A Magic Battery is a specialized battery designed to power magical items similar to regular battery.

Appearance and Traits

Magic Battery is a specialized battery which stores magic energy to power magic items so witches can use them in areas where magic cannot be consistently used. Fashioned from spellstones, this type of battery can be recharged by simply placing it within Sorcerer's Stone's range of effect. However, due to amount of stored energy within magic battery being limited, witches cannot use it as source of their powers consistently. These batteries were invented as means to give witches slight leverage in using magic at areas where magic cannot be consistently used, but up until implementation of ley-line routers, these batteries requires Sorcerer's Stone for recharge.

So far only magic wands and magic brooms that utilize magic battery as their power source. Also, aside to store magic energy, some magic batteries are designed as the key to magically open a door that locked by powerful enchantments, such as one that kept by headmistress of Luna Nova to secure Luna Nova Archives.


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