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She is called the Occult teacher. With 2 Feathers, she is an advanced witch.
She is one of the oldest witches within Luna Nova. Superstitions, curses, and eschatology are her personal interests. Her age-old face and habit of speaking excessively has displeased even the teachers around her. Her teaching responsibilities include magical pharmaceutics, alchemy, and law. Her lectures are extremely boring to most students with the exception of Sucy.

—Description of Lukić from Witchpedia[1]

Lukić (ルーキッチ Rūkitchi?) is a character in Little Witch Academia. She is the pharmacology, alchemy and jurisprudence teacher at Luna Nova Magical Academy.


Lukić resembles a classic witch. She is a very old woman with long gray-blue hair, a large pointed nose, and big bulging eyes. She wears the traditional uniform of Luna Nova teachers, with the exceptions of her being longer reaching to cover the feet and having very long and loose sleeves.


Lukić is an eccentric and strange woman, with great affection and knowledge of potions. She is known as the Professor of the Occult due to her theories on superstitions, curses, and eschatology. She usually speaks in a very frightening way, marveling at the most grotesque things. She seems to derive some kind of sadistic pleasure from scaring her students along with a tendency to take advantage of her quite creepy laugh to frighten them further. Although, this habit of hers doesn't come from a place of genuine malice.

Chamber of Time revealed that she has some interest in demons, albeit genuinely wary whenever the subject is brought up.


TV Series

A New Beginning

She appears along with the other teachers during the academy's opening ceremony.


Lukić appears giving the pharmacology class, showing how to prepare a potion with several grotesc ingredients.

Don't Stop Me Now

Lukić gives a secret prize to the winner of the Luna Nova Cup, which motivates Sucy to participate.

Luna Nova and the White Dragon

Lukić is along the other teachers facing the problem with the Sorcerer's Stone and the dragon

Orange Submariner

Lukić gives her magic law class where terrifies her students with consequence of committing fraud and reviving the dead, only to be interrupted by Akko who asked whether such things would be brought in the oncoming test. 

Blue Moon

Lukić was present alongside Samantha Badcock when discussing the decay of magic across the world with Miranda Holbrooke, lamenting the vast difference of the world's condition compared to during the era of Golden Age of Magic and Great Age of Magic before Diana entered the office to inquire about books pertaining Nine Olde Witches.

What You Will

Lukić helps hand out the Lottery Fairies to decide what work each student will do during the Samhain Festival, annoying when Akko is slow to pick one and mocking that it would be Vajarois's sacrifice.

New Age Magic

Lukić shows her distrust towards Croix's Magitronics and claims that she will be cursed for building a lab in the New Moon Tower. However, at the end she accepts her introductions in the academy.

The Road to Arcturus

Tree of Leaves

Lukić is seen next to the rest of the Academy, giving their Fuel Spirit to Akko and Diana during its battle against the missile.


Sucy Manbavaran

Lukić has much in common with Sucy, in appearance, attitude, and love for poison and potions. Sucy is shown to admire Lukić more than any other teacher and is believed to look up to her. On the other hand, Lukić doesn't tend to have a very outward opinion on Sucy apart from seeing her as another student.

Abilities and Equipment

As the teacher of Magic Pharmaceutics in Luna Nova Magical Academy, Lukić is an expert in the preparation of potions. Many students like Sucy Manbavaran recognize her ability as well as her great disposition of rare ingredients. Also, like all teachers, she can use her wand to project images and scenes into thin air.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Mari Okamoto
English Karen Kahler
Polish Brygida Turowska-Szymczak
Latin America Bárbara Bustamante



  • Her name, Lukić, is of South Slavic origin, and can roughly be translated as "child of Luke".


  • Lukić is one of the only three teachers in Luna Nova who don't have a first name, the other two being Nelson and Pisces.


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