If you're looking for a book about ancient magic, the place to search is Luna Nova's Reference Archives.

—Miranda Holbrooke to Diana, Blue Moon

The Luna Nova Archives, also known as the Reference Archives, is where Luna Nova's most ancient magical tomes and artifacts are stored.


The Reference Archives is a building on Luna Nova's campus that can only be accessed with a magic key possessed by the professors only. Its contents are stored in the cubby holes that line the Hyperboloid structure at the building's center which supports, along with the tholobate, an umbrella dome with small circular equidistant windows. From the outside the Archives can be seen to have a lantern, but there is no visible access point to it from the inside. There are no stairs or ladders, so one must use a broom, however there appear to be balconies. There is no central form of organization in the Archives, making finding a particular item a daunting task. At some point the contents were considered too sensitive (both in their physical state and in the knowledge they contain) to keep in the library, but they are so old that they have been largely forgotten by even the professors. Even if they were to gain access, very few witches could understand the information within the archives, as it is written in the Luna Alphabet.


Vajarois Vestige

Vajarois Vestige

  • The book of the Nine Olde Witches, an incunabula written in the Luna Alphabet. Moonlight enters the window and illuminates the book at the height of a Blue Moon.
  • Vajarois Vestige, an nut-like item with an ancient spirit that knows why Vajarois is cursed with sorrow.
  • Unnamed miscellany, notably including:
    • Books and scrolls
    • A flower
    • A bubble
    • A skull


Blue Moon

Diana goes to the Headmistress's office to ask for help finding a book about the Nine Olde Witches, which she could not find in the Library. Miranda Holbrooke gives her a key to the archives and advises her to go when the blue moon is high in the sky. Diana finds the book she was looking for when the light of the Blue Moon illuminates it.

Samhain Magic

Ursula goes to the Archives after learning from a book at the library that Vajarois Vestige is stored there. She calls the spirit inside the Vestige and it tells her the truth about Vajarois's suffering.


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