An ancient weapon of unknown origin. Some say it was created to guard the treasures of an empire now lost to the ages. Whatever the truth, to this day it will attack anything that comes within the range.

—Description of Magic Chariot from Strange Notebook

Magic Chariot are mechanical monsters featured in Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time.


Magic Chariot is a huge, humanoid steam-powered clockwork brute with gray and charcoal black body with brown outline on the shoulders and torso. It has relatively small lower body, legs, and head as well as a pair of kanabō-esque clubs as arms. Two pairs of exhausts (upper pair points upwards whereas lower ones downward) can be seen on its back, along with a small hatch presumably connected to fuel tanks and/or machinery inside it.

Other than a single optic as an eye, it lacked any facial features.

Magic Chariots are proposed to be combat machines created as guardians of treasure chambers by a forgotten empire. While this yet to be confirmed, the negligence and isolation these machines endured for centuries reduced them into mindless brutes that wandering aimlessly and attacking anyone they come across on sight.

Powers and Abilities

Being designed for combating intruders, magic chariots possess immense durability and brute force, able to make good use of its arm clubs to shatter through their foes' defenses. They can also perform devastating body slam to crush beneath them. In spite of their brute strength, magic chariots are slow in movement due to their weight and small legs, forcing them to rely on their fortified armor to endure enemy assaults before retaliate with devastating counterattack.

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