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Little Witch Academia (リトルウィッチアカデミア Ritoru Witchi Akademia?) is a manga series adaptation of the television anime series of the same name, illustrated by Keisuke Satō. The manga has been licensed for publication in English by Yen Press, with the first volume being released in June 26, 2018.

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Bonus Stories

Bonus Stories contain a synopsis of original stories that didn't make it to the manga's final product due to the publisher had discontinued the manga, yet part of them was featured as flashback scenes in the last few pages of the manga's final chapter.

There are 3 of them in total, and each is featured in the last few pages of each manga's volumes.

Bonus Story #1: The Demon Egg

Bonus Story #1

As punishment for swiping the food from cafeteria, Akko and company are ordered to clean an underground storeroom. There, a mysterious old person gives them a strange egg and tells them that they must never, ever let it hatch. Akko and the others are suspicious, but then they think, "If we can't hatch it, let's eat it!" When they head for the kitchen, they're attacked by a magical beast that's after the egg! Will Akko and her friends get to eat their omelet without disaster!?

Bonus Story #2: A Devil Friend

Bonus Story #1

Akko and her friends have gone into town for the Halloween festival. Everyone's in costume, giddy with excitement! But they soon spot a child sitting all alone in an alley. The child, who says he/she's forgotten the way back to hell, has a tail sticking out from his/her behind... but it's no costume! Then, while helping the little devil look for the gates of hell, the girls catch the eye of a group of sinister Wild Hunters…

Bonus Story #3: The Ocean of Records and The Eldritch Sea of Memories

Bonus Story #3

A new year begins, and Akko, who'd gone back home for a visit, returns to Luna Nova. She's looking forward to seeing her classmates again, but no one shows up. Thinking it strange, she starts searching and finally finds one lone witch. "Something is eating memories of magic." The witch who tells her this is Croix Meridies, who is supposed to be under arrest. What is the thing that's eating memories of magic, and what fate awaits Lotte, Sucy, and other witches... !?


  • Putting aside the fact of it retells events of "A New Beginning", "Pappiliodya" (replacing Jennifer Memorial Tree and titular creature's situation with volleyball match), "Luna Nova and the White Dragon" (to give the way for Sucy's backstory that originally proposed in AnimeExpo 2017) differently and implied similar plan to "Blue Moon", "What You Will", and "Samhain Magic" (the manga has Ursula tells Akko about the second Word earlier coupled with the plot of Diana's sickness and supposed interschool broom race Woodward orchestrated) that mostly fell through due to it has since discontinued after 3 volumes, the manga remains faithful to the anime continuity and even resolved mysteries that yet to be answered in the TV Series proper in the same vein of Chamber of Time Game's Sub Events.
    • Chapter 3: The chapter further confirmed that Luna Nova's curriculum includes physical sports as with 46th Sub Event of Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time where in this case, volleyball.
    • Chapter 4: The chapter further expands Shooting Star's history where its owner managed to have her "magical super-delivery service" recorded in the Guiness World Record books with the broom's aid prior to losing it and her passing.
    • Chapter 8: The chapter shows some insights of Andrew and Frank's school life as well as the former's rivalry with Louis in addition to confirmation of Ursula, as Shiny Chariot, indeed indirectly gave a wrong impression about witches in some ways, the sole fact that genuine among old magical families' biased opinion about her.
    • Chapter 12.5: The relationships between fairy laborers of Luna Nova and the academy's professors proved not as strained as "New Age Magic" suggested, yet certain things between them still left much to be desired that it eventually motivated them to conduct a strike nonetheless.
    • Chapter 13: Constanze apparently built her workshop with aid of Luna Nova's Wisdom Fairies starting from maintenance studio that located beneath Luna Nova unlike the rest after it.
  • The manga also adapted proposed backgrounds of some of the franchise's main characters previously proposed in its official panel at AnimeNEXT 2017 through following chapters:
    • Chapter 5: Sucy was adopted by Ramzan Manbavaran along with other numerous lost children at her orphanage, though there's no mention of her experiments being motivated by the desire to locate her biological family.
    • Chapter 11: This chapter established Amanda's parents forced their daughter to attend Luna Nova so she can become the reluctant heiress to their family business and with it, their business ties with their associates in magic community following the passing of her predecessor which implied to be her grandmother, severely affecting her views about magic and the academy itself. The business in question however, was left ambiguous whether being foretune-telling.
    • Chapter 12: Jasminka's eating habit is the result of her eating a Hunger Faery by mistake as a child and had she not stopped eating while awake, will result it to overtake her, turning its host into a car-sized version of itself before proceeding to eat almost everything in it's path, even people except salty things. Even so, the fact of it being a demon which existence inexplicably tied to Holodomor was omitted arguably for the sake of maintaining the manga's family-friendly image in the same vein with the anime.



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