Luna Nova and the White Dragon (ルーナノヴァと白い龍 Rūna Nova to Shiroi Ryū?) is the 5th episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.

On Netflix, the episode is titled "Pact of the Dragon".[2]


After getting into a fight in class, Akko and Amanda have detention together: They must clean the New Moon Tower, where they find dragons.


The episode begins in Lukić's potion class, in which the students are assigned to brew any potions they please. Akko tried a combination which comprised of "sugars, spices, and everything nice" (the last being a jar of her favorite pickled plums!) only for the mixture explodes into pink dough in the middle of stirring process. Lotte remarked it to be the result of extra additions she put into the mixture. Just then, Akko noticed the progress of Amanda's team which not going in the same way with others that they questioned their integrity as witches-in-training: Jasminka is occupied by her snacks as usual whereas Amanda slacked off, leaving Constanze doing the job all by herself (which is not an issue since she has a mixer and a Stanbot in its microwave configuration). Annoyed, Amanda pointed an irony by reminding the Japanese of her own reputation as the academy's dunce, provoking an argument between the two which culminated to them knocking the latter team's boiling cauldron and causing it to explode. Fortunately, Diana uses her magic to undo the mess they unwittingly caused before she and Lukić disciplined the two.

Later on, while in the middle of their detention in form of cleaning up areas around the New Moon Tower, Amanda and Akko caught the sight of a winged creature above them. Upon closer inspection by flying after it, the two are shocked to see more of the creatures and that they are stealing Luna Nova's Sorcerer's Stone. As if that was surprising enough, Amanda and Akko discovered that the teachers have somehow foreseen this by the time the two meet them at the Headmistress' office with Lukić unintentionally mentioned something about the dragon's wrath, earning them suspicion from both girls. Akko offered to aid them in retrieving the stone only to be dismissed by the Headmistress, with Finnelan added that both girls still had a detention with their new duty in aiding other students managing Luna Nova's chores being part of it.

Later that night, Akko is disgruntled by their situation as much as Sucy. Lotte informed the Japanese that the whole system of Luna Nova is powered by its Sorcerer's Stone and without it, they cease to function. Faery laborers of Luna Nova also affected as much as the rest of the academy, as the loss of the Stone's magic prevented them from doing anything, not even moving, resulting the students to do the chores in their stead. Amanda remarked how terrified the teachers are to the dragon while Sucy doesn't help the situation by explaining how dragons replenish their magic by sucking in witches' blood, in which the former dismissed it only occured in the ancient times. Deducing that the dragon after the Stone for themselves, Akko rallied her friends to give chase as Lotte mentioned the closest dragon lair being somewhere at Rastavan Ruins. Just then, Diana appeared and discouraged them from doing anything futile before telling the group to handle the water under Finnelan's orders, much to Amanda and Akko's dismay. Akko then asked Diana whether the Stone's supposed thievery affected her as well, only for the latter rightfully criticizes the recklessness in the Japanese' intention to retake it no matter how noble it is before left.

Discovering that they have a common resentment towards Luna Nova's top student, Amanda puts aside her mild differences with Akko and agrees to join her in the quest for Rastavan Ruins. Lotte is worried about the matter since they have laundry and water to finish, only for Constanze and Jasminka completed both with an invention and sheer strength respectively. With their tasks completed, Akko, Amanda, and the rest of the group (Lotte, Sucy, Constanze, and Jasminka) set out for the ruins.

Returning to Headmistress' office, Diana sees Finnelan struggling to understand an ancient scroll Holbrooke left for her to solve. Inspecting the scroll's writing a bit, the Cavendish revealed her familiarity with its language, much to the strict professor's surprise.

Closing in for Rastavan Ruins with help of Constanze's customized broom (which powered by gas instead of magic), Amanda notified the gang that the battery of their brooms has replenished themselves, allowing the girls to fly on their own. The group soon ambushed by the same dragon horde who stole Sorcerer's Stone, and knowing that they cannot shake the beasts off, Amanda implored everyone to split into groups to fight back. A dogfight ensues with Constanze opening fire on the dragons with her Stanbot's shotgun configuration while Amanda conjured a large flower popping out of one of chasing beasts' snout, causing it to crash along with two of its packmates and allowing the German mechanic to finish them off. Sucy spreads out explosive powder which covers the air behind her before igniting it with magic, creating a trail of explosions that incinerates unfortunate monsters who caught within its path. Checking on downed dragons, Akko is shocked upon discovering their true robotic nature, but unable to dwell it for long nor relaying what she found to the others as remaining beasts have overpowered and grabbed Lotte and Sucy away. Constanze attempted to stop them with a RPG shot only to be dismayed that the rocket missed its mark before getting caught by other dragons along with Jasminka as well.

Seeing the dragons taking their friends into the ruins, Akko and Amanda set out to give chase only for the former unexpectedly fell into another entrance in form of a stone chute. After ensuring that Akko is not injured in process, the two explored the interior of the ruins. Entering a giant dark room with what seemed to be titanic torture instruments, the two rushed into hiding upon noticing the presence of a shadowed, draconic figure within. Following the figure, Akko and Amanda see it approaching a cage in which their friends have been locked into. When it appeared that the shadowed figure is about to threaten them, Akko recklessly swings to the rescue with a nearby chain, much to Amanda's dismay as she and the others watched as it single-handedly caught the Japanese on the air. As if things are getting worse for them, the figure suddenly cried out in annoyance, reasoned that the Japanese is not worth eating before tossing her back for Amanda.

The giant figure, who is none other than Fafnir the dragon, noting them as the ones who triggered his security systems before drinking some juice. The gang are still processing facts of him not like what he rumored to be (being an anthropomorphic dragon who can talk, wearing bathrobe and slippers, and other things) when he unexpectedly asked whether Holbrooke send them to bring him the debt. Just then, Headmistress Holbrooke herself arrives with Lukić and Badcock bringing some old artifacts which he immediately rejected. When Akko demanded why he took Luna Nova's Sorcerer's Stone from start, Fafnir explained that he did so because the academy owed him a lot of money in return of his part in its construction as written in their contract long ago. He further criticized Luna Nova's staffs for focusing on magic above all else that they failed to adapt in changing times, which contrasted of his own success in online investments. When Fafnir made up his mind to sell the confiscated Sorcerer's Stone as the compensation of their troubles, Akko stands up for the sake of Luna Nova as she has her own ambitions to fulfill while it stands and called him out for his greed.

Suddenly, Diana and Finnelan enter the room with Fafnir's contract with Luna Nova, which indeed written in Dragonese (ancient language professors of Luna Nova and their predecessors not familiar with). Having mastered the language when she was 12, Diana deciphered the ancient deal within the note and discovered that paying the interest was never part of it in the first place, which means it was Fafnir who abused the deal since he believed none of the staffs can decipher it to begin with. Before Fafnir could argue further, Diana pointed out that the sum of the payments through contract between them far exceeded the principal sum of the initial debt, but Luna Nova will provide him the proper documentation about the refunding of the over-payment nevertheless. As such, Fafnir had to return the academy's Sorcerer's Stone at once with his treachery now exposed.

With Luna Nova reclaimed their Sorcerer's Stone thanks to Diana, Akko overheard Fafnir lamenting the impending end of magic along with witches and dragons in the light of science age. The Japanese reassures to him that magic has the power to move hearts even to this day. As much as he is skeptical about such statement and remarked the young witch as the naïve one, the dragon nevertheless reminded her that no man can live of dreams alone. Continuing his work, Fafnir realizes that there are still some humans who retain the same optimism in Akko and took her words into his heart.

On the next morning at Luna Nova, Akko and co. are dismayed that they had to continue the laundry in the light of leaving the academy without permission. While Sucy stated that their detention ends as soon as they completed the task, Amanda is unable to help but disgruntled by the fact that Diana got the credit in the end. Akko on the other hand, acknowledged Diana as her worthy rival. The episode ends with Amanda ridiculed the Japanese's resolve by reminding her of her own reputation as the academy dunce, leading to another argument between the two...

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  • The ingredients used for the potion (sugars, spices, and everything nice) is a reference to Powerpuff Girls to how the girls are made of, or a popular nursery rhyme dating from the early 19th century.
  • This is the first episode in the series that doesn't start in a cold open, as the title theme plays immediately.
  • In Netflix worldwide release, the episode was name changed to Pact of the Dragon[3].
  • This episode takes place in June, along with "Night Fall" and "The Fountain of Polaris", as stated in the chronicles book.[4]


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