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Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade (リトルウィッチアカデミア 魔法仕掛けのパレード Ritoru Witchi Akademia: Mahōjikake no Parēdo?) is an anime film released on July 3, 2015, at Anime Expo 2015 and October 9, 2015, in Japanese theaters. It's the sequel of the first special Little Witch Academia and tells the challenge of Atsuko Kagari to produce a parade with the help of her friends from the Luna Nova Magical Academy.


The movie was funded by a Kickstarter campaign. It was funded up to $625,518 from a total of 7,938 patrons who pledged for the project to be made.


Akko Kagari enters a European, traditional, witch-training, prestigious school called Luna Nova Magical Academy based on the charming magic of the witch Shiny Chariot's show she saw when she was young. However, not being able to ride on a broom at all and doing mischievous things in class causes her trouble. Akko's friends, caretaker Lotte and cynic Sucy are allowed to participate in a parade that reproduces the history of witch-hunting as punishment!
If they do not produce the parade successfully together with three other troublemaking students — Amanda O'Neill, Constanze Braunschbank-Albrechtsberger, and Jasminka Antonenko — they will be expelled. However, they would like to make it as happy as a show by Shiny Chariot! Akko's magical happy parade, involving the whole city taking off.[2]

Full Recap

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The film begins with Sucy intending to use an ominous-looking mushroom for the class' fusion magic experiment but is objected by Akko who suggests using what seems to be a brownie (though the former questioned whether the creature on her hand indeed one due to its goblin-like features). Lotte tries to break up her roommates' arguments, but the two are too occupied that they wind mixing both together by mistake, resulting in the three friends alongside the mushroom, the small creature, and their boiling fusion potion into a Matango-like monster that poisons everyone in the lab. Subsequently, Finnelan, the acting teacher at that time, and Diana casted Luna Lana to undo the mess they caused.

At the Student Counseling Room, it's revealed that this is the fifth time the red team got into trouble; two of previous for being attempting to test a love potion on a potion teacher and having animated mummies to take over their supposed cleaning duties. In the light of their latest shenanigan, Finnelan assigned the girls to participate in the academy's upcoming witch parade at the town. To Akko's dismay, their would-be part in the parade is going to be a re-enactment of Witch Hunts in the Middle Ages in addition to an appeasement ceremony at the town's Sealing Stones. Finnelan further explained that another trio of troublemakers will join them also; the thief Amanda O'Neill, the magic-mechanic savvy Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank-Albrechtsberger, and the gluttonous Jasminka Antonenko, and sternly concludes with an ultimatum: Should they failed to make the parade a successful one, they must flunk the school year.

Gathering at the red team's dorm room, Akko is disgruntled by how outdated and awful the witch parade is that she takes her anger on Lotte's pillow. None of her friends shared the sentiment, let alone involve in it. Jasminka, who simply eats a bucket of candy on the other hand, offers Lotte some and reassures it being "happy flavor", giving Akko an idea to make a drastic change on the upcoming parade where it shows witches' more wonderful aspects. Naturally, Lotte protests such idea, but her pleads fell into deaf ears since Amanda agrees with it since she may be able to share some tricks for such purpose.


Voice cast

Character Seiyū Dub
Atsuko "Akko" Kagari Megumi Han Erica Mendez
Lotte Jansson Fumiko Orikasa Stephanie Sheh
Sucy Manbavaran Michiyo Murase Rachelle Heger
Diana Cavendish Yōko Hikasa Laura Post
Ursula Callistis Noriko Hidaka Alexis Nichols
Barbara Parker Chinatsu Akasaki
Hannah England Eri Nakao Jennifer Alyx
Anne Finnelan Rurika Yamamoto Eileen Galido
Amanda O'Neill Arisa Shida Marianne Miller
Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank-Albrechtsberger Rie Murakawa Jennifer Alyx
Jasminka Antonenko Reina Ueda Stephanie Sheh
Thomas Tōko Aoyama Lucien Dodge
Mayor Hiroshi Ōtake

Original soundtrack

  • "Mushroom Menace In The Lab"
  • "Title Intro"
  • "Parade Of The Witch Hunt"
  • "The Three Mischiefs"
  • "Akko’s Idea: The Happy Time Project"
  • "Dance Of The Brooms"
  • "The White Mage Appears..."
  • "Confrontation With Diana"
  • "A Trip To Town"
  • "Tomato Fight"
  • "The Evil Stirs..."
  • "The Magic Of Chariot"
  • "Akko’s Parade Preparation"
  • "Shiny Rod’s Revival"
  • "Luna Nova’s Witch Parade Happy Time"
  • "The Giant Awakes"
  • "The Show Must Go On..."
  • "Sucy To The Rescue / The Chase"
  • "Lotte’s Song Of The Spirits"
  • "The Witches Versus The Giant"
  • "Happy Time Ending"
  • "End Credits"
  • "Magic Parade"


Little Witch Academia TEP logo.png
  • Ursula doesn't use a powerful magic spell, like she did in the first short film, therefore her hair does not transform back to its natural red state.
  • Lotte and Jasminka both share the same voice actress in the English dub, Stephanie Sheh.
    • Constanze and Hannah also share the same English dub voice actress, Jennifer Alyx.
  • This marks the first appearance of Blytonbury in the series. The city later appears in the anime.
  • When The Enchanted Parade was first released, Amanda could be briefly seen flipping off the camera. This scene has been edited in later revisions to pixelate Amanda's middle finger.
  • As with in the first film, The Enchanted Parade underwent extensive development throughout its production stages during which Yō Yoshinari and his fellow Studio TRIGGER animator came up with ideas, some of which eventually didn't make it to the final product:
    • Lotte was originally intended to appear at the balcony of a nearby building as she began singing her lullaby to save Akko and Sucy from monsters who surrounding them. However, Yoshinari found this idea not striking enough and thus rectified it by having her singing while flying with her broom.[3]
      • Additionally, instead of slowly descending into a horde of angry faery-possessed objects, Akko and Sucy were supposedly already on the ground surrounded by them.
    • A scrapped subplot of the film revolved around Diana who would take over the parade herself only to mess up and had to be saved by Akko as the result. The reason why this idea eventually scrapped was because Yoh Yoshinari wanted to keep the focus on the main trio. Even so, the idea of Akko rescuing Diana later revisited for the 20th episode of the anime TV Series albeit under different circumstances.
    • There are at least two sequel ideas before they came up with Enchanted Parade:
      • The first idea revolved around the idea of familiars with Akko finding herself with a dragon one as a way for them to continue the dragon idea from the first film as shown in two different illustrations within the artbook that came with The Enchanted Parade's Blue-ray release.[4][5][6]
      • The second idea, which concept artwork arguably one depicting Akko getting chased by a massive golem whose body made of parts of stone tower/fortress, revolved around Akko getting framed and arrested for a crime she didn't commit, as well as expelled from Luna Nova and has to get the help of an wizard criminal to get her name cleared and prove her innocence, while also being on the run from both the law and even Luna Nova. This idea was scrapped due to unsuitable with the franchise's tone as well as time constraints (such storyline would take more than the film's intended duration (50 minutes) to finish).[7]
  • The short film includes cameos of Rebecca Sugar and Ian-Jones Quintey who are the developers of Steven Universe.[8]
    • Another cameos are those of Mabel and Dipper from Gravity Falls and Connie of Steven Universe fame.[9]


  • During the girls' broom dance training montage, if one looks closely as Akko and Lotte struggle to twirl their broom that their belly briefly exposed, their navel are missing.[10][11]


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