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Little Witch Academia: The Nonsensical Witch and the Country of Fairies (リトルウィッチアカデミア でたらめ魔女と妖精の国 Ritoru Uitchi Akademia Detarame Majo to Yousei no Kuni?) is a light novel adaptation from the Little Witch Academia franchise, novelized by Momo Tachibana and published by KADOKAWA. The novel was released on April 15, 2017, and is set in 2017 anime series universe.[1][2]


An original story based on the hit anime!

I'm Atsuko Kagari, but you can call me Akko! It's been my lifelong dream to become. Awitch, and I came all the way from Japan to attend the prestigious Luna Nova Witchcraft Academy. But then I found out all we ever do is study, study, study! I swear! What's with this place?!

Well, we finally left our desks to go on a class trip to Doras Hill, and things were going smoothly for once!...That is, until I met the guardian of the hill, Sifla. Wait, whadja say, Sifla? Did your cat and dog run away from home? Don't worry. Lotte, Sucy, and I will find them for you! After all, we're three hearts that beat as one, right?


Chapter 1: The Floundering Witch Who Can't Ride a Broom

The chapter begins with Akko recounting how Shiny Chariot inspired her to become a witch and subsequently enrolling at Luna Nova to learn magic despite her mundane background since it was the very academy her role model used to attend. To her dismay, however, Luna Nova's classes proved to be duller than expected and Sucy using her as guinea pig to test her experimental poisons and potions at daily basis in addition of her own difficulty in casting even simplest of spells don't help either. Her latest predicament was succumbing to Sucy's sleeping potion with an eyedropper right in the middle of magical history class, much to Finnelan's fury that the strict professor gave her a detention in form of a homework where she must copy the class' studying materials from chapter 1 to chapter 3, which is 40 pages worth.

After narrowly subjected to another of involuntary experiment by Sucy in the middle of working on said homework, Akko is comforted by Lotte who pointed out the task is not completely awful and her predicament in Luna Nova is quite understandable. To improve her friend's mood, Lotte reveals that Luna Nova is about to conduct a field trip to Doras Hill, a special place full of magic where fairies have gathered for centuries, in the next night. Lotte herself once visited the site alongside her grandmother in the past and according to the legend pertaining it, one will receive a blessing should they stand at the very top of the hill and letting themselves being bathed in the light of the full moon at the same time. The Finnish young witch further explained that it has become Luna Nova's tradition to bring their first-year students there as sort of good luck ritual to become full-fledged witches. As motivated as she is, Akko nevertheless dismayed to hear that they'll reach Doras Hill via. prepared Ley Line terminal, reminded by her own inability to fly with magic broom.

On the next night, Akko's mood improves only a little bit as although she managed to finish her detention in time to join her fellow first-year students in their field trip for Doras Hill, her inability to fly with broom that forces her to compensate by flying alongside Ursula earned her another mockery from Hannah and Barbara. Fortunately, Diana is there to stop her good-for-nothing sycophantic roommates before things start to get out of hand, much to the Japanese's relief despite still annoyed by their own differences. Once the red team and Ursula are the only ones left, Akko looks back at when she managed to fly with Shooting Star and even requested the bespectacled professor to place a spell on her broom to make things easier for her at one point only to be denied. Instead Ursula reminded Akko about Chariot's message which allowed the brunette to recover the long-lost Shiny Rod in the first place, improving her student's mood thus allowing her to regain her excitement over the field trip.

Chapter 2: Sifla, the Witch Who Guards Doras Hill

Accompanied by Ursula and (to Akko's dismay) Finnelan, Luna Nova students have finally arrived at Doras Hill, a seemingly unassuming modest mound covered in long, unkempt grass surrounded by the forest and according to Lotte, has 13 sacred trees growing in a wide ring just in front of it. At the top of the mound lies a stone circle consisted of 13 big, bumpy boulders surrounding two similar rocks standing upright with a third rock lying across them like a roof at the center which Akko quick to compare with Torii (a gate for Shinto shrine), much to her roommates' confusion.

Finnelan begins her lecture starting from how the site was discovered 3 centuries prior and serves as the very place where the coronation ceremony of the new fairy king being held. To her relief and true to Lotte's reassurance regarding homework on the other day, the Japanese manages to remember a bit of information pertaining Doras Hill as soon as Finnelan brings them up to Akko since they all referenced in both her detention and Sifla's The Origin of the Fairy King, most notably the part about the hill's 13 sacred trees which meant to ensure the peace on the area each has different purposes and roles. Joining the strict professor in her lecture, Diana adds that the guardian of the Doras Hill is a witch named Sifla who managed to win the confidence of the fairy king when others failed to do the same before the former continues by stating that the duty, along with the name of Sifla itself, has since passed down throughout generations of the original Sifla's family. As a general rule, anyone who enter the sacred hill may spend a few restful moments there under the guardian's own discretion since the hill's fairies don't welcome meddlers, thus necessitating Luna Nova to sign a contract with each Sifla to provide her support over the years in return of permission to bring the academy's students there once each year.

Unfortunately for the strict professor, ensuring the field trip remains in order proves to be difficult thanks to the presence of green team (Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka), remarking them no better than Akko in contemptuous manner in her annoyance. To add insult to injury, when Diana reminds everyone about dangers fairies of Doras Hill can pose to those they not welcome, she uses unnecessarily mocking tone when directing said warning to Akko, leaving the Japanese seething in fury. This prompts Lotte to calm her friend down and suggests to have some tea together while Sucy interested only in gathering some leaves at the site (including ones from the 13 sacred trees) instead despite Akko's concern about getting caught by Finnelan in doing so.

Just then, the panicked Ursula reports to Finnelan that the current Sifla, a 6-years-old young witch who recently inherited the duty and title from her late grandmother and seemingly lives with no one but herself (her mother died from childbirth), refuses to talk to anyone for some reasons, leaving both teachers uncertain of what to do as they also need to renew the contract between Luna Nova and the guardian of Doras Hill as soon as possible. The news greatly worried Akko that she rallies her roommates to meet the latest Sifla themselves straight away and even manages to convince Sucy to tag along as the new guardian of Doras Hill will likely allow her to gather the leaves thus terminating the need to steal them despite Lotte's initial objection. While Akko indeed has ulterior motives in doing so (asking Sifla to teach her an interesting spell or two), her main priority at hand is to see why she lives by herself as it's rather unsettling to see some little girl living by herself.

Discreetly retracing Ursula's footsteps, the three friends finally locate Sifla's hut which more like a small mound barely taller than Ursula's own height (so much Akko remarks it more like a cellar) and a single wooden door to enter. Akko cheerfully attempts to call anyone inside out to no avail, but the girls eventually make a progress when Lotte does the same with gentler approach. As soon as Sifla, who revealed to be familiar with Night Fall series as much as Lotte herself, opens the door, Lotte restrains Akko from giving the little girl a tackle hug as the new guardian of Doras Hill indeed mourning her grandmother's passing and therefore not in the good mood to deal anyone yet. To compound the issue, her childhood friends, Feoras and Alan, are missing.

Chapter 3: Off to the Country of the Fairies!

Sifla informs the three friends who listen intently (with exception of Sucy who too absorbed in retrieving nearby leaves) about her missing friends; Feoras the cat and Alan the dog. Not wanting to see the new guardian crying anymore, Akko makes up her mind to find them both and bring her roommates along in the search since they're "three hearts that beat as one." Whereas Lotte still uneasy about potential troubles Akko will bring themselves into in the process, Sucy relents only after a brief yet tough negotiation that concluded with Akko agrees to let herself being experimented upon by the Manbavaran 3 times without complaining once everything is over. Sucy then tells Sifla that she will join Akko in return of some elderflowers, much to the guardian of Doras Hill's pleasant surprise since she already heard of the Manbavaran prior. Seeing no point in arguing against her friends, Lotte entrusts Sifla her pot of herbal tea as the reminder that they will drink it together as soon as they return.

After being amused by the sight of Sucy and Akko's interaction when the former brings up their deal, Sifla eventually tells the three friends about circumstances that surround Alan and Feoras' disappearance: It all started when she prepared the two their milk for dinner only to see them abruptly left. She casted a barrier so as to prevent them from leaving too far, but they were nowhere to be found regardless, much to Akko's suspicion – from her description about the two, Alan and Feoras are larger than regular cats and dogs and that there are very few places to hide on the hill, thus their peers supposedly able to spot them already.

As Akko, Lotte, and Sucy discuss how to track Feoras and Alan down (Lotte suggests a locating spell, Sucy a spell that traces scents, and Akko a giant catnip plant bigger than Doras Hill itself which immediately ignored), Sifla suspects the two went for the Country of the Fairies as they are not mundane animals from start. She further explained that Feoras and Alan are members of fairies resembling one and her late grandmother said that she can properly communicate with the two once becoming a full-fledged guardian of Doras Hill. But due to her sudden passing before her successor could complete her training, the latter is unable to do so and worse, Feoras and Alan seemingly left because they lost their faith in her. Able to relate with the new guardian of Doras Hill's shortcomings, Akko feels that she had to make haste for the Country of the Fairies on the guardian's behalf, winning Sifla's trust in the process that she gives the Japanese one of her willow branch bracelets for the job.

Secretly following Diana's instruction of how to enter the Country of the Fairies (circling Stone Doras nine times), Akko, Lotte, and Sucy soon surrounded by the mist that comes from nowhere while spotting a secret stairway leading to the underground that just revealed itself to them. Stepping down through the stairway with Will-o'-chan helps illuminating their surroundings through its lantern that Lotte carries, they move past a tunnel at the end leading to an unexpected surprise...

Chapter 4: Feoras Is the King of the Cat-Sith?!

Akko, Lotte, and Sucy are pleasantly surprised to see that they stumble upon the coronation of the new king of anthropomorphic, talking green cat-like creatures called Cat Sith (plural: Cait-Sith), at the end of the tunnel with the new king proudly dons a fancy-looking red royal hat before sitting upon a red velvet throne. It doesn't take long for the cat-like creatures to notice their presence as when attempting to get a closer look, Sucy pushed Akko onto one leg that the Japanese tumbled forward by mistake, alarming everyone present in the process. Horrified by the presence of the three witches, the Cait-Sith make haste to drag them upon their new leader and voice their execution at once. In stark contrast of his paranoid subjects who become increasingly delirious and even badmouth the new Sifla and later, Shiny Chariot, upon their mention by Akko, the new king correctly deduces Akko, Lotte, and Sucy not a threat and even willing to listen to the three, despite of them informally introduce themselves due to still confused with events that just transpired in addition of more level-headed.

Calming his people down before their paranoia turn them against each other in a brawl and excusing them so he and the three friends can speak privately, the new king, who is none other than Feoras himself, explains what truly happened few hours back; instead of abandoning his beloved Sifla, the Cat Sith made haste to attend his predecessor's funeral that occurred not too long ago, leading him to be elected as the new king of Cat-Sith of the Country of the Fairies. As much as he felt guilty from doing so, Feoras states that he has one last matter to attend to – completing the trial to become the proper king by settling his fight with a sworn enemy of his whose name jarringly familiar to them, Alan.

Chapter 5: The Battle Between the Cait-Sith and Coin-Sith

Feoras explains that Doras Hill, along with the rest of the Country of Fairies itself, is the home of many fairies with cat-like Cait-Sith and dog-like Cu-Sith (plural: Coin-Sith) the most affluent of them all, stronger and populous. For the same reason, both tribes have been locked in centuries-old rivalry to determine which of them is fit to govern the land. He further explained that Alan has become the latest of Cu-Sith king and therefore they have to fulfill their respective tribe's expectations — when the two tribes each crowned a new king, both rulers must undergo a trial together to determine who shall lead the rest of the land's inhabitants as well under the title of fairy king, though his predecessor refused to tell him how said trial looked like in his last moments presumably out of shame of his past failures. Even so, that doesn't stop him from participating regardless, believing it to be the only way for him and Sifla to win the respect of his proud subjects and other faeries since majorities of them refuse to acknowledge Doras Hill's newest guardian.

Akko then asks Feoran why he resented Alan so badly, in which he bitterly explains that his Cu-Sith friend is the laziest out of two, forcing him to do most of the chores (calling Sifla for food, telling her that cabbage is poisonous to them among other things) himself, yet the former is too small to do anything. To the Japanese's dismay, as much as he had a valid point (Alan will likely become a poor example for his subjects), Feoras' strict adherence to his people's ways and devotion as their new king has changed him into a distant and impersonal shadow of his former self with mindset not too different with Diana and traditionalistic teachers in Luna Nova who resented her. To make matter worse, his bitterness made him less than considerate to Sifla's feelings more than he let on.

As Akko finds herself at loss of what to do, a loud howl interrupts their argument, prompting Feoras to begrudgingly take the three friends with him as he sets out to figure out what's going on. As he does, the new king of Cat-Sith warns Akko and her roommates that Coin-Sith have worse temper than Cait-Sith and everyone, even his people, are on the edge since both tribes are eager to settle their rivalry as they speak.

Following the new king of Cat-Sith, the three friends arrive at a more spacious region of the Country of Fairies which, to Akko's surprise, greatly resembles Doras Hill appearance-wise complete with its own Doras Stone except the stars are much farther and the moonlight looks duller than usual, making it depressing in comparison. There, they discover that the Cait-Sith horde already marched for the Coin-Sith horde on their own instead of patiently waiting for their newly coronated king. As if both sides are already on the verge of engaging an all-out war is bad enough, the latter horde turned out have their own share of witch problem; some of Coin-Sith have tied up Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka to wooden logs and currently occupied in holding them captive, but nevertheless kind enough to let the Russian young witch keep her lollipop in the middle of such tense situation. Feoras correctly deduces that the three used a slightly different method; a detail Diana neglected to mention about the means to enter the Country of Fairies is that circling Stone Doras nine times in clockwise manner will lead one to Cait-Sith's home while counterclockwise to Coin-Sith's instead.

Relieved that she, Lotte, and Sucy stumbled upon Feoras first, Akko asks the new king of Cat-Sith whether the Cu-Sith that angrily demanding their explanation is Alan. Feoras replies that he isn't, all while indignantly pointing towards a contrasting (or rather disgraceful) sight among the pissed Coin-Sith horde; a snoring Cu-Sith with a bright-red cloak which design as fancy as Feoras' hat who evidently too lazy to deal the situation around him, let alone the newfound responsibility bequeathed upon him not too long ago. True to Feoras' claim about the extent of his rival's laziness, Akko notices that one of his followers had to drag Alan all the way to that place with a sled as both kings confront each other for their upcoming trial.

Ignoring Feoras' warning about what Alan can do, Akko pleads to the reluctant new king of Cu-Sith to return to the worried Sifla. As with the former, Alan refuses, though in his case, his people won't allow him to do that yet as per both tribes' tradition. Seeing that the brunette won't let them fight each other despite Feoras' eagerness to do so, Alan unexpectedly makes an unheard decision to let her join the trial for the position of the fairy king as well, justifying that there's no mention of it being Sith-exclusive. Naturally, Akko answers the challenge without even having Amanda encouraging her to do so albeit under the condition where she has Lotte and Sucy as the backup. Impressed by the Japanese's determination, Alan lets Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka go as her extra assistance if she wishes to, adding that winning the title of fairy king is the only way for Akko and her friends to return to the outside world. As much as he questioned such unorthodox idea, Feoras begrudgingly agrees since he eventually had to clean up everyone's messes as usual in the end and announces the beginning of the trial for the fairy king title.

Chapter 6: The Trial of the Fairy King and a Mysterious Dream

Feoras asks Akko one more time whether she has made up her mind to participate in the trial for the title of fairy king, uncertain whether she and her fellow Luna Nova witches are serious enough to do so (well, at least more than Alan who unexpectedly falls asleep during such important event that he had to wake the lazy Cu-Sith up). After a rude awakening and argument with his Cat-Sith friend and rival, Alan reveals a shocking truth and reason why he involved Akko and co. to begin with; no one has managed to succeed the original fairy king in the past three centuries and before then, the hill was a more peaceful place. Seeing no point in arguing with anyone further, Feoras shares Alan along with the six friends a special concoction that has been prepared beforehand on Doras Stone's stone table, said to be handed down from the first fairy king and made of leaves of Doras Hill's thirteen sacred trees boiled in holy water to commence their trial together.

Consuming the concoction alongside the others in a toast, Akko soon falls asleep entering a pitch-black dreamscape. For a moment, there's nothing around her. Then, following the sound of what seemed to be a distressed girl, the Japanese sees a seemingly 16-17 years old version of Sifla comforting a large dog and an average-sized cat on her lap promising that she will take care of them both under the condition where the two won't fight anymore and they all smile together instead.

Recovering from the trance, Akko discovers that Sifla's amulet is glowing faintly and Lotte and the others are worried that their friend won't wake up – everyone was indeed momentarily losing consciousness due to the concoction's effect yet the Japanese was the last to open her eyes because she also entered a deep sleep unlike them for some reasons. As she eats Jasminka's sugar-covered doughnut to recover her strength, Amanda informs her friends that the early part of the trial has gone underway with the stone tablet reveals a hidden writing in Luna Alphabet which Lotte deciphers as:

The one who revives the sacred trees and makes stars fall from the heavens shall be ruler of the fairies.

Amanda misinterprets the latter part as being able to magically call forth a localized downfall of shooting stars and casts Shooting Star Spell to do so, but nothing happens. Not even casting the spell while flying with broom works, which is no surprise for Feoras since it's obviously not the right solution. Nevertheless, the new king of Cat-Sith decides that reviving the sacred trees will be their first priority, even though he's uncertain how to do so begin with.

Predictably, this earns the king of Cat-Sith another teasing from Alan, resulting both kings bickering once again that Akko can't help but wonder whether the two indeed friends to begin with as much as it amuses her. Alan reveals that their uneasy friendship was apparently part of an agreement between the original Sifla and the first fairy king right when the two were chosen as candidates for the kingships of their respective tribes, leading them lived alongside the same Sifla since her youth. As much as they hated such idea, it was thanks to such arranged friendship they know the current Sifla more than their distrustful people could possibly imagine and they opted to remain on the good terms for her sake. Though disheartened that the girls sided with Alan, Feoras' mood improves a bit as he challenges them to see which one of them thay manage to revive the sacred trees better before dealing the next part of the trial.

Chapter 7: Revive, Sacred Trees

The six friends and Alan trot down the hill for the first tree to revive; a white birch. The king of Cu-Sith explains that each tree of 13 sacred trees of Doras Hill represents a month in the fairy calendar (the same calendar established 1 fairy year consists of 13 months as opposed of mundane world's Earth 12). Feoras adds that in addition of being ingredients for a concoction which serves as sort of panacea (arguably the same concoction they consumed earlier), the leaves of 13 sacred trees are the source of the fairy king's power and Sifla laments them now lost much of their power and vitality – restoring them back to optimal condition is the point of the current part of the trial for the title of fairy king.

Seeing how ancient the birch tree has evidently become, Sucy suggests Lotte to call forth its inhabiting faery with her song knowing it has manifested one already like old objects do. It takes a lot of encouragement from her friends but, Lotte eventually relents and begins singing her family's special song. The sacred birch tree's faery, a birch dryad, appears but, she unfortunately has no answer they seek. The group then move on for the next sacred tree, a rowan tree, only for the song doesn't work this time. Luckily, Feoras recalls on a particular song pertaining the 13 sacred trees and sings it as per Alan's suggestion:

The forest lady drinks red fruit, the offering of her younger sister.
Beneath the droplets from the leaves, the twittering songbirds call the spring.
The witch comes bathed in moonlight; a bridge to the fairies' past she'll bring.

Noticing the sacred rowan tree before them lacks its leaves as pointed by Amanda and picking up the clue provided by the song, Sucy hastens the tree's growth with Plant Growth Spell (Fas Doluus), resulting it to finally sprout fresh leaves and berries at last. This draws the attention of the birch dryad who suddenly approaches and gazes upon its berries longingly, leading Amanda to ask Jasminka to make some berry juice for her. Picking up required amounts of rowan berry before pouring them all along with some powder (which Akko suspects as sugar) into a flask, the chubby young witch casts Blender Spell (Avi Brasta), mixing them all into a refreshing berry juice she then gives to the faery. As soon as the birch dryad consumed the flask's whole content (much to Jasminka's mild envy), the sacred white birch and rowan trees rejuvenate in a blinding flash of light.

With eleven more sacred trees to go, Lotte takes another look on the lyrics of Feoras' song she has written in her notebook. Reading the second part of the song out loud, "Beneath the droplets from the leaves, the twittering songbirds call the spring.", the Finnish wonders whether they must get the third tree, ash tree, wet and the fourth tree, alder tree, surrounded by songbirds, respectively somehow. This gives Amanda an idea to have Constanze blasts the former with adjusted stream of water with her latest project, a homemade water cannon, while the Irish-American conjures a flock of songbirds which then converge around the latter under her command out of a trail of smoke generated by her broom via. Songbird Summoning Spell. Their endeavors succeed, and both trees regain its vitality and power in a blinding flash of light as with previous ones.

Hearing the final part of the song, "The witch comes bathed in moonlight; a bridge to the fairies' past she'll bring.", Akko realizes its first half has something to do with Sifla's willow amulet in her possession and instinctively places both her hands onto the thick trunk of the fifth tree, a willow tree. As she does, both the amulet and the sacred tree's branches shine brighter all at once, causing the Japanese to abruptly appear in front of Sifla right in the latter's room, much to their surprise.

Or so she initially believed to be. Realizing it has something to do with their amulets' magic and that they allowed her to send her astral form to talk to Sifla with, Akko informed the new guardian of Doras Hill about Feoras and Alan's circumstances. The news leaves Sifla mixed at best, more so after Akko rightfully pointed out that they cannot quit the trial for the title of fairy king just yet. Putting aside her frustration over Sifla's helplessness over their situation, the Japanese informs her the vision about original Sifla she had not too long ago, but is unable to see how the latter reacts as she suddenly returned to her body due to her amulet ran out of power, surrounded by her confused and worried friends. Through it, Akko confirms that she indeed the witch 'bathed in moonlight' as referred by the first half of the song's final part, much to Amanda's disbelief.

As Lotte wonders about the meaning of "bridging the past" part, Sucy provides an unlikely solution; a bubbling, ominous purple potion mixed with powdered trunk extract of the next sacred tree, a hawthorn tree. The mischievous Manbavaran explains that hawthorn trees, including the sacred one which trunk extract she took to brew it, are inhabited by fairies and memories of the past flow through the heart of their trunk; the potion provides means to perceive said memories. With no other alternatives and she had to honor her bargain with Sucy sooner for the sake of answer they seek, Akko reluctantly consumes the whole vial of the potion and passed out in process, much to Lotte's panic.

Once again, the Japanese receives a vision about the original Sifla and predecessors of Feoras and Alan where this time, it comes with shocking revelations:

  • The original Sifla's belief about magic exists to bring smile and joy upon everyone that aligns with Shiny Chariot's own.
  • Contrary to proud Cait-Sith and Coin-Sith's beliefs, the title of fairy king is shared by three people instead of one; a Sifla, a Cat-Sith king, and a Cu-Sith king. Whereas the cats (Cait-Sith) bring freedom, dogs (Coin-Sith) ensures loyalty and the witches (particularly Sifla) wields the power to protect. As such, they must uphold their promise to work together so they can ensure the peace and prosperity throughout Doras Hill at its fullest.

Recovering from the potion's effects soon after, Akko informs everyone what she just learned and questions Feoras and Alan whether the title of fairy king is actually bequeathed to three people instead of one. This revelation shocked both king of Cat-Sith and Cu-Sith to the core; whereas the former is left speechless, the latter agrees somewhat because they won't make it that far without Akko and co.'s help. The two's reaction over such undeniable truth, coupled a dawning realization that the current Sifla should be the one who assist them instead of her and her friends, disturbs Akko greatly, but not for long because Lotte informs everyone that both sacred willow tree and sacred hawthorn trees have fully rejuvenated.

Chapter 8: A Huge Mistake and a Huge Rampage!

As bemused as he was by Akko's revelation (more so because his decision to involve the Japanese and her friends proved to be a wise one despite motivated by his laziness), Alan decides to press on by revealing the next song:

The old one overlooks the hill; snow-white flowers guide the lost.
At the end of the path, one finds the way to a paradise of love.
A wish shall become your strength on a blessed night of falling stars.

The group continue revitalizing remaining trees with clues provided by Alan's part of the song. As with the first, they have Lotte calling forth the faery of the seventh sacred tree, an oak tree, with her lullaby. It is another dryad, a male one resembling a stout elderly man referred by the first part of the song as The Old One. The Old One then calls over the birch dryad and clasps her hands affectionally before the two approach the eighth tree, a holly tree, and blow little white flowers and red berries into being together, one after another. This in turn, leads Amanda's summoned songbirds pecking on the flowers, scattering silver pollen snowflakes towards the ninth tree, a hazel tree. Once the pollen songbirds gently stirred upwards by their flittering wings rise into the sky to form the shape of a pillar, both dryads nod to each other the dryad couple nod to each other float up into the sky as they begin dancing together, allowing the tenth tree, an apple tree, to bear bright-red fruit below their lithe steps. With that, all four sacred trees rejuvenate like previous ones.

The group's progress until that point proves exhausting that they decide to take a short break before moving on, especially with the fact that Lotte had sung her lullaby three times which was quite a feat. No short break is better without Jasminka providing them with her wondrous snacks.

The eleventh sacred tree to be revitalized is an ivy that grew about a big stone marker around the same height as other 13 sacred trees. Parting some of the ivy's blanket of leaves, Amanda finds another of Luna Alphabet writings which luckily, simple enough for Akko to understand. Deciphering said writings, Akko mentions its meanings out loud, "What is your wish?"

Suddenly, the Japanese finds herself being transported to another plane of existence, one that resembles the pitch black of the outer space as she puts it. There, she meets the original Sifla who seemingly asks her what her wish is. In her uncertainty over what to answer, Feoras and Alan suddenly appears on Akko's side and confront Sifla the 1st. During that moment, Akko's concern about both the two's reaction over the true nature of the fairy king their proud brethren long forgotten and the worst possible outcome of Sifla wallowing in her helplessness instead of helping both kings of Cat-Sith and Cu-Sith when they need each other most eventually confirmed; in his denial over the forgotten truth the Japanese told him, Feoras expresses his desire to become the all-powerful fairy king who shall subjugate Coin-Sith along with the rest of fairies of Doras Hill and silence those who question him. Alan is left devastated by the sight of his reluctant friend's stubbornness that darkened his heart as much as Akko does and therefore obliged to put him in their place. Consequently, after breaking up their fight, the disappointed Sifla the 1st gives the two great power so they can fight as they please with the helpless Akko only able to watch things unfold before her eyes.

There are two things Akko knows upon regaining her senses: One, she, Lotte, Sucy, Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka have warped back to Doras Hill surrounded by their confused and panicked classmates with Finnelan, Ursula and Diana struggling to control the situation and evacuate everyone to the Ley Line portal. And the other is Feoras and Alan have become monstrous, kaiju-version of themselves and locked in a brutal combat against each other. Amanda and Akko fly toward the two to try to reason with them, but both kings of Cat-Sith and Cu-Sith are too feral to hear them. Things become complicated with Diana attempts to attack the two until Akko stops her, but at that very moment, Feoras accidentally knocks both the Japanese and Irish-American off their broom with his tail, prompting Diana to fly circling around them at high speed to create a weak twister to slow their descent so they can safely land onto her broom. Once Ursula shows up right as soon as Diana sets her and Amanda down on the ground, Akko explained to them what had transpired in the Country of Fairies that led up to this point.

Upon being questioned by Ursula how the end of the song of the fairy king goes, Akko begins to hum its final parts which also the same thing Sifla the 1st said earlier;

A wish shall become your strength on a blessed night of falling stars.
Unless our hearts soften and melt into one, the world will never settle into harmony.

Comprehending Sifla the 1st's intentions, Ursula explains that the whole thing was meant to be a test to see whether her wishes had gotten through Feoras and Alan before reminding Akko about beneficial properties of leaves of the 12th Tree of 13 Sacred Trees of Doras Hill (a broom tree) which alluded in the latter's detention knowing it will help them somehow. But as the chaos around them escalates further, Diana sees that she must restrain the corrupted Feoras and Alan only to be interrupted once again. This time however, by none other than the current Sifla herself who just arrived in time to see what her beloved friends have become and confesses to Ursula her own share of blame over the ongoing chaos, citing how wrong she was in believing the two would understand her predecessor's wishes on their own. Having enough with her helplessness that held her back all this time, Sifla steels her resolve to undo the mess she unknowingly contributed into by offering Akko a ride with her own broom with Amanda too injured to be able to perform riding double in a bid to stop them together, though the Japanese eventually flies with Lotte instead to make things easier for the new guardian of Doras Hill as per the Finnish's suggestion.

With no time to lose, the three witches set out to the sky despite Ursula's protests. Although the corrupted Feoras and Alan cannot hear Sifla's pleas, her presence nevertheless affects the two somewhat, if not their conscience as their monstrous forms begin to cry. As this happens, one of their tears soak Akko, Lotte, and Sifla wet. To Akko and Sifla's dismay, Diana repels Alan's swooping tail with a weak magic blast arguing that she may resort to the worst-case scenario unless if they have a better option, showing the lack of hesitation in her face had it to be the case. Fortunately, Sifla got one and suggests to have Sucy boil down some of the 13th Tree (elder tree)'s leaves and make some holy water as soon as possible. Such unexpected yet brilliant idea reminds Lotte when Sifla mentioned the leaves' curse-breaking properties and as they carefully descend upon Sucy's position, Akko understands why they must revive all Sacred Trees to begin with, leading her ordering Sucy to brew a panacea out of boiled leaves of 13 Sacred Trees of Doras Hill. As the Manbavaran does, Diana buys them some time by casting Super Plant Restoration Spell (Loperial Phasmorl) over the trees around corrupted Feoras and Alan, endowing them all immense amount of nourishment to grow larger at accelerate rate with their branches entangle the two's twisted forms at the same time, much to Akko's pleasant surprise.

Confirming Diana that they indeed have a plan and working on it as she speaks, Akko feels that she can use Shiny Rod once again possibly since the magic in moonlight has already at its peak by that hour. Remembering what was written into the 11th Tree's stone marker while lifting Shiny Rod upwards, the brunette thinks about her dreams as well as that of Sifla the 1st Feoras and Alan unwisely rejected. The original Sifla has done her part in humbling the two and now, she and her latest successor must do the rest. Handing Sifla the newly brewed panacea, Akko informs her that it should be enough to give her the power to restore both kings of Cat-Sith and Cu-Sith back to normal despite she and her friends only managed to revitalize most of the 13 Sacred Trees of Doras Hill, with Lotte adding that they completed it with elder leaves as well. To the brunette's pleasant surprise, Sifla shares her the panacea since they're going to save Feoras and Alan together, citing that Akko has inspired her to do the right thing and that she needs her assistance as much as she is reluctant to further involve the Japanese in cleaning up the mess she unwittingly caused.

With Akko, Lotte, and Sucy on her side, Sifla soars up to the sky with her broom and cautiously proceeds to pour the remaining panacea into the mouths of Feoras and Alan's corrupted forms. Though their roars nearly repel the new guardian of Doras Hill off her broom, she nevertheless manages to succeed and prepares to cast a spell to purify them. Remembering the second to final lyric of the song of the fairy king, Akko finally understands her role in this kind of situation: To show the wonders of magic like Shiny Chariot did in her show. As their willow amulets shine in silver color signifying their power boost under the moonlight, Sifla casts Stellar Purge Spell (Arnei Tolskal) onto her corrupted friends with Akko instinctively following the suit with her Shiny Rod all at once, calling forth the stars that then explode into a rain of purifying stardust whizzing through the night sky at an unbelievable speed, gradually restoring both kings of Cat-Sith and Cu-Sith back to their normal selves. As this happens, the dryad couple from earlier appear once again, beckoning the spirit of Sifla the 1st alongside her companions, the predecessors of Feoras and Alan appearing on her side, to climb up through the falling stars. Afterwards, she smiles upon her modern-day successors along with the recovered new kings of Cat-Sith and Cu-Sith before proceeds to bless the three, relieved to see them finally become what they meant to be.

Epilogue: On a Blessed Night of Falling Stars

Having been purified back to their normal, quadrupedal forms and humbled by their punishment, Feoras, Alan, and Sifla make amends to each other before being berated by Diana for the whole mess they caused, much to Akko's protests. The Cavendish does however, have a valid point where the three must work together and importantly, putting aside their differences for the sake of a common goal (something Sifla have understood thanks to Akko) and praised the Japanese for her part in saving both kings of Cat-Sith and Cu-Sith from themselves. As he and Feoras express their gratitude toward Akko, Alan promised to be more active like Akko does even if it's just a little bit, though that doesn't stop him from asking Constanze to build him a personal vehicle for "extra dignity". To Lotte's relief, they don't have to immediately return to Luna Nova catching up with the others since the crisis now already resolved. And so, Akko and co. decided to take their time having a picnic at Doras Hill with Diana who least enthusiastic about such idea.

While on her way to get some more tea from Lotte, Ursula praises Akko for her part in saving the day citing such accomplishment being made possible through understanding the importance of studying magical history, much to Akko's joy since she is yet to receive one from a Luna Nova teacher until that night. During the conversation between teacher and student, Ursula unintentionally slipped up something that would give away the fact that she is Shiny Chariot (remarking Akko being capable of doing what she couldn't). Luckily, as soon as Akko eventually notices visual similarities between the bespectacled professor and her idol, Ursula abruptly (And rather clumsily) trips and fell flat on her face, thus leading the brunette to rule out the possibility of her and Shiny Chariot are the same person.

Meanwhile, Sifla brings up to Feoras and Alan what her late grandmother taught to them prior to her passing. True to Akko's advice earlier, they must work together as one in order to become the true fairy king in legends and said lessons include having the would-be king of Cat-Sith memorizing the first half of the overall song of the fairy king while the would-be king of Cu-Sith the rest. Nestling together side by side, the three begins singing the complete song:

The forest lady drinks red fruit, the offering of her younger sister.
Beneath the droplets from the leaves, the twittering songbirds call the spring.
The witch comes bathed in moonlight; a bridge to the fairies' past she'll bring.
The old one overlooks the hill; snow-white flowers guide the lost.
At the end of the path, one finds the way to a paradise of love.
A wish shall become your strength on a blessed night of falling stars.

The heartwarming sight of the trio singing in unison which magically bringing forth the shooting star thus cementing their shared position as the fairy king made the visibly moved Akko wondered if fairy king and Sifla 1st has since misunderstood throughout generations; instead of a contract in the same vein with witches and wizards with their familiars, the latter befriended both first kings of Cat-Sith of Doras Hill and Cu-Sith of Doras Hill and convinced the two to work together to protect the Hill with her as their guide, ending their rivalry for the sake of a common cause. But sometime afterwards, the three's successors proved not capable as them in carrying out their duty that the rivalry between Cait-Sith of Doras Hill and Coin-Sith of Doras Hill erupted once more. In their pride, both tribes gradually forgot the fact that the title of fairy king being carried by three people working as one and believed such title was meant to be bequeathed by the most capable of either tribes' leader instead. But with the real fairy king has returned, it's up to the united trio to correct the ways of the lost and misunderstood fairies of Doras Hill just like they did to each other.

Lotte and Sucy ask Akko why she wanted the trio to get along so badly. The Japanese explains that she could relate to Sifla's loneliness since she felt the same thing during her journey for Luna Nova up until stumbling upon the young Manbavaran and the Finnish back then, thus believes the new guardian of Doras Hill, Feoras, and Alan should work together in order to succeed in anything just like when they managed to reach the academy. Reminding Akko about their bargain, Sucy states that in the light of latest events, she decides that the next experiment should be the last, a news that dismayed her a bit. Putting that aside because everyone ignored her annoyance for Sifla, Feoras, and Alan's song, Akko declares her dreams to be a witch like Shiny Chariot as a host of falling stars races across the sky over her head...


Character introduction of the Light Novel

New Characters

  • Alan - The king of the Cu Sith. He's incredibly lazy.
  • Feoras - The king of the Cait Sith. He's a bit pompous and has a short temper.
  • Sifla the 1st: A mythical witch who successfully formed a contract with Fairy King of Doras Hill, though the legend pertaining her somewhat exaggerated by older, conservative magical families who misunderstood who she truly is.
  • Sifla - A six-year-old witch who lives on Doras Hill with Feoras and Alan. "Sifla" is in fact, the title bequeathed to her as the guardian of Doras Hill, and her real name is not revealed.


  • The light novel's storyline is told through Akko's perspective.
  • It is also takes place sometime between "Don't Stop Me Now" and "Orange Submariner".
  • The light novel also clarified that there are others who agreed with Shiny Chariot's ideal where magic indeed exist to bring joy upon everyone as much as solely being part of tradition where in this case, Sifla the 1st.


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