic Key ended up inside its skull to begin with, the latter wondered whether the skeleton ate the Key. Nevertheless, this solidified Diana's suspicion about connection between Horologium Chamber's Sealed Door and the Keys judging from latest events. With another magic key in their possession, Akko and the gang set out for Gienah Tundra for another expedition.

As with previous expedition, the trip at Gienah Tundra proved fruitful with Akko and co. recovered Frosted Snow Spellgem, Magichron's second missing Spellgem at Divine Dragon's lair. Completing the device, Akko suddenly finds herself back to the very moment before she unlocked Horologium Chamber surrounded by Lotte and Sucy who caught her sleeping in the middle of her detention. Perceiving her latest adventures to be a dream, Akko continues organizing the book with Lotte and Sucy's help, this time without disturbing Horologium Chamber.

However, there are still some loose ends, as once again, the mysterious girl who masterminded the whole thing unlocked Horologium Chamber once again, undoing Magichron's effects in process...

Sealed Door Investigation

The 6th Seven Wonder: Faceless Portrait

CaughtInAct CoT

You're busted, Akko!

Finding herself back to the time loop, Akko begins to wonder about what actually lies behind the Sealed Door aside 7 regions which require magic keys to access themz. Entering Horologium Chamber, Akko surprised that no one except Diana present in the room. At that moment, Diana is researching some info about an entity called Time Demon said to be imprisoned at a labyrinth-like prison. Hearing that the demonic entity has the power over time itself, Akko, without thinking twice, set out to investigate more about it in spite of Diana's protest.

When looking for more info about the Time Demon, Akko overheard Avery, Blair, and Mary talking about another Wonder; The Faceless Portrait. Inquiring the three girls about it, Akko learns about an alleged faceless portrait which eyes said to glowing in the night. The said portrait was hanged at a classroom (Class 3-1) in the third floor, but according to Blair, the portrait has been removed very recently. This prompts Akko to go for the said classroom to clarify the rumor where she meets Lotte there, who dismayed that the portrait has been moved. With both of them confused whether the faceless portrait indeed exist, Akko decided to ask Headmistress Holbrooke about it. From the Headmistress, Akko learned about a professor of magical art who suddenly transferred away some time prior to the first day of summer holiday and left behind a painting she had yet to complete in process. Akko deduced that the painting and the faceless portrait might one in the same, in which Holbrooke suggested to ask Finnelan to confirm it.

Narrowly avoiding an unnecessary misunderstanding, Akko learned from Finnelan that she had Hannah and Barbara moved the faceless portrait to the storage to avoid commotion over it, all while wondering how everyone believed the alleged Seven Wonders. Once again, Finnelan reminds Akko about the detention as she about to make her leave. Unfortunately, the storage's door was locked, and Akko deduced that Hannah and Barbara might still have the key in their possession. Just then, she meets Constanze who gives her another lesser Regulus Key to ask her in accompanying her for another expedition.

After a small expedition with Constanze, Akko goes for Hannah and Barbara and inquired them whether they have the storeroom key. Barbara recalled that they yet to return it to Finnelan, which prompts Akko to offer them to return the key on their behalf. However, this earned her suspicion from the two, who then teased her about her detention, much to the Japanese young witch's dismay and fury that she forced to left. Just then, she met Amanda and complained over the two girls' treatment to her compared to theirs with Diana, in which Amanda remarked that the two are indeed Diana's loyal underlings, and thus suggested Akko to disguise herself as Diana via. metamorphosis magic. Recalling that Badcock is in charge of such magic and her skill in it still relatively poor, Akko decided to consult her about it for solutions. From Badcock, Akko learned that using metamorphosis magic to assume the appearance of someone else is more difficult than animal forms, and usually require item the person in question always carry around with them to work. Now fully understood the complex level of metamorphosis magic, Akko decided to find Diana.

Upon meeting Diana, Akko inquired her about what she usually carry around her, at which Diana stated that it's her handkerchief before left to clear her mind. This prompts Akko to stalk on her all the way to the courtyard. Pretending to be sweaty, Akko asks Diana to lend her her handkerchief which hilariously, earns her suspicion from the Cavendish through her poor acting, prompting her to flee from the scene. Fortunately, after hiding somewhere around the courtyard, though Akko lost Diana, she nevertheless found her handkerchief, which leaves confronting Hannah and Barbara while disguising as Diana.

PaintingRevealed CoT

The painting reveals the key

However, disguising as Diana with metamorphosis magic just to get the storeroom key from Hannah and Barbara turned out never a bright idea from the beginning, as Akko barely stays in character and by she left the two alone, the real Diana busted her and chewed her for both assuming her form without her consent and demanded her missing handkerchief. In spite of this, Akko finally able to get her hands on the key for the storeroom where the unfinished painting being kept at. Examining the portrait, which revealed to be the painting of Woodward (albeit with eyes, nose, and mouth missing due to still incomplete), one of Nine Olde Witches, Akko sees nothing unusual on it and decided to return once the night comes. As she predicted, the painting's right eye seemingly glow later that night. However, upon closer inspection, Akko realized that the glow on the painting's eyes is actually the moonlight reflected by something near the window; the final missing Magic Key, Pollux Key. Discovering the key, Akko gathered everyone at Horologium Chamber and explained how she found it. After remarking that Akko would've avoid unnecessary troubles by asking her instead of disguising as her, Diana asked Akko how many keys she found when entering Horologium Chamber for the first time, in which Akko barely remember of. Nevertheless, the gang set out for the 7th region, Labyrinth of Pollux.

Finding the key, she gathered everyone at Horologium Chamber and explained how she got the key in the first place. Diana asks Akko how many keys she found when she entered Horologium Chamber for the first time. Akko barely remember how many, but nevertheless decided that they will start another expedition, this time to Labyrinth of Pollux.

The Time Demon

Angry time demon LWA CoT

The roaring Time Demon

In stark contrast to previous dungeons of Horologium Chamber, Labyrinth of Pollux is the most challenging to navigate. Not only they must find hidden levers to continue their progress, but the gang also find themselves facing a massive humanoid entity resembling a titan albeit twice the size with blue meridian glow that seemingly unkillable and even magically sends them back to Horologium Chamber. To clear her mind from this shortcoming, Akko sets out for another exploration with Jasminka after the latter finds the missing Lesser Shaula Key as a prize in her snack. Feeling better, the Japanese inquires her chubby friend whether she happens to know about Time Demon by chance, in which Jasminka suggests her to ask professors instead.

Akko begins asking Luna Nova professors about the Time Demon starting from Professor Lukic since she's obsessed with occult-related topics most. Although the elderly professor revealed to know little about the entity in question, she nevertheless warns the Japanese about the demons' treacherous nature, citing the fact that they are eager to tempt unsuspecting mortals with the promise of granting them a wish with the price that more than often not bode well to their mortal clients. Taking notes to this advice, Akko consults with Headmistress Holbrooke who happens in the good mood from finding a perfect pair of boots in a catalog large enough to be worn as a hat. Upon being inquired about the Time Demon, the Headmistress reveals her familiarity regarding his lore, elaborating that the time-manipulating entity resides within a labyrinth to hide from those who sought to exploit his powers and will only listen to those who managed to prove their worth of facing him. The Headmistress also discouraged Akko against negotiating with the Time Demon nor magically tampering time itself, stating that meddling with time is almost as bad as necromancy, but nevertheless suggested Akko to ask Ursula for a book about such topic after being convinced that she (Akko) needs it for some little research during summer holiday. Afterwards, Akko managed to convince Ursula to lend her the book in question, Book of Chronos and brings it to Diana.

Consulting with the book alongside Diana together, both girls learned that the Time Demon will listen to those who proved their worth by preparing Talisman of Time before facing him. Said Talisman is made of a minotaur horn, a screamer core, a witch's lip petal, and some enchanted starch. Gathering the required materials, Akko brings them all to the Cavendish so she can start crafting the Talisman for the next exploration at the Labyrinth of Pollux, which implied to be the same labyrinth Time Demon went into hiding. Once again, the gang faced the titan-like creature, but this time they managed to turn the tide of their fight and ultimately defeated it.

When it looks like the trip was rather fruitless despite their aforementioned success, turns out the titan-like creature WAS the Time Demon they seek, having assumed said form to test their worth as his would-be mortal clients. The entity speaks to the gang through telepathy as soon as they returned to Horologium Chamber, proposing that he will grant them anything they wanted since they have proved themselves upon him. Silencing Sucy before she could ask something that neither her nor the rest of the gang wanted, Akko asked the Time Demon to break the time loop they currently trapped within. The Demon grants the Japanese their wishes at the cost of memories pertaining her adventures since she unlocked the Time loop.

As with activation of Magichron in the previous attempt, Akko finds herself returned to the very moment before she unlocked the Horologium Chamber, but this time Diana, Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka are present alongside Lotte and Sucy ready to help her arranging the books. Although everyone believed the crisis has been resolved for real, Diana ponders whether they have missed something: Turns out the mastermind behind the unsealing of Horologium Chamber still on the loose and, once everyone left the library, she unsealed the Horologium Chamber, all while undoing the deal Akko and co. made with the Time Demon and subsequently returned the memories the demon taken from her through the said deal in process...

The Final Seven Wonder: The Ghost in the Library

The Curious Molly

Finding herself awakened back at Horologium Chamber after having a series of flashbacks pertaining her past adventures there, Akko is disgruntled that the deal with Time Demon had failed to break the time loop. Diana suggested that they should take another look at Seven Wonders and its connection with Magic Keys Akko found so far once again, citing that there's something more in it as much as the time loop itself. The Cavendish further stated that there's one more Wonder that yet to be investigated despite of them have all 7 main Magic Keys; "The Ghost in the Library."

Exiting the library, Akko bumps into Molly, a mild-mannered student who curious with the Seven Wonders. While she and Akko vaguely know each other, Molly nevertheless well-aware of the Japanese's reputation in the academy. Inquiring the girl, Akko learned some insight of the Ghost in the Library; in life, she was once a Luna Nova student who performed poorly in magic. Delighted, Akko tells Molly to let her know if she happened to learn more about the Final Wonder as they parted ways, only to realize something amiss in the girl. Brushing it aside, the Japanese asked the same thing to Amanda only for the Irish American teased her by stating that the ghost would likely about to possess her since they displayed ineptitude in magic much to Akko's irritation.

Returning to the library, Akko shared Lotte what she learned about the Final Wonder so far. The Finnish commented that the ghost might uses Invisibility Magic to cover her tracks whenever she leaves the library. Although unsure with the ghost's motives, Lotte nevertheless suggested Akko to revisit locations where Seven Wonders took place in the previous time loops, citing the habit of culprits in murder mystery stories always return to the scene of the crime. Checking the locations one by one, she repeatedly cross-paths with Molly who shared the Japanese her opinion regarding the Wonders:

  • The cursed doll might be some random faery dancing in the middle of the night and mistaken as a dancing doll by the witnesses.
  • The alleged UFO sighting was popularized by infamous cases of cattle mutilation allegedly perpetrated by the aliens, and thus Molly humorously warned Akko to be careful, so they won't mistake her as a cow for vivisection.
  • The sighting of running skeleton was only infamous enough as a ghost story and requires extra hook to be counts as a Wonder.
  • The hands around Jennifer Memorial Tree was likely a story made by someone who imagined a dead body beneath.
  • The seemingly constantly wet chair might be an overly exaggerated story made by youths around Akko's age.
  • The faceless portrait's rumors were likely a hoax made by someone who took the advantage over the unfinished painting.

Checking the library in the night (09.00 PM) for the Final Wonder, Akko sees nothing out of ordinary in the area. The Japanese mused that the alleged ghost didn't attract much attention like previous Wonders despite her recurring sightings and decided to call it a day and continue the investigation in the next time loop.

The Return of The Dreaded Ghost Witch

Return of Ghost Witch LWA CoT

Molly unveils her true color

Things appeared to be normal in the next time loop until Amanda tells Akko about a fierce argument between the three girls which she described so intense that they clearly about to "tear each other into pieces". Akko doesn't take Amanda's accounts seriously until she learned said argument involves Molly and her roommates Elsa and Amelia. Not wanting to believe the mild-mannered girl she met in the previous time loop have insulted her own roommates' dreams just like that, the Japanese sets out to find Molly for answers to no avail. In the middle of her frustration, Lotte reveals that she saw Molly seemingly heading for one of the academy's observatory, prompting Akko to make haste leaving the confused Finnish behind.

Upon finding Molly, Akko inquires the blue-haired girl about her argument with Elsa and Amelia earlier, reasoning that she can understand how it feels like to have one's dream being made fun of. Molly calmly explains that she only expressed her true feelings to her roommates much to the brunette's confusion. Just then, Ursula appears and asks whether everything is fine between the two only to have trouble in remembering Molly. The blue-haired girl uses the opportunity to make her abrupt leave, leaving Akko who calls her teacher out for it before rushes for her friend's side.

Catching up with Molly once again in front of the library, Akko pleads her to forgive Ursula for such trivial matter, but once again the blue-haired girl responds not in the way Akko expected: Molly remarked the Japanese being full of surprises before ominously stating that she's going to "do it right". Akko's confusion grows as Molly expresses her gratitude from helping her retrieving her fragmented powers and memories and adds that the Japanese and her friends might won't be able to escape the time loop they currently stuck into, citing that neither Magichron, nor restored Horologium Clock nor even Time Demon have the power to do so. Amused by Akko's expected reaction since not even Diana was able to determine the culprit behind their situation, Molly reveals herself to be the mastermind and that she had manipulated them to retrieve said fragments each within a set of old classic witch outfit that used to be hers, loots that they overlooked throughout their latest exploration.

Molly then requested the Japanese's assistance to help her reclaiming the final fragment, but Akko, finally sensing something off in the blue-haired girl, demanded how she became familiar with the legendary Chamber in the first place and whether she really is Molly. It then comes to light that something has possessed the blue-haired girl when she reveals herself as "the loser who became afflicted with the Curse of Time and turned into the Ghost Witch". Not fully understanding this unexpected turn of events, Akko tries to reason with Molly, but she responded by lashing out towards the brunette, crying out how the Japanese can still boast her dreams while she (Molly) herself believed her dreams had been ruined. Having enough, Molly tries to attack Akko only to be interrupted by Ursula who realized something off in the blue-haired girl as well. As a result, Molly is forced to retreat, but not before scatters Akko's Chariot Cards both to make the Japanese feel the same despair that she felt and cover her escape at the same time.

Putting Pieces Together

With the loss of her Chariot cards collection, something has possessed Molly, and now Ursula got dragged into her and her friends' current predicament, Akko is left with no choice but to explain their situation to the bespectacled Luna Nova professor. Although horrified by the gang's accounts including the fact of them took the matter into their own hands instead of asking for one of the professors' help, Ursula nevertheless agreed to lend Akko and co. a hand in breaking the Time Loop and dealing Molly. Diana speculated that Molly is likely on the other side of the Sealed Door of Horologium Chamber, specifically the "true chamber" behind it along with the possessed girl's possible connection with the Final Wonder. In the next time loop, Akko meets up with Elsa and Amelia to ask them about Molly's whereabouts only to learn the blue-haired girl is still missing and that they are worried about her, no longer remember about their heated argument.

Taking her time between recovering her scattered Chariot cards, Akko checks on Ursula's progress in browsing through Luna Nova's records pertaining Ghost Witch. Putting pieces together, the two discovered a shocking truth about the missing blue-haired girl; Molly is in fact, a Golden Magic Age-era Luna Nova student who turned into a monstrous, skeletal entity called the Ghost Witch allegedly because she lost control over her own power as well as afflicted with Curse of Time. To stop her rampage, Luna Nova professors at that time subdued the Ghost Witch and split her corrupted half into seven fragments which then locked away behind Horologium Chamber's Sealed Door, leaving her human half continue attending the academy as if nothing happened at the same time in process. However, no one noticed Molly had stayed at Luna Nova for the past two centuries for some reasons, in which Ursula suspected that memories pertaining her in everyone, including her own are periodically reset (estimated to be once a year) – a side effect from the loss of her corrupted half. Although not fully understand with what had befallen her dear friend, Akko nevertheless more than eager to find Molly so they can get into the bottom of the matter.

The Ghost in the Library Revealed

Confronting Molly Ghost Witch LWA CoT

The gang vs. Molly-Ghost Witch

Though unsure with their findings, one thing is certain: Molly is much more likely on the other side of Sealed Door of Horologium Chamber, specifically the true interior of its other side and one that doesn't require Magic Keys. Under Ursula's suggestion, Akko forcefully opens the Door with Shiny Arc, allowing her and the gang to enter and eventually comes face to face against the reunified Ghost Witch, form of Molly's alter ego, the Ghost Witch herself. It proved to be a difficult fight, as she wields immense elemental powers in her disposal and worse, able to render her immune to certain elements with use of conjured crystals that must be destroyed in order to make her susceptible to element in question. Despite this, Akko and co. perseveres, and eventually defeated her in the end, enabling them to evacuate Molly's unconscious body.

Despite their success, Molly is still not awakened for some reasons. It is then Akko connecting all dots together and confirmed that Molly and the Final Wonder, the Ghost in the library, are one in the same and called for her there. Predictably, Molly answers by appearing in her astral form, completely sick with remorse over what she had done while under the influence of her corrupted persona and that she dared not to look at her roommates' faces after their heated argument. Akko reassured to Molly they will forgive her nevertheless, even though neither Elsa nor Amelia are able to remember the whole thing, citing that the two are worried over her well-being. Surprised and moved by this, Molly abruptly returns to her body in a flash of light much to Akko's surprise.

Molly awake LWA CoT

Molly awakes.

Shortly after opening her eyes, Molly tells the gang how she became the Ghost Witch in the first place; she was indeed originally an inept Luna Nova student from Golden Magic Age era whose luck changed upon discovering Horologium Chamber. Although she managed to improve her skills thanks to Chamber's Time Magic, her inability to tell anyone about it resulted Molly isolated herself from others. In her desperation, she attempted to use the power of Horologium Chamber's Great Clock to go back in time to the day she first enrolled at the academy. But instead, she became afflicted with Curse of Time, resulting the young witch to exist outside the normal flow of time and subsequently turned into Ghost Witch. In response of this, professors of Luna Nova at that time stripped the transformed Molly of her corrupted half which then split into seven fragments that later hidden away to stop her at the cost of her human self not remembering who she really was.

Concluding her story, Molly pleaded to Ursula to imprison her back into Horologium Chamber against Akko's wishes, believing herself to be dangerous to everyone. Fortunately, such request is no longer necessary as Golden Magic Age professors' actions to stop her all those years ago were revealed to be part of very procedure to break the Curse which afflicted her. Diana explained that said procedure also involved the use of a magic seal placed on Horologium Chamber to sap away her Ghost Witch half's powers along with the time loop the gang sought to break, the latter which turns out to be a failsafe should the Ghost Witch was prematurely released. With Molly now returned to normal, the seal has completed its task and thus the time loop is no more. As such, Ursula reassured to the distressed Golden Magic Age-era young witch that attending the academy for 200 years should be more than enough to be a reminder to her mistake.

After sealing the Horologium Chamber for good, Ursula finds the ominous book that started it all and to Akko's surprise, a rare "Horologium Chamber" Chariot Card beta underneath it, which the latter quick to assume to be the alleged secret treasure hidden behind the Sealed Door. As the apology to scatter the Card, Molly allows Akko to keep it and she, along with the rest of the gang (including disgruntled Sucy), helps Akko arranging the book with Ursula tags along as well.


Life Goes on LWA CoT
In the end, life returned to normal in Luna Nova. Akko, Lotte, and Sucy are discussing what will they do next for the rest of the summer holiday, in which the Japanese suggests buying some ice cream at the spot Jasminka mentioned in Blytonbury whereas Sucy arranges an order for a venomous wasp for another of her experiments. Just then, Akko notices the-now happy Molly with Elsa and Amelia, unable to help but smile to see her finally able to live a life she always wanted in their academy.


Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is a side-scrolling action adventure game which features multiple characters from the series as playable characters.[7] Luna Nova Magical Academy can be explored and magic-infused attacks are used to navigate through monster-filled dungeons. There are two distinct game modes: a 3D adventure-style exploration of the school, and a 2.5D action mode involving the exploration of magical labyrinths with three characters. The game features animated cutscenes by Studio Trigger, the creators of the anime series. Scores from the series' original soundtrack are included in the game as well.


See: Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time Walkthrough and Guide in

Exclamation mark LWA CoT

Main Event (left) and Sub Event (right)

The game's walkthrough progress is split into Main Event (marked by red exclamation mark) and Sub Events (yellow exclamation mark). Whereas the Main Event required to complete the game, the Sub Event is outright optional, though some are crucial in gaining an edge to complete the main Event.

Sub Events

See: Sub Events

Sub Events refers to requests that Akko received over the course of the events of the game. While the sub-events technically optional to finish the game, some of its rewards can give the edge for the player in their progress in finishing it.

Party Roster

Party Roster LWA CoT

Party Roster screen

Party roster is where the player can choose the party leader (which player controls) and two supporting members who will act of their own accord. Keep in mind that each character has their own leadership traits, so make sure to take those into consideration if the player wanted to use it for their advantage.

Here are the list of playable characters and their respective leadership traits:

# Character Leadership Trait 1 Leadership Trait 2
1. Akko Adventurous: Support characters earn double experience points. Tough as Nails: Regain 50% HP once per battle when HP falls to 0.
2. Lotte Spirit Navigator: Spirit reveal the location of hidden chests. Press the spell button to dig the chest out. Mystic Slayer: Deal additional damage to mystic monster.
3. Sucy Fungus Finder: Gain party buffs by touching mushrooms that appear while adventuring. None
4. Amanda Thief's Discipline: Collect double luna and experience points after completing a dungeon. None
5. Constanze Stanbot: A Stanbot assists Constanze in battle. Clockwork Slayer: Deal additional damage to clockwork monsters.
6. Jasminka Quick Healer: Regain party HP when entering a new area. None
7. Diana Living Bestiary: View select monster stats. Commander: Party gains a boost to all stats except Drop Luck, which fails.

Horoscope Systems and Level Up

Horoscope System

Horoscope System

Once you managed to complete a dungeon, you gain EXP and items. EXP helps you level up, which will unlock new magic spells and increase your stats. Learning new spells, as well as improving spells, is done through the ‘Horoscope System’. By opening up the stars with the ‘Magic Points’ gained when leveling up, you will be able to learn new spells. As your fill out the constellation, the magic will become stronger.

Here are list of star constellations and spells withing them:

No. Constellation Spell Location
1. Fornax Fireball Already unlocked
2. Equuleus Stone Needle Already unlocked
3. Apus Wind Arrow Already unlocked
4. Coma Berenices Heal Already unlocked
5. Crux Thunderbolt Unlocked after clearing Canopus Ruins
6. Hydrus Dream Wind Unlocked after clearing Canopus Ruins
7. Microscopium Gravity Orb Unlocked after clearing Canopus Ruins
8. Phoenix Flaming Arrow Unlocked after clearing Canopus Ruins
9. Ursa Minor Shiny Arc Unlocked after clearing Canopus Ruins
10. Mensa Mana Tap Unlocked after clearing Mimosa Forest
11. Musca Gravity Binding Unlocked after clearing Mimosa Forest
12. Volans Cure Unlocked after clearing Mimosa Forest
13. Reticulum Hexflame Unlocked after clearing Mount Ankaa
14. Ara Regeneration Unlocked after clearing Mimosa Forest
15. Leo Minor Flame Strike Unlocked after clearing Mount Ankaa
16. Cassiopeia Flame Shield Unlocked after clearing mount Ankaa
17. Camelopardalis Curse Shield Unlocked after clearing Mimosa Forest
18. Ophiuchus Path of Cinders Unlocked after clearing Mount Ankaa
19. Cepheus Mark of Flame Unlocked after clearing Mount Ankaa
20. Canes Venatici Rock Fist Unlocked after clearing Regulus Mines
21. Dorado Ice Javelin Unlocked after clearing Regulus Mines
22. Scutum Earth Strike Unlocked after clearing Regulus Mines
23. Antlia Stone Wave Unlocked after clearing Regulus Mines
24. Tucana Earth Shield Unlocked after clearing Regulus Mines
25. Canis Minor Weakness Bomb Unlocked after clearing Shaula Desert
26. Vulpecula Dancing Wind Unlocked after clearing Shaula Desert
27. Triangulum Wind Strike Unlocked after clearing Shaula Desert
28. Delphinus Windstorm Unlocked after clearing Shaula Desert
29. Chamaeleon Wind Shield Unlocked after clearing Shaula Desert
30. Circinus Ice Bind Unlocked after clearing Gienah Tundra
31. Sextans Frost Strike Unlocked after clearing Gienah Tundra
32. Corvus Ice Shield Unlocked after clearing Gienah Tundra
33. Piscis Austrinus Frost Spiral Unlocked after clearing Gienah Tundra
34. Norma Icy Embrace Unlocked after clearing Gienah Tundra
35. Telescopium Shattering Bolt Unlocked after clearing Labyrinth of Pollux
36. Aries Taunt Unlocked after defeating the Time Demon for the second time
37. Horologium Reflecting Armor Unlocked after clearing Labyrinth of Pollux
38. Pictor Thunder Cloud Unlocked after defeating the Time Demon for the second time
39. Auriga Shutdown Unlocked after clearing Labyrinth of Pollux
40. Grus Spellsap Circle Unlocked after defeating the Time Demon for the second time
41. Bootes Lifesap Circle Unlocked after defeating the Time Demon for the second time
42. Corona Australis Earth Buster (Akko Only) Inside the secret treasure room behind the stairs in the first-floor hallway, hidden inside the bronze chest
43. Libra Spirit Breath (Lotte Only) Inside the secret treasure room at the Spiral Stairs of Luna Nova Tower, inside the bronze chest
44. Cancer Poison Bomb (Sucy Only) Inside the secret treasure room in the Teachers’ House, hidden in a mouse hole, inside the bronze chest
45. Lynx Passionate Dance (Amanda Only) Inside the secret treasure room in East Laundry, hidden in a mouse hole, inside the bronze chest
46. Monoceros Laser Blast (Constanze Only) Inside the secret treasure room behind the troll guarding the room on the third-floor hallway, inside the bronze chest
47. Columba Catering Party (Jasminka Only) Inside the secret treasure room in the sewers, hidden in the mouse hole, inside the bronze chest
48. Corona Borealis Stormbringer (Diana Only) Inside the secret treasure room behind the troll guarding the room in the West Dormitory hallway, inside the bronze chest
49. Sagitta Tornado Shot Inside the secret treasure room in East Laundry, hidden in a mouse hole, inside the silver chest
50. Lyra Steel Wind Inside the secret treasure room in the Teachers’ House, hidden in a mouse hole, inside the silver chest
51. Lupus Icy Dawn Inside the secret treasure room behind the stairs in the first-floor hallway, hidden inside the silver chest
52. Pegasus Lightning Spear Inside the secret treasure room in the sewers, hidden in the mouse hole, inside the silver chest
53. Cygnus Freezing Wave Inside the secret treasure room behind the troll guarding the room on the third-floor hallway, inside the silver chest
54. Aquila Ring of Destruction Inside the secret treasure room behind the troll guarding the room in the West Dormitory hallway, inside the silver chest
55. Crater Flare Splash Inside the secret treasure room at the Spiral Stairs of Luna Nova Tower, inside the silver chest
56. Leo Sandstorm Inside the secret treasure room behind the stairs in the first-floor hallway, hidden inside the gold chest
57. Serpens Gravity Blast Inside the secret treasure room in the sewers, hidden in the mouse hole, inside the gold chest
58. Aquarius Judgement Rain Inside the secret treasure room in the Teachers’ House, hidden in a mouse hole, inside the gold chest
59. Canis Major Shatter Inside the secret treasure room in East Laundry, hidden in a mouse hole, inside the gold chest
60. Scorpius Flame Shot Inside the secret treasure room behind the troll guarding the room on the third-floor hallway, inside the gold chest
61. Draco Draconic Volcano Inside the secret treasure room behind the troll guarding the room in the West Dormitory hallway, inside the gold chest
62. Eridanus Rapid Fire Inside the secret treasure room at the Spiral Stairs of Luna Nova Tower, inside the gold chest
63. Sculptor Rain of Icicles Unlocked after fully upgrading Piscis Austrinus
64. Capricornus Stonefall Unlocked after fully upgrading Canes Venatici
65. Pavo Black Hole Unlocked after fully upgrading Musca
66. Lacerta Spark Flare Unlocked after fully upgrading Reticulum
67. Gemini Earthen Spikes Unlocked after fully upgrading Antlia
68. Lepus Circle of Healing Unlocked after fully upgrading Coma Berenices
69. Cetus Meteor Crash Unlocked after fully upgrading Crater
70. Virgo Whiteout Unlocked after fully upgrading Cygnus
71. Andromeda Volcanic Ray Unlocked after fully upgrading Ophiuchus
72. Taurus Spirit Lullaby (Lotte Only) Unlocked after fully upgrading Libra
73. Pisces Sucy’s World (Sucy Only) Unlocked after fully upgrading Cancer
74. Hercules Flame Rondo (Amanda Only) Unlocked after fully upgrading Lynx
75. Sagittarius Grand Charion (Constanze Only) Unlocked after fully upgrading Monoceros
76. Perseus Gravitron Omega (Jasminka Only) Unlocked after fully upgrading Columba
77. Orion Fiery Barrage (Diana Only) Unlocked after fully upgrading Corona Borealis
78. Hydra Shiny Ballista (Akko/Lotte/Sucy, Spell must be cast by Akko) Unlocked after fully upgrading Ursa Minor
79. Centaurus Magical Parade (Amanda/Constanze/Jasminka, Spell must be cast by Amanda) Unlocked after clearing Level 75 in the Underground
80. Puppis Shine Explosion (Diana/Akko, Spell must be cast by Diana) Unlocked after clearing Level 100 in the Underground
81. Carina Transform Gust (Akko Only) Unlocked after clearing Level 50 in the Underground


Enchant Screen LWA CoT

Enchant screen

Enchantment is where you can magically improve any equipped wands and accessories as well as adding new attributes with use of materials the player gathered from any of seven regions accessible via. Sealed Door of Horologium Chamber and magic keys. After choosing an item with one or more empty enchanted slots, chose one of the slots and use two different materials to add a new attribute. Mixing item costs some Lunas (the game's currency) depend on the level of the chosen item/materials in question where the higher the level of items and materials used in enchantment, the more the cost of enchantment. Enchanting items also revolves trial and errors, as new attributes that added into used item not always beneficial, so keep in mind that different recipes yields different results.




Limited edition

The following extras will be included in the Limited edition version (¥11,110):[2]
Little-Witch-Academia-Ltd-ed-extras-PS4 06-25-17 008
  • A copy of the game
  • A Trigger-illustration special-make box
  • Special contents Blu-ray disc
  • Drama CD
  • Specially-made art book
  • Game original Chariot card

[Warning] The japanese version doesn't have English translation yet !



Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time has an associated gallery here.


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