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Magic Brooms, also known as Flying Brooms, are special brooms employed for the use of Flight Magic and part of the basic equipment of witches and their male counterpart wizards.


A magic broom usually takes the appearance of straw brooms in which design and gimmicks (if any) vary between one and another depending on the way they crafted, used materials, and the owner's own preference. Yet they all share the same basic function: Allowing the user to move from one place to another through the air as a means of transportation. The broom works by harnessing magic energy which flows to the straw end from its battery, emanating enough force for it to fly and levitate at the user's will via. Flight Magic. Said battery is usually placed within a slot located on the front end of the broom, and due to it can only hold a limited amount of power, coupled with the broom's own use that consistently consumes its energy reserves, it's impossible to fly a magic broom for long periods of time outside the range of effect of a Sorcerer's Stone. Although this no longer an issue following the revival of the cosmic tree Yggdrasil, various attempts to mitigate this weakness have been made.

Custom-made magic brooms such as Shooting Star and Proto-Stinger are crafted with powerful enchantments which includes endowing them self-sustaining magic energy reserves, allowing said brooms to fly without needing an external source of magic. Crafting such powerful brooms however, requires great skills and experience, and not everyone is capable to perform such feat. When Constanze and Amanda attempted to craft a second Shooting Star with materials provided by Akko through Nelson's guidance during the events of Chamber of Time game, the resulted replica turned out to be pale in comparison of the original. Alternatively, a witch may modify her pre-existing broom by giving it alternate power sources as demonstrated by Constanze who installed gas-powered machinery on hers which allow it to fly without need of magic energy emanated by a Sorcerer's Stone, a feat which crucial for her and her friends' journey for Rastavan Ruins in Luna Nova and the White Dragon.

A regular broom can carry up to three people at a time, but this drastically reduces the speed of flight.

Broom Stars

Equip your broom with special magic gems called "Broom Stars" to enhance your broom.

—Description of Broom Stars from Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing

Broom Stars

Broom Stars are special gems that can be used to enhance a broom's attributes as well as improving the user's magic performance in ghost hunts while riding the broom in question.

# Name Description Attribute
1. Altair A magical gem that enchants brooms. Handling +10%
2. Vega A magical gem that enchants brooms. Acceleration +10%
3. Deneb A magical gem that enchants brooms. Top Speed +10%
4. Sirius A magical gem useful during ghost hunts +1 to Shot size.
5. Sun A magical gem useful during ghost hunts +2 to Shots fired.
6. Moon A magical gem useful during ghost hunts. +20% to Reload Speed.

List of Brooms

# Name Description Image
1. Shiny Balai The broom form of Shiny Rod which accessible via. Fifth Word of Seven Words of Arcturus. It possesses incredible speed, albeit not as fast as Shooting Star. It has a beige handle with golden tip along seven orbs embedded within and three straw ends, giving it the ability to fly in supersonic speed (albeit not as fast as Shooting Star). The broom also possesses the ability to teleport and manifesting a wand for the user in combat situations. That's one way to ride it.png
2. Sucy's First Broom A custom-made magic broom which modeled after Walis Tambo, a soft broom commonly used in households in the Philippines. While possessing basic abilities of magic broom including flight via. Flight Magic, it's unknown whether it can fly with its own power. The broom was destroyed by a cockatrice's fiery blast during the chase at Arcturus Forest in "A New Beginning". Sucy Manbavaran.gif
3. Standard Broom Mass-produced model of magic brooms which mostly seen in the series. It takes the appearance of a simple straw broom with a punctured metal tip with retractable slot in which a Magic Battery can be placed to power the broom. Fly.jpg
4. Three Wand Fusion Broom A broom which formed by magically combine three wands each with a Floating Brush attached on the tip. It takes the appearance of ornate straw broom with arrowhead-like front end. In the first short film, Diana formed this broom to chase a lone Briton Red Dragon she unwittingly released deep within the dungeon beneath New Moon Tower. Three Wand Fusion Broom LWA.png
5. Ursula's Broom Ursula's Broom is a custom-made magic broom with front end that has crescent moon-like design, which presumably contain a magic battery within. She would use it until she sacrificed her ability to fly in order to protect Akko from Wagandea pollen in "Wagandea". Ursulafull.png
6. Shooting Star A legendary magic broom that can fly without needing an external source of magic and even without a witch pilot riding it. Due to its temperamental nature which make it difficult to control, Shooting Star is eventually restrained and locked away at Last Wednesday Society. The broom is eventually stolen by Amanda in the events of "Don't Stop Me Now", but even she is unable to control it, leading it to be piloted by Akko before eventually flew away. Shooting Star would later made its return in "Tree of Leaves", in which it assisted Akko and Dian destroying Noir Rod once and for all. Shooting Star Broom.png
7. Constanze's Mechanized Broom A standard broom which outfitted with an engine complete with propeller and rotor vanes and bike-like handle to manually control it. Thanks to its mechanical modifications, the broom can be used to fly with no need of magic energy emanated by Sorcerer's Stone. Mbrom.jpg
8. Proto-Stinger Prototype version of Shooting Star with blue and silverish coloration. While very fast and even shared similar temper to its successor, the brooms overall sleed is pale in comparison. Proto Stinger LWA CoT.png
9. Bronze Broom A broom designed for beginner witches. "Top Speed", "Acceleration", and "Handling" are all tier 1. Bronze Broom LWA VR.png
10. Silver Broom A broom designed for intermidiate witches. "Top Speed", "Acceleration", and "Handling" are all tier 2. Silver Broom LWA VR.png
11. Gold Broom A broom designed for advanced witches. "Top Speed", "Acceleration", and "Handling" are all tier 3. Gold Broom LWA VR.png


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