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Little Witch Academia
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The Enchanted Parade
I used to get laughed at by the other witches, you know? But when I sang a magical song, the faerie spirits would create a rainbow for me. It was always amazing and beautiful.
I know the reason why you wanted to become a witch. It was because you saw Shiny Chariot's magic, and she inspired you to become a witch when you were little, right? That's why I think you should have this.
There, there. But because of that, you can do some stuff I could never do. You don't look back and have an unwavering determination. It's what makes you you.

TV Series
Ugh... I'll be late at this rate...

A New Beginning

Oh, are you not coming too? The opening ceremony is starting soon...

—A New Beginning

Luna Nova is pretty strict about rules... if you're late, you're automatically expelled, so we should hurry.

—A New Beginning

Need a ride? I've never had a passenger before, but it shouldn't be too difficult.

—A New Beginning

Uh, my name is Lotte... we'll be late if we don't leave now! Ready for take-off?

—A New Beginning

It's distorting! Something's wrong! You're not carrying salt by any chance, are you? The ley line doesn't really like salt!

—A New Beginning

Akko would not run away! She's pouring everything she has into making what she believes in happen! She may be stubborn, but that's what makes her Akko!

Samhain Magic

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