Little Witch Academia (リトルウィッチアカデミア Ritoru Witchi Akademia?) is a manga series adaptation of the television anime series of the same name, illustrated by Keisuke Satō. The manga has been licensed for publication in English by Yen Press, with the first volume being released in June 26, 2018.

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Bonus Stories

Bonus Stories contain a synopsis of original stories that didn't make it to the manga's final product due to the publisher having discontinued the manga, yet part of them was featured as flashback scenes in the last few pages of the manga's final chapter.

There are 3 of them in total, and each is featured in the last few pages of each manga's volumes.

Bonus Story #1: The Demon Egg

Bonus Story #1

As punishment for swiping the food from cafeteria, Akko and company are ordered to clean an underground storeroom. There, a mysterious old person gives them a strange egg and tells them that they must never, ever let it hatch. Akko and the others are suspicious, but then they think, "If we can't hatch it, let's eat it!" When they head for the kitchen, they're attacked by a magical beast that's after the egg! Will Akko and her friends get to eat their omelet without disaster!?

Bonus Story #2: A Devil Friend

Bonus Story #1

Akko and her friends have gone into town for the Halloween festival. Everyone's in costume, giddy with excitement! But they soon spot a child sitting all alone in an alley. The child, who says he/she's forgotten the way back to hell, has a tail sticking out from his/her behind... but it's no costume! Then, while helping the little devil look for the gates of hell, the girls catch the eye of a group of sinister Wild Hunters…

Bonus Story #3: The Ocean of Records and The Eldritch Sea of Memories

Bonus Story #3

A new year begins, and Akko, who'd gone back home for a visit, returns to Luna Nova. She's looking forward to seeing her classmates again, but no one shows up. Thinking it strange, she starts searching and finally finds one lone witch. "Something is eating memories of magic." The witch who tells her this is Croix Meridies, who is supposed to be under arrest. What is the thing that's eating memories of magic, and what fate awaits Lotte, Sucy, and other witches... !?


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